One Piece chapter 1001: Did Nico Robin's personality changed after Enies Lobby arc or entering the New World?

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December 29, 2020 6:00 PM

One Piece chapter 1001, is just around the corner and it need no further introduction. But before speculating anything further or go in a guessing game of what's in the One piece chapter 1001, I want to draw your attention towards something that had been speculated and teased in the One Piece Universe for so long. About the prospective of Nico Robin and her potential, since she was first introduced in the One Piece Universe, back during the Whiskey peak Arc, through she reached prominence in Alabasta Arc, where she was one of the main antagonist of the Arc. Lately in the last chapter, we witnessed Big Mom and Kaido having a conversation with each other and it was quite intresting one as well. Big Mom directed Kaido to leave Nico Robin untouched while she doesn't care what Kaido does to rest of the Straw-hats or their allies. As Big Mom knew that Nico Robin is the only person who can read the Poneglyph. Kaido asked Big Mom about the potential of her daughter Pudding, what Big Mom couldn't wait for anytime longer for pudding to awaken her devil fruit ability which will grant her ability to read the Poneglyph.

One Piece 1000: Why Nico Robin is most Dangerous female character in OP?

Well, as a matter of fact Nico Robin over the years have been regarded as the most dangerous female character in OP Universe, if not for the pure strength. Her Hana Hana no Mi, ability further give her an additional weapon to carry on a perfect assassination. You can just understand from this fact that at the age of 13 she had a bounty of 79,000,000 berries, and was even powerful than both Zoro and Luffy at the start of Alabasta Arc. But as a matter of fact, Her character did change after the Enies Lobby Arc because before that she was putting on somewhat of an exterior for the Straw Hats. She had been concealing vast pieces of her life and keeping in mind that this didn't keep her from being cool and gathered Robin we know and love it kept her from genuinely acting naturally. Also Read: Shonen teasing an Epic One Piece Crossover, especially for 1000 chapter Consider it like this, before Enies Lobby; Robin was nearly stuck. She invested every last bit of her energy running and never permitting herself to draw near to anybody. This ruined her self-awareness so that, while her centre character was consistently there, and was unable to bloom into a more advanced rendition of herself as we as a whole should for the duration of our life. Since that weight has been lifted from her shoulders and she has discovered individuals she can be near, she's permitted herself an opportunity to chip away at developing herself. She at last needs to live and live as well as to create.

This is the reason we presently have a Robin who as I would like to think is essential in a way that is better than she used to be. So, what we get after the time skip is essentially the consequence of at long last having the option to develop. The One Piece chapter 1001, might carry some of the insights about the poneglyphs still examine the area of the old weapons, and the street poneglyphs even show the location of Laugh-Tale. Furthermore, a few people, as Luffy and Roger can hear the voices, all things considered, which may move them to search out Robin. What's more, for those pirates who are sufficient, i.e. the Yonko, nothing is preventing them from merely seizing Robin. Since the wide range of various individuals that could peruse it was murdered. They are exceptional because they contain data about the antiquated weapons, the void century and the area of chuckle story where the one-piece is. In One Piece chapter 1001, we might get something more succinct information about the proceedings of the current Wano Arc.[/read_more] Read Next: ONE PIECE CHAPTER 1000: WHY ISN’T USOPP SHOWING HOW STRONG HE REALLY IS SINCE THE TIMESKIP?"

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