One Piece Chapter 1037 Spoilers Reddit, Leaks, Scans, Release Date

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January 11, 2022 6:00 PM

One Piece Chapter 1037 Spoilers, leaks have just showed up. Please follow the thread to get latest updates on the impending chapter.

One Piece Chapter 237 Raw Scans

The One Piece Chapter 237 Raw Scans would surface a few days before its release. It will likewise drop at various occasions worldwide with the goal that worldwide crowds can go through it at their helpful occasions.In One Piece Chapter 1037, a long-running quarrel between Kaidou and Luffy is uncovered, and Luffy is nearly breaking past his cutoff. When Luffy got on the roof, One Piece revealed the battle between Kaidou and Luffy. Others will deal with Kaiduo while he polishes him off.Onigashima Castle's fight among Sanji and Queen was over not long after Sanji sent Queen out of the palace. Zoro versus Lord is as yet pressing onward on the opposite side. Zoro vs King will conclude soon, notwithstanding, for Zoro has a guaranteed winner.Kaido and Luffy are now occupied with a brutal fight for matchless quality. Finally, after a considerable delay, Luffy is at long last being given the regard he merits from his opponent, the commandant of the Beast Pirates. Luffy, then again, shares a similar feeling.To our pleasure, we will see without precedent for our set of experiences an edged fight between the two CoC Kings. There is still some fuel left in Kaido's tank and Luffy's force. Who will end up as the winner in this fight? We'll discover.Everything except Kaido, the top of the Beast Pirates, are right now out of a task. At the point when you consider that they're villain organic products, it's a significant shock. It was customary that Zoan champions would be solid and sturdy, yet they were immediately cleared out in this battle. Not feasible they'll be restored later on.Nonetheless, considering that Oda has as of now articulated them defeated, it's somewhat of a stretch. Likewise, the beaten rival has a minimal shot at fighting back when Odda utilizes this strategy. Finally, those fans long for a re-visitation of the ring for King, Queen, or Tobi Roppo.

Shadow Revealed

The new spoilers uncover that the shadow is, in all honesty, Zunesha, who is found to have shown up behind the armada of boats that show up at Wano.The spoiler further uncovers that the ships are warships with banners of the World Government; they don't have a place with the Navy. No Marine shows up in this chapter.Considering that in the past piece of One Piece Chapter 1037 spoilers, even Gorosei experienced difficulty accepting the personality of the shadow, calling it a legend, it would fit that it is Zunesha.On top of being a Naitamie-Norida elephant, Zunesha has been condemned to meander about forever for wrongdoing which has not been uncovered in the manga yet.Many fans have conjectured that what Miyagi had speculated with regards to Zunesha prior, that Zunesha probably wouldn't be meandering about erratically and might, indeed, be searching for a specific area, could be validated in One Piece section 1037. This area is conjectured to be Wano.Some theorize that Zunesha may have come to Wano given the association between the Kozuki and the Mink. Others express that Momo is the main consideration. Regardless, assuming the spoilers are right, then, at that point, one more layer may have been added to the Wano Arc.Maybe Zunesha's wrongdoing and the reason with which Zunesha had been venturing to every part of the New World will be uncovered in this Arc.

One Piece Chapter 1037 Spoilers Reddit

One Piece Chapter 1037 leaks have just showed up. Please follow the thread to get latest updates on the impending chapter.Source:

Korean source

Thanks to redon:

Chapter 1,037: "Shuron Hakke".

- The Japanese name is “酒 龍 八卦” which would roughly translate as “Eight Trigrams Dragon Sake”. It is a variant of Kaidou's Raimei Hakke (Eight Trigrams Thunder).

Brief summary thanks to Redon from AP forums

- The end of the festival is approaching in the "Capital of Flowers".​

- Luffy Vs. Kaidou.​

- Kaidou drinks sake during the battle.​

- The "Shuron Hakke" seems to be a drunken Kaidou technique.​

- Alcohol makes Kaidou go through several phases in his fight against Luffy: sad, crying and angry.​

- Kaidou: "“ Gundari: Ryuseigun ”!!!"​

- Luffy: "" Gomu Gomu no Roc Gatling "!!!"​

- We went to the "Castle of Pangea" in "Mary Geoise".​

- The "Gorousei" talks about catching Nico Robin.​

- We see Government warships near Wanokuni.​

- Someone from the fleet informs the "Gorousei" that they see a shadow.​

- The "Gorousei" says that it is not possible, that even for them it is a legend, and that it had not awakened in the last centuries.​

- The "Gorousei" ends up talking about a Devil Fruit and that they have given that fruit another name to hide his true name.​ (It's not the gomu gomu no mi according to the leaker)

- The chapter ends by revealing the identity of that shadow seen by the government ships in the Wanokuni Sea. (It's a HUGE shadow)


Additional note from Redon -

Before you start criticizing the chapter, this time I really recommend you to wait for the images/scans. The fight between Luffy and Kaidou is visually amazing, the chapter gains a lot with images.

Regarding the Akuma no Mi that the Gorousei talk about, as you have seen in the summary, this chapter does not say which one it is.

As a reference, I can tell you that the final sentence of the Gorousei ("The reason is that they wanted to eliminate the original name of that fruit from history!?") appears in the final vignette of the chapter, in which we see Zunesha just behind the fleet of ships of the World Government (the one I was talking about the other day). Although it's not clear to me if Oda wants to tell us whether the Akuma no Mi is linked to Zunesha or not.

My opinion is that I think the Gorousei is talking about the Akuma no Mi of one of the users Wano right now, but I couldn't tell if they are talking about the Gomu Gomu no Mi or a different fruit. I also think the Gorousei don't have much idea on what the World Government did in the past on this topic (the Government or a Gorousei from previous generations).

One Piece Chapter 1037 Release Date

One Piece Chapter1037 of One Piece will be released worldwide on Sunday, January sixteenth, 2022.Source:

One Piece Chapter 1037 Read Online

One Piece section 1037 is accessible to read online on Viz media and Mangaplus. You can prefer these stages and read every one of the sections.

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