One Piece Chapter 1026 Spoilers Reddit, raw scans, leaks and release date

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September 12, 2021 7:00 PM

One Piece Chapter 1026 Spoilers are Out!

One Piece Chapter 1026 Spoilers Full summary

One Piece Chapter 1026 Spoilers Full summary, thanks to redon from Arlong Park Forums.

Chapter 1,026: “Crucial Time" (“天王山” in japanese, it means too “watershed”).

In the cover, Nami and Leo are making a t-shirt for a lion cub who is next to his father (they are Minks). All of them are in a store called “Haute Couture Nami” and the t-shirt design is the lion-sunflower that Bell-mère made for Nami when she was a child (in the clothes she inherited from Nojiko).

Chapter starts in the “Flower Capital”, there people are enjoying the festival. Tenguyama asks Toko if she is having a good time, she says yes while she eats a candy. We see a little flashback of the moment when Tama leaves Wanokuni with Speed in a boat towards Onigashima. Tama tells Tenguyama that she has to go help, although she doesn't know if she will return. Speed says she will protect Tama. Back to the present, Tenguyama wonders if Tama is safe.

The sky in the “Flower Capital” is covered by clouds, so the people at the festival can't see that Onigashima is approaching to the capital.

Cut to Onigashima's rooftop, we see a Mary (a man from Kaidou's army) that is observing the battle and reporting the situation to the rest of his companions. His voice is amplified to be heard throughout the castle.

Mary: "Report about the mysterious dragon!! Right now on the roof is the wounded young Yamato. And in the sky there is something incredible... two dragons face to face!! The blue dragon is Kaidou-sama!! And pirate “Straw Hat Luffy” is riding a pink dragon!!!"

Yamato looks at Momonosuke as he remembers some words Momonosuke said to him when he was still a child.

Momonosuke: "If only I could turn into a monster like him... it would be such a help to everyone!!"

The Mary keeps talking, saying that the identity of the pink dragon is unknown but there is no doubt that it is an enemy. We see Queen surprised at the Mary's report.

Queen: "Was Yamato the one who stopped Kaidou-san?"

Back to the battle between dragons. Kaidou opens his mouth and prepares to shoot his “Bolo Breath”. Luffy tells Momonosuke to shoot something from his mouth too but Momonosuke has no idea how to do it. Kaidou finally shoots his “Bolo Breath” and Momonosuke barely manages to dodge it.

Further in One Piece Chapter 1026 spoilers, Luffy says something to Momonosuke that shocks him (we don't know what) and then jumps towards Kaidou. Luffy blows up his left arm and attacks Kaidou with his “Gomu Gomu no Elephant Gun” hitting Kaidou's head (that crashes into the ground). Momonosuke thinks about what Luffy told him.

Luffy: "Hey Momo!! Bite Kaidou!!"

Momonosuke: "I can't, I can't...!! I...!!"

Momonosuke remembers Kaidou's assault at Kuri's castle after Oden's death and how Kaidou attacked his mother. That's when Momonosuke musters up enough courage and gives a strong bite at Kaidou's body.

Kaidou: "Uwaaaa!!!"

Kaidou screams in pain, Momonosuke remembers the moment when Kaidou told him that his father was a fool of a lord and bites him harder. However, Kaidou turns around and looks very annoyed at him.

Kaidou: "What do you think you are doing!!!"

Although Momonosuke looks at him with fear, he doesn't stop biting Kaidou.

Momonosuke: "You have destroyed Wanokuni!! I have to stop you anyway. My father was...!! My mother was...!!"

Seeing the situation, Yamato runs off to help Momonosuke. But Luffy arrives first and punches Kaidou in the face.

Luffy: "Well done Momo~~~!!!"

Further in One Piece Chapter 1026 spoilers, Cut to the treasure room on the 2nd floor. The sky is covered with clouds, so Inuarashi has returned to his normal form and is exhausted.

Jack: "The dragon's called the “thundercloud”...!! The moon has stopped shining tonight. Huh... Huh... ... If you had attacked me 1 more time I wouldn't be able to stand again!!"

Inuarashi: "..."

Nekomamushi is in the same situation as Inuarashi, he has almost no strength. Perospero talks to him while holds a huge candy axe.

Perospero: "Don't you blame the moon...!? You are out of luck!! Perorin ♪"

Nekomamushi: "..."

Perospero: "My luck is too strong for you, cat boss!!"

Carrot and Wanda watch helplessly.

Carrot: "Master Nekomamushi!! The “Sulong” has disappeared."

Luffy's voice is heard throughout the castle.

Luffy: "Momo!!"

