One Piece Chapter 1057 Raw Scans With Full Summary and Spoilers

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The wait for the One Piece Chapter 1057 raw scans is over. Below are the full summary of the chapter 1057.

This chapter marks the end of Wano Arc, with the strawhats moving out, and the dust settling down.

Law and Kid have also retreated form Wano with their own ambitions on the line. It seems like Yamato have decided to stay back in Wano Kuni, while some new faces have boarded the Sunny.

Let’s get down to business and go through the entire One Piece Chapter 1057 Raw Scans and Summary.

One Piece Chapter 1057 Raw Scans and Full Summary

Below are the full summary with One Piece Chapter 1057 Raw Scans.

The full chapter translation by Etenboby

Chapter 1057 Finale
Cover: “Caesar’s poison gas attack!”

One Piece Chapter 1057 Raw Scans

One Piece Chapter 1057 Raw Scans: Caesar Saving Germa.

Page 2
Teacher: A story under the darkened skies♪
On Onigashima the storm thrives♪
As voice of the Azure Dragon thunders♫
The roar of the beasts grows louder♪
Rain falls on the Habu port
Showering the autumn leaves, selling them short
In order to have Kozuki Oden avenged
The loyal vassals take the stage!!!
Citizens: yeah!!
Teacher: I am not great with words, but allow me to tell the story ♪
Citizens: The Akazayas!!
Teacher: It all started…at the evening of the Fire Festival…..

Page 3
【Udon-in a forest near Tokage Port】
Momo: what?! Yamato you’re not leaving for the sea?!
Yamato: yeah I’m staying. I already told Luffy and the crew too!!
Kin’emon: is…is that so!!
Momo: are you afraid that you’ll…no you’re being determined!! You did just said you’ve made up your mind on something…!!
Yamato: yes…Oden started his journey by traveling around this country first right? I don’t know a thing about this world either! So I’ll walk down the same path…and one day I’ll leave for the sea!!
Momo: I can’t believe it! So you and Luffy already have this all sorted out…..
That’s even more unforgivable!! Why treat me like this?! Why leave without saying a thing to us?!

(Kaido: what is your name?
Kaido: You father…is a fool of a lord)

(Momo: who…are you?!
Luffy: I’m Luffy!)

Page 4
(Luffy: so what if you’re a warrior?! I’m gonna be the king of the pirates on day, so there!!
Momo: Bah! In that case, I’ll one day rise to become the Shogun of Wano, you fool!
Luffy: what was that, eel?!
Momo: bow before me, ape!!!)

(Luffy: What are you, Momo, just a figurehead?!!
Luffy: and you’re just gonna stand there and cry?!!
Momo: I want to defeat Kaido!!!
Luffy: Let’s team up!! It’s an alliance!!)
(Momo: Luffy!!!
Luffy: For such a cowardly, dumb little brat..!! You’re just a kid with a topknot who’s all talk!!
Find a way to survive!! We’ll go and rescue you!!!
Cuz we’re pals!!)

Page 5
(Kaido: So I ask you one more time, boy…. What is your name?
Momo: Kozuki Momonosuke!!! The man who will be Shogun of Wano!!!)
(Luffy: Then go!! You can fly!!
Momo: yeah!
Luffy: Go and stop Onigashima!!
Don’t worry about Kaido!! I guarantee you, I’ll win!!!)

Momo: *pant pant*…
There’s nothing to add when it comes to our relationship…!! We’ve been through this long journey together…does he not have a heart?!
What a cruel man!! I was wrong about you, Luffy!!
Discourtesy and freedom are not the same thing!! Isn’t that right?! Kin’emon!!
Kin’emon: It is exactly as you said, my lord!! But…why aren’t we flying, my lord?
Momo: silence!!

Page 6
Kin’emon: Lord Momonosuke is now the one and only “Shogun” of Wano! We’ll see what sir Luffy has to offer as explanation…and act befittingly!!
Momo: Yes! For that is the “Way of Warrior”!! Luffy!! I thought you said we are pals!!
Yamato: I don’t think you two should be that mad….
Momo: He embarrassed me!! Unforgivable!! I’ll punch him and then bite him!!
【Udon-Tokage port】
Law: next time we met it’ll be as enemies, don’t give me any complaints even if we go for your lives
Luffy: of course
Chopper: bye bye Torao
Law: shut up
Kid: we are leaving!!
Momo: Hey!!!
Brook: hmm?
Luffy: oh

Page 7
Momo: You guys!!!
*Huff huff*
Yamato: hey! we are here to send you guys off!!
Luffy: Momonosuke!! Kin’emon!!
Sanji: Yamato chaaaaannnn♡
Momo: urgh!! Luffy!!!
Luffy: wha..

