One Piece Chapter 1044 Raw: JoyBoy, Solving a Decade Old Mystery

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March 19, 2022 7:00 PM

One Piece has been prodding the personality of the strange Joy Boy for over 10 years, and it's at last uncovered in the most recent chapter. The next in the line One Piece Chapter 1044 Raw would throw light on the recent development about Luffy's Fate.

One Piece Chapter 1044 Raw'll need to sit tight sometimes longer for the One Piece Chapter 1044 Raw Reddit. Moreover, spoilers will not show up until after the break one week from now.Also Read: One Piece: Joyboy Revelation shouldn’t take away Luffy’s Hardships.How might you portray Luffy as a cheerful kid? One Piece Chapter 1044 Raw will probably respond to this secret in the forthcoming section. He melted Strawhat's skin with his brand name grin on the last board. Euphoria Boy shows up in the following board after Zunesha tends to him.Subsequently, the speculation that Luffy is Joy Boy and has shown up in Wano to liberate it from Kaido's rage is upheld by this turn of events. At last, Monkey D. Luffy is finished. Although he has beaten unfavorable impediments, he is as yet on target to obliterate the planet's most impressive being.

Is Luffy reincarnated into JoyBoy?

Luffy was Joy Boy constantly. It appears that Joy Boy has some way or another, appeared in Luffy's body.However, it is not satisfactory what this implies or how it occurred. Past speculations point towards Luffy's Gomu no Mi Devil Fruit or his unmistakable Straw Hat as potential clarifications; however, the section leaves a few additional signs.First, Zunesha lets Momonosuke know that he can hear "it" and feels nostalgic. He then, at that point, proceeds to clarify that what he can listen to are the "Drums of Liberation," which have not been heard for more than 800 years, before adding that "He is certainly here."Finally, the audio cue for Luffy's grin is composed as "Nika," a typical way in the manga to show somebody is smiling.In any case, Nika is additionally the name of one more secretive person from One Piece's previous, a Sun God who enslaved people loved as their extraordinary hero.Regardless of whether the words are composed with various characters, Zunesha's reference to the "Drums of Liberation" could be associated with what little is had some significant awareness of Sun God Nika.

One Piece Chapter 1043 Recap

In chapter 1043, "Do you have any idea what you've done?" Kaido questions the CP0 specialist. Since he realizes what's coming, the specialist keeps his mouth shut. A deadly bang from Kaido is very likely the outcome. Individuals are emptying from Kawamatsu's home as the structure is inundated on fire. He contends that such a passing is inadmissible for a fighter.To get Momonosuke to give up, Kaido shows up on the floor and requests the area of Momonosuke. He professes to be uninterested in the occupants of Wano because they are only his slaves. The way that they've considered addressing him implies that they'll need to bear the cost of their activities.Momonosuke is uncertain on the off chance that he should surrender or not. After 20 years of arduous work, Yamato encourages him to continue onward. They would prefer to kick the bucket as a unit than to surrender. In front of a potential showdown with Kaido, both Kid and Law evaluate the present status of undertakings.Nekomamushi and Carrot are likewise educated. He is known as a snake by Nami. Marco blocks him as he keeps on going after her. Momo is alarmed when she hears Zunesha talking about something. It's been a long time since Zunesha last listened to a voice, and he says he's hearing it now. Euphoria Boy is back in real life!

One Piece Chapter 1044

One Piece Chapter 1044 Release Date

One Piece Chapter 1044 Release Date.WeekChapterScan ReleaseWSJ IssueViz ReleaseWeek 081040February 11, 202211February 14, 2022Week 09Oda Break12February 21, 2022Week 101041February 25, 202213February 28, 2022Week 111042March 4, 202214March 7, 2022Week 121043March 11, 202215March 14, 2022Week 13Oda Break16March 21, 2022Week 141044March 25, 202217March 28, 2022Week 151045April 1, 202218April 4, 2022Week 161046April 8, 202219April 11, 2022Week 17Oda Break20April 18, 2022Week 181047April 22, 202221 | 22April 25, 2022Week 19WSJ BreakWeek 201048May 6, 202223May 9, 2022Week 211049May 13, 202224May 16, 2022Week 22Oda Break25May 23, 2022Week 231050May 27, 202226May 30, 2022

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One Piece Chapter 1044 can be perused online for nothing and lawfully from sources, for example, Shonen Jump, Viz Media and MangaPlus Platforms

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