Samuari: "Uh!? Momonosuke-sama!?"

Luffy: "What you have just bitten is one of the “Yonkou” himself!! Is there anything in this world that you still need to fear!!?"

Momonosuke: "...!! No..."

Yamato: "..."

Momonosuke: "No!!!"

Luffy: "Go!! You can fly!!"

Momonosuke: "Yes!!"

Luffy: "Stop Onigashima!!"

We can see Zoro and Sanji fighting back to back while they discover the dragon was Momonosuke.

Luffy: "Leave Kaidou to me!! I will definitely win!!!"

We have now a magnificent double page. In the right part we see a defiant Luffy and Kaidou in dragon form (he's very serious). In the center we see the joy of the samurai alliance at Luffy's words and the news about Momonosuke. We also see the reactions of some characters like Tama, Nami or Franky.

Big Mom: "Ma~~~mamamama!! Did you hear it!? What a funny guy!!"

Kid: "Of course you have to!"

Law: "What on earth has he been doing?"

Kaidou transforms into his hybrid form and goes after Luffy.

Kaidou: "... Do you think there still a possibility that you can beat me!?"

Luffy: "As long as I'm alive the possibility is limitless!!"

Kaidou attacks with his kanabo and Luffy with his fist, both use Color of the Supreme King Haki. There is a massive shockwave of black lightning, but their attacks do not touch (the same that happened with Roger and Shirohige). The impact is so powerful that the clouds begin to separate and the sky splits in two.

One Piece Chapter 1026 Spoilers Reddit, raw scans, leaks and release date

The Mary that was observing the battle reports what happened to the entire castle before being knocked out by the Haki. After this, the sky is open and the full moon can be seen clearly again. Jack and Perospero look at the moon in amazement as Inuarashi and Nekomamushi transform into Sulong...

Inuarashi: "What were you saying...!?"

Nekomamushi: "Where is your luck now...?"

Inuarashi and Nekomamushi: "“Oden Ittoryu ”(Oden's One Sword Style)"

Nekomamushi: "“Nikoneko Bam” (Smiling Cat Strike - 猫笑衝突 (ネコニコバーン))"

Inuarashi: "“Inu-spire” (Dog Powerful Cutting Arrow - 犬斬威矢 (イヌスパ イヤー))"

Nekomamushi throws a powerful swipe at Perospero, shattering part of his hat and breaking his candy arm. Inuarashi attacks with his sword-leg like a spear, breaking Jack's belt and piercing his stomach.

Perospero, the eldest child of the Big Mom Pirates, has been defeated. “Jack the Drought”, the All-Star of the Beast Pirates, has been defeated.

A small door opens into the building near where Jack and Inuarashi were fighting. It's Orochi, who has been watching the entire battle in the shadows...

Orochi: "Jack is defeated!? It has nothing to do with me tho...!!"

End of the One piece chapter 1026 spoilers, no break next week.


Where to Read Online?

One Piece Chapter 1026 will be accessible on Viz and Manga Plus when delivered on September 26. Kindly utilize the authority sites to peruse the manga. We would prompt all the One Piece fans to use official intends to peruse the manga, as it helps support the creator who we love and regard.

One Piece Manga 1026 Predictions

It looks like Oda sensei is building towards the Momotaro story. The Parallel is usually glaring at us. Momotaro, born from a peach, gets to Onigashima to fight the Oni tormenting their land within the folklore.On his way, he was joined by a monkey, a god, and a pheasant in exchange for kibi dangos.We have Momonosuke, a peach dragon, trying to fight Kaido, the person tormenting his nation, Wano. He goes to Onigashima and features a Luffy (monkey), Yamato (dog), and possibly Marco (Pheasant) by his side. One Piece Manga 1026 spoilers might show us who precisely the Pheasant is because Marco looks like a stretch at this moment.

Why is Momo having trouble flying?

Momonosuke is now twenty-eight years old. But that's only his body. His mind remains that of an 8-year-old boy.So naturally, he has retained his fear of heights. And now that he has transformed into a dragon, his size has grown exponentially. He's even frightened of looking correctly when he's in his Dragon form!We don't expect tons of change from the Kid. But in One Piece 1026 raw scans, we hope Momo point out some command over himself. It's the height of time for him to act sort of a leader.Despite his young age, he's still the commander, and he has got to act like that ahead of Kaido. After that, we believe he can roll in the hay.

One Piece Chapter 1026 Spoilers Reddit, raw scans, leaks and release date

What is Yamato's motive?