Momo: I got you now!!!
Yamato: Luffy♡
Luffy: woah!!
Kin’emon: Luffy!! Just what were you thinking?!! We have been with you for the longest and you left without saying anything?! The Shogun is furious!! We’d like to hear your excuse!!!
Luffy: aren’t we talking right now
Momo: Luffy!! This is order from the Shogun…

Page 8

Momo (crying really hard): …Please don’t leave!!! I’ll be lonely!!! *sob*
Let’s stay together forever!!! Don’t leave meeee!!!
Momo: Thanks to you…we survived!!
Thanks to you…we’re able to smile!!!
Thank you for helping me avenge my parents!!
I’m an idiot, so I can’t really make it into words!! I’m scared…of what’s going to come in the future!!
So please! Don’t go!!!
Zoro: how embarrassing
Nami: Momo-chan is still a kid after all…
Luffy: Usopp!!
Usopp: yep it’s done!!

Page 9
Luffy: We were waiting here because I wanted to give you this!!
So much for Shogun, Momo!! We know exactly who you are even if you suddenly turned all big and mighty!!
Momo: ?
Luffy: You are an idiot…and a coward too, but…
…I think of you as a little brother!!
Momo: this…is your flag!!
Luffy: when you’re in a tough situation, remember your adventures at sea!!
Hang this somewhere in Wano!! If in the future some dangerous guy arrives, just show them this!!
Luffy: Tell them that laying hands on “one of us”, means they want to pick a fight with us!!!
Momo: I am…one of you…?!

Page 10
Luffy: Kin’emon!! Yamato!! Momo!!
I’ll come and pick you up whenever you decided that you wanna be a pirate!!
Yamato: hooray!!
Luffy: No cowards allow though!!
Momo: uhh
Luffy: I’ll leave it to you now, Yamato!!
Yamato: sure thing!!
Luffy: Here we go!!!
Strawhats: Do a good job now, Shogun!!
You can do it, Momonosuke!!

Momo: Kin’emon!!
Kin’emon: yes my lord?
Momo: One day…!! I’ll surpass Kozuki Oden!!!
Kin’emon: I shall stay by your side and witness it happen…!!
Yamato: huh? surpass me?
Momo: No!!

Page 11
Nami: To Hakumai then!! There’s a proper port there that can take our ship down
Brook: that’s good to hear!! We climbed up a waterfall to get here so I thought we are going to fall down this time!!
Chopper: great news!
Kid: ohhhh so you guys gonna use a proper port, because it’s SAFER right hahaha
It fits you losers perfectly
Luffy and Law: sa…fer..?!
Strawhats: wait wait Luffy?! Nothing wrong with being safe! Don’t fall for it!!
Heart pirates: huh?! What’s that face, Captain?!! It’s okay to use a proper port!!
Luffy: Jinbe! Let me do it!!
Strawhats: Luffy no!!

Page 12
Heart Pirates: noooooo!!
Captains: here it goes!!
Everyone: no we are going to die!!!
【The strength of these criminals bought in by Lord Momonosuke and Kin’emon are certainly impressive!!! They wrecked havoc with power like a true “Wisdom King”!!
Even “Kaido the Dragon King” and “Yokai” Great Oiran couldn’t best them,
their last moment was one that splits the sky!!!】
Teacher: …On the other hand we have Orochi on fire!! They thought he was dead, but his hatred kept him going!! He made a leap for princess Hiyori!!
Page 13
Teacher: but coming in with a clean Slice!
Is the number two vassal of Kozuki Oden: Denjiro!!
Off goes the burning last head!! The end of the story of Kurozumi Orochi!!
Lightning thundered above them, falling with it the island of Onigashima and Kaido the Dragon King!!
The dark clouds that have been covering the skies of Wano for more than 20 years..!! Are slowly but surely, clearing away..!!
Teacher: turning their backs to the festival music from the Capital…something moved!!!
Unbelievable! The burning Orochi stares at them…and opens its mouth….
“The hatred of the Kurozumi clan…shall curse this country till its very end…”
Princess Hiyori remembers all the suffering this country has went through for the past 20 years!! Not a single sign of fear in her eyes!!

One Piece Chapter 1057 Raw Scans

Page 14-15
Teacher: “Be careful, Lady Hiyori!!”
Waving away the hand of her worried samurai, our princess stands fearlessly before the burning Orochi!!
In her hands is a fan bearing the symbol of Kozuki..!!
With 20 years of feelings for her father! Her mother! And for her homeland in mind!!
She speaks!!
Citizens: yeah!! We have been waiting for this part!!
Teacher: now everyone, let’s say it together!!
Hiyori: Kurozumis/Coals were..!!! Born to burn!!!

One Piece Chapter 1057 Raw Scans

Page 16
Teacher: The time is 30 min from 6 pm, with the Fire Festival going on♪
Story begins at the port where the “Reversed Crescent Moon” gathers♪
A successful revenge that’ll be passed down as~~~
…the Bloody tale of Reviving the Clan!!
【this is the story of how the once renowned Samurais regained their glory】

Page 17
【And the timing is just right】
Citizens: Lord Momonosuke!
Lord Shogun!
【Let’s take a small break】
Momo: now, where should this flag go
【if chances allow let’s meet again~~】


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