One Piece: Can Big Mom and Kaido defeat Prime White Beard?

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July 22, 2021 7:00 PM

I assume you mean if they fight individually, because if they fight together there is nobody in the One Piece universe who can solo them. There aren’t even more than a few duos who could beat them lol

Primebeard is a monster. He was widely known as the “Strongest Man in the World”. He was the only one who was able to match Gol D. Roger in battle, aside from Marine Hero Monkey D. Garp (and probably Xebec).

We also saw what an old Whitebeard-who couldn’t use Haki anymore because of illness and had heart attacks during battle (and who was injured already at the begin) did in Marineford, against Akainu.

So with that being said, Kaido and Big Mom are top tiers as well of course, they are both yonkos and if we go by what we have seen in the story so far they are the 2 strongest for sure.

Kaido has the title of “strongest creature on land, sea, air” and people say “if’s it 1v1, Kaido wins” However he was defeated 7 times in his life as a pirate, though we don’t know how, probably they weren’t 1v1 fights. Now let’s just assume he was beaten in 1v1 at least once, then the strongest contaender who would have been able to pull something off like this would have been someone like Primebeard, Roger, Garp or Xebec.

I do think Whitebeard in One Piece Universe might have been one of the people who defeated Kaido, probably when he was still a rookie. Let me explain: We know Kaido wants to die, therefore it’s natural that he searches for strong people who would be able to defeat him. So who is better suited than the “worlds strongest man” and the man who has the power to destroy the world.

We also know that Kaido wanted to stop Whitebeard from going to Marineford. I think he wanted to fight him for a last time, because he knew WB defeated him before already and with his powers he might be the only one who could kill him, at least it was worth a try he thought.

So long story short, yeah Primebeard could defeat Kaido, and might have already defeated him before.

I also scale Primebeard above Big Mom. Even she herself seems to put Whitebeard on a pedestal, above the other yonkos

“even whitebeard”

So yea conclusion:
Primebeard beats Big Mom and Kaido in a 1v1. However I do think it would be a hard fight, at least high difficulty.
After all I don’t think Pirate King level is too far above yonko level.

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