One Piece Chapter 1004 raw, Full summary in detail: "Kibi Dango"

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February 10, 2021 6:00 PM

One Piece Chapter 1004 rawOne Piece Chapter 1004 raw full synopsis is last, and the manga raws will likewise be out by Thursday. While the fundamental manga synopsis alongside One Piece 1004 spoilers, holes and title was at that point posted, things are currently thoroughly clear. For the individuals who are perusing ahead, the post contains the full synopsis for One Piece Chapter 1004 and subsequently continue forward at your own risk.


One Piece Chapter 1004 raw Full Summary Spoilers

  • One Piece Chapter 1004 Title: "Kibi Dango"
  • In the cover Chopper, a squirrel and a monkey are eating Rumble Ball confections together.
  • The section begins with Speed (the pony Headliner), she's circumventing Onigashima's château offering Dango to the Gifters, saying dangos are an extraordinary recuperation medication from Queen.
  • A little flashback begins. We can see Tama; she needs to go assistance battle at Onigashima. She needs to consider Wanokuni to be Momonosuke as Shogun and she would not like to be ravenous once more. She utilized Speed's boat to go Onigashima, taking Speed, Gazelleman and Daifugou along with her. On the ship, Tama made an immense measure of Kibi Dango.
  • Slice back to introduce. We see Gazelleman and Daifugou going around Onigashima's château and conveying Dango to Gifters as well.
  • Slab to Franky Vs. Sasaki was battling. Franky Shougun fires its "Weapons Left" at Sasaki however the assault doesn't work. Sasaki collides with Franky Shougun however Franky snatches his horns and tosses him.
  • Franky Shougun will fire another weapon, yet the Armored Division dominates it and snatches its mechanical arms and legs. These Gifters are extremely solid; together, they figure out how to keep Franky Shougun still while Sasaki is charging once more.
  • Yet, unexpectedly Usopp, Nami, Tama, and Komachiyo run into the scene, followed by a multitude of Gifters who are presently on their side. Franky utilizes this opportunity to move away, so Sasaki collides with the Armored Division all things considered.
  • Ulti and Page One (following Usopp and Nami) yell that these Gifters have deceived them. Sasaki is confounded on why they double-crossed them. Ulti seizes Komachiyo. However, Nami utilizes her "Thunder Lance=Tempo" to stop Ulti. The assault hits Ulti straightforwardly, and she tumbles to the ground.
One Piece Chapter 1004 raw
  • Nami: "This isn't sufficient to stop her. I need a more grounded thunder."
  • Usopp utilizes "Hissatsu: Kibi Dango Star" to shoot Dango into the Gifters' mouths, transforming Sasaki's Armored Division into their partners. Sasaki is befuddled why his soldiers betrayed him, Franky takes this risk to assault.
  • Franky Shougun utilizes another assault called "Fran Blade: Victory V Flash". With a blade that transmits light, Franky Shougun slashes Sasaki. The assault hits Sasaki straightforwardly, and blood comes out.
  • Slice to Black Maria and Sanji. Sanji crushes all of Black Maria's male subordinates, yet he wouldn't contact the female ones, so Black Maria figures out how to get him in her cobweb.
  • Black Maria advises Sanji to yell for Robin, and her subordinate with eye-checked paper will send his voice everywhere on the stronghold to draw Robin to Black Maria. She says Kaidou requested her to take Nico Robin alive. Robin will be harmed to the point that she can't get away and will keep alive until Kaido wraps up utilizing her.
  • Sanji: "Don't you dare belittle Nico, Robin!!"
  • Back to the Live Stage, Boa Huang reports that one of her covert operatives (a rodent with eye-stamped paper) has discovered the Red Scabbards. They are lying oblivious in a room in the palace's keep. Lord is as yet occupied (we see him accepting the report finally don't know whom he's battling) so he arranges somebody to proceed to murder the samurai right away.
  • Black Maria answers that she will proceed to do it without anyone's help since the room is associated straightforwardly to her floor.
  • Bao Huang: "Pick up the pace, yet be careful! There are "10 individuals" in that room!
  • I can't see plainly because it's excessively dark…
  • however, there's another person in there, attempting to help the samurai."
  • In the room, we see an outline of a baffling individual watching out for Kinemon's injury. The individual is standard size (half of Kinemon's size). We know the side of his/her face and the nose/mouth shape make it seems like that individual is a female (or possibly youthful male).
  • The individual is granulating his/her teeth and seems as though tears dropping from his/her eyes.
  • There is a break one week from now, and it implies One Piece Chapter 1005 will deliver on Sunday, February 28

One Piece Chapter 1004 will deliver authoritatively on Sunday, February 14 at 11 am EST and fans can prepare it from Viz Media, Shonen Jump and MangaPlus official stages.

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