One Piece Chapter 1036 Spoilers Reddit, Leaks: King Defeated, Luffy vs Kaido

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December 22, 2021 6:00 PM

One Piece Chapter 1036 Spoilers, leaks are out. Follow the thread to get the latest updates for the same. This page would be updated as more spoilers arrive

One Piece Chapter 1036 Spoilers Reddit

One Piece Chapter 1036 Spoilers, leaks are out. Follow the thread to get the latest updates for the same. This page would be updated as more spoilers arrive



Full summary, thanks to redon from Arlong Park Forums.

Chapter 1,030: “Echoes the impermanence of all things”.

Translator's note: Japanese tittle is “諸行無常の響きあり” that is part of Heike Monogatari's opening verse. Full sentence is “祇園精舎の鐘の聲、諸行無常の響き有り” that means “The sound of the Gion Shōja bells echoes the impermanence of all things”.

In the cover, Brook is careful not to step on a line of ants that walk as if they were on a military parade.

Chapter starts in a room of the castle of Onigashima, there X Drake and Scratchmen Apoo speak without anyone seeing them. Apoo is sure that Drake is a “Marine spy” but he says that at that moment it's something that doesn't matter. The problem is if Drake really wants to kill Kaidou or not. Apoo offers Drake that they can join forces to take everything for themselves after the fight is finished, no matter whose side win.

In an impressive double page we see that Apoo and Drake are not alone, becouse behind Apoo we can see that Numbers 1, 2 and 3 are eating and drinking. Their names are “Inbi”, “Fuga”, and “Zanki” but for now we don't know exactly who's each of them. They seem considerably much more intimidating and strong than the Numbers we've seen so far.

One of them has an oval face with a goatee, wears sunglasses, and its horns look like pointed antennae. The biggest and big eater of them has very long horns and long curly hair (he looks like Ashura Doji). The last of them has “elf ears” with earrings, long hair and a large curly mustache (looks like a demon). Drake answers Apoo.

Drake: "You think I'd still trust you?"

Apoo: "Both of us aren't to be trusted!! I'm offering you this because we can both profit from it!!"

Cut to the stairs that connect the 2nd and 1st floors of Onigashima's castle. We see that Usopp and Nami's group (with Tama, Speed and Gazelleman) are going down to the 1st floor to escape from the fire. Hamlet is helping them, he carries Komachiyo.

Suddenly, they hear someone screaming that there is a mysterious monster on the 1st floor, so Usopp and Nami prepare to fight. When they arrive at the 1st floor they see that Kinemon's lower body is chasing people while he calls for help. Usopp lunges at him and stops him by grabbing his leg.

Usopp: "Wait, wait, what are you doing!!! You are Kinemon right!!! "

Kinemon: "Ohh!! What's wrong!! I'm Kinemon!! I'm looking for my allies!!"

Usopp: "I'm an ally!! I'm Usopp!!"

Usopp notices that Kinemon is bleeding a lot and asks if he's okay. Nami tells Usopp that Kinemon can't hear him, since he doesn't have ears right now. Nami walks over to Kinemon's legs and draws the “crescent of rebellion” mark with her finger. This way Kinemon realizes that they are allies and tells them what happened to him.

After hearing his story, Usopp decides to go help Kinemon. Usopp climbs on Hamlet, sticks Kinemon's lower body to his giraffe's back, and together they go looking for him. Kinemon tells them that they should go to the attic of the left tower through an entrance on the 1st floor and that they should hurry because his friends are badly injured. (One Piece Chapter 1036 Spoilers)

Cut to the area where Kinemon is, we see that his body has been cut in half. We also see Kanjuurou on the ground and Kiku in blood. Kinemon is surprised to see that he is still alive despite being cut in half.

Kinemon: "The impact of the stab was very strong... The cut that Law-dono made on me... Maybe my body didn't join correctly? It's a “miracle”...!! If Kiku could be saved..."

Suddenly, a voice is heard coming from a Den Den Mushi.

Orochi: "Hey...!! Answer to me!!! Kanjuurou."

Kinemon: "Is that Orochi's voice...!? But Kanjuurou is dead..."

Kanjuurou: "Yes... Orochi... I'm still alive... But I'm at my last breath..."

Orochi: "Ohh... Congratulations for the terrific play you performed!!"

Kanjuurou: "Thanks for your words...!!"

Orochi: "Hear how they acclaim you...!!"

Kanjuurou: "... Me...?"

Orochi: "That's right ... But there's still resentment...!!! Our ancestors are waiting... Paint something spectacular one more time...!! Paint it Kanjuurou... Paint the grudge of Kurozumi clan."

Kanjuurou lifts his brush and with his last breath paints something on the ground.

Orochi: "Paint the deep-seated anger of the Kurozumi clan... End everything in this castle."

Kinemon: "..."

Orochi: "To the abyss ... Let it go to the abyss...!! The bottom of this dead end will be our "graveyard". Calm our soul...!! Calm it down Kanjuurou!!"

Kanjuurou: "Yes. I will give the audience the “last act” of the “Kurozumi Clan”!! “Kazenbō” (“火前坊 (かぜんぼう)” in japanese, it's the name of a japanese demon)"

Kanjuurou finally falls but he has managed to paint a giant fire demon (it looks like Kanjuurou's silhouette during his flashback with Orochi). The demon can go through walls and everything it touches burst into flame. Kaidou's subordinates yell at their comrades not to touch the monster.

