One Piece Chapter 1023 Raw Scans and Spoilers: Sanji and Zoro fight together

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August 26, 2021 7:00 PM

As per One Piece Chapter 1023 Raw Scans and Spoilers, we have never been nearer to the furthest limit of Wano Arc than this. Every one of the individuals from the Tobi Roppo have been crushed, and just 15 minutes left before it arrives at the Flower Capital. In the mean time, Raizo took on Fukurokuju and asked him for what good reason he was serving such a man like Orochi. The two of them discussed their own qualities and standards and continued to trade fearsome blows. Executioner was busy with Hawkins on the opposite side, who kept himself bursting at the seams with his straw dolls. It likewise appeared as though he had associated Kid to it, which would make things significantly more confounded for Killer. The genuine difficulties were King and Queen, who were rebuffing all the animals of the world collectively privateers captivated of Otama's dumplings. Sanji couldn't overcome them without anyone else and required the assistance of Zoro, who had still not recuperated. At the point when it seemed as though King would assault the harmed Zoro, Marco came and halted him. He recounted a story he had found out about a race of individuals who could blast into blazes. He likewise said that it was the ideal opportunity for the stars to have their spot on the stage as Zoro and Sanji handled their brand name assaults on King and Queen.

One Piece Chapter 1023 Raw Scans and Spoilers: Sanji and Zoro fight together

One Piece Chapter 1023 Raw Scans and spoilers

The impending section of One Piece Chapter 1023 Raw Scans and spoilers will be profoundly huge since it will for the most part cover the battle among Zoro and Sanji against King and Queen. The part will have the title "Looks just like him," and we might well see the fall of two of the greatest authorities of Kaido or the Straw Hats.

  • The chapter will begin with the last attack. It seems like King and Queen will be fine even after Zoro and Sanji’s attack.
  • Marco will also join and remember that Whitebeard had told him that there is a Land of gods on the Red Line.
  • The most awaited fight will begin between Zoro & Sanji against King & Queen.
  • Sanji will tell Zoro that after using the Raid Suit for the second time, his body felt strange. The raid suits may have some consequences because Sanji is a human and a cyborg like like brothers.
  • Queen will mock Sanji and say that he is a Germa cyborg. That’s why, he is using his fire legs as machine parts, to which Sanji will reply that he is entirely a human.
  • Queen will wonder if normal humans can create fire and ask him if he belongs to a specific tribe. Queen will also talk about King’s race as we will come to know more about it. The name of that specific tribe is not revealed yet. We will witness it in the upcoming chapter.
  • Queen will mock Sanji once again by saying that his Diable Jambe will be nothing compared to the powers of King’s race.
  • And the climax part of the next chapter is; Hyogoro and Kawamatsu will say that Zoro looks a lot like Ringo’s lord, Shimotsuki Ushimaru, and the legendary samurai, Shimotsuki Ryuma.
  • Jack will fight against Inuarashi, Perospero is tangled with Nekomamushi, and Raizou is still in battle against Fukurokuju.
  • Momonosuke will be shown to be an adult of 28 years of age, and he will transform into a dragon in front of Luffy.
  • Luffy will cheer up Momo and tell him to go to Wanokuni.

This is the short summary of the next chapter. we will witness back to back surprises, first King, then Zoro and last Momonosuke. This will be one of the greatest chapters in One Piece history. We will attach the link to the raw scans of the next chapter once it is surfaced. Till then, kindly read the article below.

One Piece Chapter 1023 Release Date-

According to the release schedule of One Piece, the new chapter is going to be published on August 29, 2021. Fans need not worry about another break as they will be eager to see the adult version of Momonosuke in the next chapter.

Where to Read One Piece Chapter 1023-

One Piece Chapter 1023 can be read by visiting the sites of Mangaplus Shueisha and Viz Media. You will find the latest chapters updated on their sites. We will come back again next week with another set of One Piece spoilers.

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