One Piece Chapter 1044 Raw Scans: Revelation of Gear 5!

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March 21, 2022 7:00 PM

One Piece Chapter 1044 Raw Scans have arrived. Make sure to follow the thread to get the latest updates.

One Piece Chapter 1044 Raw Scans

One Piece Chapter 1044 Raw Scans

The one piece chapter 1044 Raw Scans are here-

One Piece Chapter 1044 Spoilers Reddit

One Piece Chapter 1044 Spoilers Reddit are not here. But Make sure to follow the thread below-

Luffy and Joyboy

Luffy is not Joy Boy as a person or reincarnating as Joy Boy. He is just another 'Joy Boy'. I might be mistaken but I do think there is just a difference in language in using names and personal pronouns in Japanese. So in my mind Zunesha's 'Joy Boy ga....kaete kita' is more along the lines of 'Another Joy Boy has returned' instead of 'THE Joy Boy has returned'

Are we really believing that a 25 years old manga will kill its protagonist just when supposedly 2 or 3 years are left?? Really?Joyboy is most likely not a reincarnation, but what the gomu gomu no mi awakening represents. Luffy smiling is surely he feeling a lot of new power, and confidence to defeat Kaido and save the slaves.

Luffy's Heart Beat and Eyes

One Piece Chapter 1044 Raw Scans

Further in So, it confirms that there's a SFX of a heart beat, and Kaido also said Luffy's dead. I'm going to take it that Luffy died, and it does appear the speculation about heart beat and drums of liberation are one and the same based on what I've read so far.More so, Luffy's eyes are white when knocked out whereas here, his eyes are completely blackened... so that potentially symbolises dead especially with the heart beat SFX... Luffy must have actually died.As the above panel shows, Luffy's hands are completely bloodied and crushed up and in the other, his hands have become clean and unbloodied. He's been healed or literally been revived.So, maybe becoming Joyboy required death as proof they are qualified amongst other things. Things would be sorted in One Piece Chapter 1044 Raw Scans.

Is it Awakening?

All the blob might just be Luffy healing and maybe it's not even to do with Awakening. Maybe the Strawhat is what makes one Joyboy assuming they have all the qualities to be Joyboy.Perhaps Straw hat + death fighting to save slaves + being a D = revival as Joyboy. This would add a lot of importance to the Strawhat and explain why Roger passed it on to Shanks and Shanks passed it on to Luffy... it was the one thing he gave after he bet on Luffy.Maybe the Strawhat Luffy's wearing is not so ordinary. Becoming Joyboy is a qualification perhaps? A status one gets after they've proven themselves.And Shanks liked Luffy because he was willing to fight for him even if it meant death. He has always been willing to put himself in harm's way for his friends and that is what a king does, he sacrifices himself for his people.Celestial Dragons do the opposite, so it would be a pretty apt contrast. All speculation, but this is what I'm going with until the 2 weeks say otherwise.

One Piece Chapter 1044 Raw Scans

One Piece Chapter 1044 Release Date

One Piece Chapter 1044 Release Date.WeekChapterScan ReleaseWSJ IssueViz ReleaseWeek 081040February 11, 202211February 14, 2022Week 09Oda Break12February 21, 2022Week 101041February 25, 202213February 28, 2022Week 111042March 4, 202214March 7, 2022Week 121043March 11, 202215March 14, 2022Week 13Oda Break16March 21, 2022Week 141044March 25, 202217March 28, 2022Week 151045April 1, 202218April 4, 2022Week 161046April 8, 202219April 11, 2022Week 17Oda Break20April 18, 2022Week 181047April 22, 202221 | 22April 25, 2022Week 19WSJ BreakWeek 201048May 6, 202223May 9, 2022Week 211049May 13, 202224May 16, 2022Week 22Oda Break25May 23, 2022Week 231050May 27, 202226May 30, 2022

Where To Read One Piece Chapter 1044 Online

One Piece Chapter 1044 can be perused online for nothing and lawfully from sources, for example, Shonen Jump, Viz Media and MangaPlus Platforms.Shop Now-

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