As they inform the entire Onigashima's castle about the appearance of a fire demon that is engulfing in flames everything in its path, we get a brief of the general situation on the island. Momonosuke is creating little by little more of his “Flame Clouds”, in the “Flower Capital” the festival continues normally.

We see that Brook and Robin continue fighting alongside the Minks. Marco, Izou, and Kawamatsu keep fighting as well. CP0 is no longer in the guest room, they are walking somewhere. We also see that Sanji, Luffy, and Zoro continue fighting Queen, Kaidou, and King respectively.

Orochi is sitting in some kind of warehouse in the castle and starts talking while he laughs.

Orochi: "The Kouzuki's alliance... The Emperor of the Seas...!! You've ridiculed me for too long...!! I know Kaidou... I know that in the basement of the castle there is a great arsenal...!! Weapons created by me!! Ignite it on Kanjuurou !! Make everything fly through the air!! Don't be late, Fukurokuju!! We must escape!! I don't care what happens in this war between pirates!!"

We see Yamato is running towards the weapons arsenal as Kaidou's subordinates try to stop her unsuccessfully. In a small map we see that Yamato has already crossed the entrance of the giant skull (she has climbed the giant stairs of the skull's mouth) and is on his way to the basement. (One Piece Chapter 1036 Spoilers)

Suddenly, Yamato sees one of the castle walls explode thanks to a powerful wave of energy and hears someone screaming.

Big Mom: "“Ikoku” (Ikoku Sovereignty)!!!"

Kid flies out of the explosion, his giant skull metal robot is destroyed. Big Mom goes after him riding Prometheus and with Napoleon fused with Hera to finish Kid off. As Kid falls, we see a small flashback of a conversation between Kid and Law that has taken place minutes before.

Kid: "Hey Trafalgar...!! Has your ability “awakened”?"

Law: "I'm still not used to it ... But I'll use it in case of life or death... It consumes a lot of energy, so I keep it as a last resort!!"

Kid: "The same thing happens to me... But we cannot defeat her by fighting normally at this rate. We must use our ace up the sleeve!! "

Back to the present. While Big Mom is busy attacking Kid, Law uses a new technique.

Law: "“KROOM” “Anaesthesia” (Anesthesia - 麻酔 (アナススィージャ))"

With “KROOM” Law creates a small version of “ROOM” (he can hold it with one hand). Then with “Anaesthesia” he coats his sword with the “KROOM” that he's created earlier. Then Law teleports right behind Big Mom and pierces Big Mom from behind (the tip of the sword comes out of Big Mom's chin). (One Piece Chapter 1036 Spoilers)

Law: "Thanks to “KROOM”... I can create “waves” from inside your body!! “Shock Wille” (Shock Wave - 衝撃波動 (ショックヴィレ))!!!"

Law sends a powerful shockwave into Big Mom's body. Big Mom screams in pain, blood and smoke come out of her mouth. The Homies are shocked to see Big Mom bleed from her mouth. Big Mom turns to Law in anger, at that moment Kid takes his opportunity to attack her.

Kid: "I'll give you “magnetic power”. “Assign” (Assign - 付与 (アサイン))!!"

With this new technique, Kid has turned Big Mom into a giant magnet thanks to his “awakened” powers. Napoleon's body is attached to Big Mom's head, attracted by her magnetism, the same happens with metal weapons of everyone in the area. But Big Mom not only attracts weapons, she also attracts all metals that are around her.

Big Mom: "Huh?"

Kid: "Help me escape, Trafalgar!!"

Law: "Don't give me orders."

Big Mom: "Gyaaaa!!"

Kid: "“Punk Crash” (Punk Crash - 磁気激突 (パンク クラッシュ))!!!"

In another amazing double page we see how all the nearby metal structures (like steel beams) crash down with great force on Big Mom's body thanks to her magnetism. Kaidou's subordinates escape from the area as the buildings collapse becouse they have lost their metal structures...


Jump cover and Color Spread for One Piece in the next chapter.

Check the prediction tournament here :

One Piece Chapter 1036 Release Date and Time

One Piece Chapter 1036 release date is January second.Because of a Jump hiatus, One Piece Chapter 1036 will be postponed. However, the scans will be accessible one week from now. Late One Piece refreshes have zeroed in on the battle between King and Zoro, which continued later the fight between Sanji and Queen finished.

One Piece Chapter 1035 Recap

In the One Piece Chapter 1035 recap, Sanji Queen pushes out of the Onigashima, tossed high up. Sanji is pronounced the champ of the battle.

Real Face of King Revealed

After overcoming Queen, Sanji blacks out. Back to the battle between King and Zoro. Zoro realizes how to crush the ruler's veil, which uncovers his natural face. He has silver hair, dark earthy coloured skin, and dark wings. Lunarians have these qualities.Lord's subordinates notice any individual who can give data about the Lunarians. Lunarians can get up to 100 million berries from the world government. Ruler consumes his subordinates after learning reality about him.[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="893"]

One Piece Chapter 1036 Spoilers Reddit, Recap, Release date and time

Credits To The Owner[/caption]

King versus Zoro

After learning of his character, Zoro says it doesn't make any difference what race King is. He has just a single objective, and that is to overcome him. He's practically running out of solidarity, as is King.The two battle with their entire being, without both of them acquiring the high ground. Zoro then, at that point, conveys the last hit to the lord, puncturing his left-wing. Albeit undeclared, we can expect that Zoro won this battle.

One Piece Chapter 1036 Read Online

One Piece Chapter 1036 is online at Viz Media and Mangaplus to peruse. It would help if you preferred these stages to peruse the section.

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