Yamato wants to be Oden. Is that her motive? What does it mean? Mr Morj points out that Yamato wants to be like Oden tells she wants to be loved.From her childhood, she was called the Oni princess, probably because she was Kaido's child.But Yamato wanted to flee her blood. She didn't want this horrible blood tying her down. It automatically made her come off as a nasty person.Yamato wanted to form friends; she wanted to travel out and usually live. But that wasn't possible for her.Then she saw Oden, a person loved by all who realize true Wano, a person with friends and loved ones. She saw that he was free in his travels and thus, wanted it for herself.That is why she wants to be Oden. One Piece chapter 1026 spoilers might give us some Luffy and Yamato interaction. Luffy can help her achieve the liberty she desires.Also Read: Black Clover: Why the Curse of Megicula Is Such a Deadly Threat

What is Kaido saying?

The more we see of Kaido, the more we love him. At first, he was another battle-hungry man who wanted an enormous war and a pirate haven. But as he talks, we see more of him and realize his character.Not to mention, he lives up to his title because of the strongest creature. He has fought like 14 people thus far, many of whom are incredibly strong. Nevertheless, Kaido remains to stand, as menacing as ever.He is still able to continue battling anyone ahead of him. He's pleased with this moment as he's getting solid opponents.However, he continues to criticize Yamato's actions. He points out that Yamato cannot run from her blood. It's a neighbourhood of her identity. And her desire for allies is terrible since she finishes up hurting everyone who gets on the brink of her.They get hurt if they struggle to be nice to her. The samurai who freed her from the cave met a nasty fate. The guard who helped her was punished brutally. Ace died. Then Kaido says that everybody is just scared of Yamato and her haki. That is Yamato's destiny in life, to be a dominator. Can she dominate Kaido in One Piece Manga 1026 raw scans?

How did Momo reach the highest of Onigashima?

Momo is scared of heights, and he can't fly properly. But Luffy constantly pushes him, and he finally manages to fly. During a hilarious sequence of events, Momo flies together with his eyes closed, and Luffy directs him. The poor kid smashes into the flying Onigashima.Everyone is scared to ascertain a dragon. But it isn't Kaido. Instead, it's a peach dragon, and with him comes Luffy, the person who can defeat Kaido.Momo bursts through the floors and goes up, informing everyone of their arrival.One Piece 1026 spoilers might show us a crucial rooftop scene. After all, Kaido immediately becomes a dragon on seeing Momo. He doesn't want two dragons existing within the world.

Will Luffy and Yamato fight together?

Yamato has changed back to her human form. She is perhaps exhausted. Meanwhile, Luffy has rejuvenated thanks to all that food he gobbled up. So it's time for a rematch.Luffy delivers his iconic dialogue about being the King of Pirates. Impressively, Momo musters the strength to face Kaido and declare another time that he's Kozuki Momonosuke, the person who will be the subsequent Shogun of Wano.

One Piece Chapter 1026 Spoilers Reddit, raw scans, leaks and release date

Will One Piece manga 1026 scans show us a clash of dragons?

We will probably see Luffy becoming Gear 4 and fighting alongside Yamato. But Luffy vs Kaido is that the final fight. So maybe the subsequent chapter will return to that specialized in Zoro and Sanji's battle instead. After all, every battle must be ended before Luffy manages to fight and defeat Kaido.

What Happened in One Piece Chapter 1025?

The Chapter begins where we left in Chapter 1024. It appears to be that Momo is frightened of statures; assuming that is the situation, Momo will struggle to convey Onigashima.We slice back to Kaido versus Yamato. Kaido is most certainly demonstrating that he is the most grounded animal in the One Peace universe. He is going all out against Yamato, in any event, expressing that he will kill her.Momo is flying with his eyes shut. Rather than getting to the roof, he blasts into the skull. Everybody gets puzzled why there are two winged serpents here.The part finishes with Luffy and Yamato assaulting Kaido; Luffy utilizes Snakeman and Yamato using "White snake surge" assault. The last board was one more epic from Oda. Luffy and Momo going head to head Kaido was probably the best board in One Piece.

One Piece Chapter 1026 Release Date

One Piece Chapter 1026 Release Date on September 26, 2021. Initially, Chapter 1026 should be given on September 19; the new reports indicate that Eiichiro Oda will require a multi-week break from drawing.Generally, One Piece manga goes on a multi-week break after delivering 3 or 4 sections. It is justifiable that the creator enjoys some reprieve from drawing, as it gives Oda time to ponder the story. Additionally break from drawing is helpful for the creator's wellbeing.[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1024"]

One Piece Chapter 1026 Spoilers Reddit, raw scans, leaks and release date

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