One Piece: Blackbeard Pirates Crew Members, Ranked

For the Blackbeard Pirates, some of the crew members include Catarina Devon, Avalo Pizarro, and Shiryu. Each of these characters have their own individual personalities, which can be fun to watch.

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The Blackbeard Pirates is a pirate crew that is known as the "Devil Fruit Hunters" because of their obsession with stealing Devil Fruit powers. They are led by Admiral Blackbeard and are the most powerful crew in One Piece. In their debut, the group only had five members but later recruited four more members in the Impel Down Arc.

Blackbeard Pirates have been known to use a unique strategy when it comes to recruitment. Instead of simply going to prison and allowing inmates to join their ranks, they've taken the more infamous prisoners and recruited them to their crew.

Although the members of the Blackbeard Pirates have varied backgrounds, they share a common trait - they are all incredibly powerful. Some of their members are also the most ruthless and dangerous criminals. It's possible that their crew didn't realize that some of their inmates managed to escape and join the crew.

1. