One Piece chapter 1000 summary: Mugiwara no Luffy

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December 26, 2020 6:00 PM

One piece chapter 1000 summary

With a bang, Oda sensei launched his legendary One Piece chapter 1000 and, Man Oh Man, what an emotional joyride it is by bringing Ace in the mix.

I mean Oda san knows how much Ace is loved by the OP Universe, that despite his death in the war of summit, he's still able to move fans heart like never before. So without wasting anytime further, Let's quickly wrap the One Piece chapter 1000 summary.

One Piece chapter 1000 Summary: Mugiwara no Luffy

The chapter opens with Luffy thanking Mink tribe for their assistance, as they ask Luffy to run towards the roof without wasting anytime further, as they'll take care of beast pirates on the floor.

Marco keeping his promise of flying Zoro to the roof, flew with Zoro but was being stopped by King and Queen, but with no accolades as Marco alone was proving too much for the Beast Pirates Calamities.

Queen got frustrated as how much strong Marco actually is that despite the fact that King and Queen both are fighting but still they fail to stop him.

Meanwhile, on the other hand Yamato discussd about Oden's Logbook and about Ace. He told Momonosuke that Oden talked about everything in his logbook and that he had predicted that pirates would eventually come and liberate the country. At first instance he thought Ace was the one but after his death, it is now the time.

Yamato also told Momonosuke that Momo was born on the Whitebeard Ship and later on he was taken to Roger's ship.
While he further talked about Ace, as how Ace use to talk about his brother Sabo and Luffy, and how no one dare to laugh at their brother's dream. But Yamato having met with Roger instantly says that she won't laugh, and Ace said the exact words that he has heard by Roger but at that point of time he never knew about the fact that Ace was Roger's son.

He used to constantly go on babbling about his brothers. Yamato also wished to drink with Luffy. Yamato gave away his vivre card to Ace, and told that they'll meet again with the help of that Vivre Card.

The One Piece Chapter 1000 summary further talked about Yamato learning about the death of Ace when Vivre card was consumed, and later on found everthing about the war in mewspapers and also about Ace's Father.

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In next scene Luffy, Law, Kidd, Killer, and Zoro are seen at the top of the roof, in front of Kaido and Big Mom. Both the Yonko chided Luffy and went on with their slur that they dare to say it om their face.

Luffy took one look at the battlefield and found the Nine-Red-Scabbards demolished. They were beaten and battered and were standing at the gates of next world. Luffy asks Law to send them down, and Law shambles them all.

Luffy hits Kaido with his Gomu Gomu no Red Rock which ultinately puts Kaido down, and Luffy stood their and declared in the face of both Kaido and Big Mom that he'll become the -
""King of The Pirates""

The Legendary One Piece Chapter 1000 summary Ends.

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