One Piece Chapter 1060 Raw Scans: Luffy's Dream

So, finally after tremendous wait Imu-sama is finally here. He has made his much awaited appearance worthwhile. Sabo has found himself in a gotham kingdom which has fell prey to Imu-sama’s tactics. The one piece chapter 1060 raw scans would put more light to the antics.

While, the strawhats are cruising slowly towards a new island and they have meet a uncanny member of Worst Generation. So what’s cooking between the two members of the same generation?

One Piece Chapter 1060 Raw

One Piece Chapter 1060 Raw Scans

The One Piece Chapter 1060 Raw scans are her-


Leak Photo of Weekly Shonen Jump Cover Issue No. 42


Credit: Shonenleaks

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LEAKS PANELS of Straw Hats Reaction in Luffy's Dream

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Zoro: Huh?

Jinbei: Hm? What… did you say?

Nami: Eehh??

Brook: Yohoho♪ That's so fun!!

Usopp: No, you that's!!

Franky: Wahaha, that's nice, it's the best!!

Sanji: Dahahaha, hey Chopper examine his head!!

Chopper: Waah~

Luffy: That's the "End of My Dream"

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One Piece Chapter 1060 Spoilers

The One Piece Chapter 1060 Spoilers Reddit are here-

Thanks to Lebrent from Worst Gen Forums.

  • The Chapter Title is revealed to be: Luffy’s Dream.
  • Luffy reveals his Dream to the crew and we get to see their reaction, they are throughly excited to hear it.
  • Meanwhile, in the chapter 1058 it was revealed that Sabo has called huis headquarter, and in this chapter Sabo continues his call with dragon.
  • He mentions being in Lulucia Kingdom and having seen a person sitting on the empty throne.
  • The scene cuts to Imu-sama.
  • He is seen with a map that has Lulucia kingdom crossed out.
  • In the skies of Lulucia Kingdom dark clouds start to gather and lightning is striking left and right.
  • An object is seen falling down from the sky onto the country.
  • The Lulucia Kingdom is destroyed
  • Cut to next scene we see the straw hats, who meet Jewelry Bonney with a bounty of 320mil at the end of the Chapter.

One Piece Chapter 1060 Release Date.

According to reports the One Piece Chapter 1060 is all set to release on 16th Sept 2022. Stay tuned with us.

Where To Read One Piece?

Manga One Piece can be read online free of charge and legitimately from sources, for example, Shonen Jump, Viz Media and Bilibili comics download

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