One Piece Chapter 1010 Spoilers and Raw Scans, Full Summary: Luffy versus Kaido Final Rooftop Battle Starts

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April 7, 2021 7:00 PM

One Piece Chapter 1010 Spoilers and raw scans, full rundown is at long last out as the manga boards have been ordered and deciphered by the confided in sources. It is simply a question of time before the full manga part is additionally out and fans are in for a treat this end of the week. For the individuals who are perusing ahead, there are huge One Piece Chapter 1010 spoilers and subsequently one should continue ahead at their own danger.

One Piece Chapter 1010 Spoilers and Raw Scans, Full Summary: Luffy versus Kaido Final Rooftop Battle Starts

One Piece Chapter 1010 Spoilers and raw scans, Full Summary

One Piece Chapter 1010 Detailed Summary

One Piece Chapter 1010 Title: "Colour of the Supreme King".

  • In the cover, Pudding and her homies are utilizing eyedrops.
  • Zoro is cutting Prometheus into so numerous pieces that it can't help Big Mom. Law remarks how insane Zoro is, saying that he wouldn't be astounded if each bone in Zoro's body is as of now broken.
  • Kaidou: "Damn! That regrettable Linlin… Now I'll need to help her as well!!"
  • Kaido assaults Zoro (calling him "Pirate Hunter") and orders him to allow Prometheus to go to help Big Mom. Law twists Zoro far removed and shows up directly before Kaidou. At that point he shoots his "Infusion Shot" directly at Kaidou's neck, making him hack up blood.
  • Kaidou assaults Law with his kanabou. Law utilizes another procedure called "Curtain" (抗菌武装 (カーテン)) to shield himself however Kaidou smothers of the way.
  • Kaidou: "How problematic is your capacity, Trafalgar!!"
  • Both Prometheus and Napoleon utilize this opportunity to hop down to save Big Mom. Zoro grumbles why Law helped him since it permits the homies to go assistance Big Mom.
  • Law: "Just let them go. On the off chance that somebody needs to wind up biting the dust in view of my arrangement, I'd favor my arrangement falls flat."
  • Child says this is a very sizable amount of as of now, since the objective was simply to isolate the 2 Yonkou from one another. Child and Killer at that point run towards Big Mom's heading, saying that they will take on Big Mom themselves.
  • Slice to beneath the island. Prometheus saved Big Mom just before she hits the ocean. Enormous Mom acclaims Prometheus at that point whines how futile Zeus is. Prometheus says Zeus has consistently been moderate, moronic and simply a weight for Big Mom.
  • Prometheus: "Mom, I have a solicitation."
  • Slice back to Kid and Killer. They stop at the edge of Onigashima. Child remarks how there's something peculiar going on with the mists…
  • Back to Onigashima's housetop, Luffy is oblivious with his eyes becoming white. Kaidou giggles, at that point says that it's very much like last time. Even in the wake of dropping, Luffy wouldn't quit gazing at him. Kaidou puzzles over whether he should pulverize first, if Luffy's eyes, mind or heart.
  • Zoro discloses to Law that the following assault he uses would be the exact opposite thing he can figure out how to do. On the off chance that it doesn't work, he will pass on so he's leaving the rest to Law.
  • Zoro: "Hello Kaidou! That person is our captain. If you wanna pulverize him, at that point squash me first!!"
  • Zoro draws his swords.
  • Zoro: "Kiki Kyuutouryuu: Ashura (Ghastly Nine Sword Style: Asura)Bakkei Mouja no Tawamure (Drawing Sword, Playing with the Dead – 抜剣 亡者戯)!!!"
  • Kaido is hit by Zoro's assault with part of blood coming out.
  • Kaido: "Rascal… Don't disclose to me you have the "shade of the incomparable ruler" too!!?"
  • Zoro: "What the heck are you discussing… I have no clue myself… "
  • At that point Zoro tumbles to the ground.
  • Zoro: "I gave everything for this assault. Really awful it can't figure out how to cut Kaidou down… !!"
  • Kaido: "You accomplished all that could possibly be needed. This is going to leave a scar!!"
  • Kaido is going to polish off Zoro with his kanabou. Law assaults him yet he and Zoro are passed up Kaidou's "Raimei Hakke".
  • Kaidou: "It's such a disgrace. In the event that all of you accompany me, we'd have taken the world together!!"
  • Unexpectedly, Kaidou hears Luffy's voice from behind him.
  • Luffy: "With you? We could never need to go with you. We as a whole love "samurai", you know?"
  • We can see a little flashback to when Hyougorou shows Luffy not to simply constrain Haki out, but rather let it stream to his clench hand and into adversary's body.
  • Hyougorou: "Your force will sprout in the hour of emergency!!"
  • Luffy: "My assaults were still excessively shallow… But after taken you kanabou, I now understand."Color of the Supreme King" can be utilized to "cover" yourself too!"
  • Kaidou: "Worororororo… !!It's actual, yet just a modest bunch of individuals can figure out how to do that!!!"
  • Kaidou assaults Luffy again yet Luffy blocks the kanabou with his feet without contacting it. There's parcel of dark thunder coming out from around his feet. Luffy at that point seizes Kaidou with dark lighting around his clench hand. He at that point hits Kaidou's stomach and jawline (without contacting him) until Kaidou hits the ground.
  • Law: "They aren't in any event, contacting… !!" (He utilizes a similar expression Oden said when he saw Roger and Whitebeard conflicted).
  • Luffy: "Zoro, Torao… Thank you for securing me until now.Both of you can go ground floor now!!Tell the other… that regardless of what occurs, I will win!!!"

Source: Redon Piece Chapter 1010 will deliver on April 11 at 12 early afternoon EST and fans can peruse online the manga from the accompanying authority stages.Viz Media/Shonen JumpMangaPlus

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