One Piece chapter 1001 spoilers: "Onigashima's decisive monster battle".

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January 12, 2021 6:00 PM

One Piece Chapter 1001 SpoilersWell! Just received words that finally the One Piece chapter 1001 spoilers are here, and this time its pretty real. The chapters title and few of the information has been revealed that are as below mentioned-

Look at my supernova boys, they are at it again making all those hilarious reactive faces. Oda san is at it again making some hell of hilarious faces in just released One Piece chapter 1001 Spoilers.

Chapter is titled - "Onigashima's decisive monster battle".

- Zoro uses Kinemon's fire cutting attack.

- Big Mom has an attack that launches fireballs. There is a joke about it.

- The whole chapter is fighting, So basically the fights would be focused upon Marco and Sanji vs King and Queen, Kaido and Big Mom vs Supernovas, Drake vs Ulti and Page one, so one of my One Piece chapter 1001 spoiler post is actually right about it. (One Piece chapter 1001 Spoilers)

- There's a line about Kid & Luffy doing something, but it's obscure

One Piece Chapter 1001 Spoilers

For like entire 10 days there were many different spoilers were circulating on the internet, but it looks like this time we managed to lay our hands on the genuine ones.One Piece Chapter 1001 Title: “Onigashima’s definitive beast fight”.In the cover, Jinbe is resting on a jellyfish.Kaidou is stunned to see that Luffy’s assault had the option to harm him.Zoro: “So that is the Haki he has been gaining from that old Wano kuni fellow?Kid: “What the heck is that Haki? How could a punching assault neutralize Kaidou!?”Kaidou contemplates internally.Kaidou: “This rascal just totally lost to me some time prior in Kuri.What on the planet occurred since then!?There are a couple of individuals on the planet who can battle against me.Who the damnation does he think he is?”As Kaidou takes a gander at Luffy, he sees the shadows of Roger, Whitebeard, Oden and Rocks behind him (we can’t see Rocks in detail).

Kaidou assaults Luffy with “Raimei Hakke” once more. Luffy peruses the future and evades the assault yet Kaidou is quick to such an extent that Luffy is mostly hit once more. Some blood comes out from his head while Kaidou praises Luffy for having the option to avoid the assault this time.Big Mom assaults Luffy with “Heavenly Fire” before he could get up, however Zoro cut Prometheus down the middle with Kinemon’s “Kitsunebiryuu: Homurasaki” (he says he took it).Kaidou assaults Luffy again however Law utilizes “Shambles” to transport Luffy towards him. Law is irate saying that he planned to save Kinemon without help from anyone else, yet Luffy needed to proceed to state it first, so now it would appear that he’s after Luffy’s requests.Kid derides Law for turning into Luffy’s subordinate and says he couldn’t care less if “little fry” needs to collaborate.Big Mom assaults Luffy, Law and Kid with another method called “Heavenly Bonbon” (天上のボンボン (ヘブンリーボンボン)) where Prometheus lets out 3 little fireballs.Luffy: “So the primary person who contacts that fire is a “little fry”.Law and Kid say they won’t play Luffy’s down. However, when the fireballs approach, every one of them won’t contact them (they all make clever “Huh?!!”faces) thus every one of them get hit by the fireballs.Zoro puts on his handkerchief and says to Killer.Zoro: “Don’t impede me, Kamazou.”Zoro recollects that him from his giggle. Executioner answers him while he readies his sharp edges named “Punisher”.Executioner: “Whenever had these cutting edges in those days, you’d have been dead.”Zoro: “The outcome would in any case be the equivalent.”Zoro and Killer assault Kaidou together. Zoro utilizes “Rengoku Oni Giri” and Killer utilizes “Zanshu Claw” (Beheading Claw). Kaidou appears to take a touch of harm yet grins and praises them.Zoro: “I actually need to deliver a greater amount of Enma’s capacity.”

The 3 chiefs are in a good place again and assault Kaidou together. Kaidou reveals to Big Mom to stand by since he needs to see their capacity in full. Luffy utilizes “Gomu no Kong Gun“, Law utilizes “Takt” to drop huge loads of rocks on Kaidou and Kid utilizes another assault called “Punk Rotten: Punk Vise”, a boss robot with skull face that squashes Kaidou with two hands.Then, Big Mom is snickering from above and transforms Napoleon into a blazing blade. Kaidou rises out of the stones in his monster structure. In an astonishing twofold spread, Kaidou in monster structure and Big Mom with her blazing blade face the 5 Supernova.Kaidou: “it would be a particularly waste to slaughter every one of you. In any case, that would not benefit from outside intervention. After your demise, I will take all your team, your fortunes and all the Poneglyphs that you have! Whoever wins this fight, might be a couple of steps from turning into the Pirate King!!”

One Piece Chapter 1001: Release date

The Chapter would be out, some way around 15th Jan, Sunday. You can read it on Viz Media, Shonen Jump and MangaPlus.

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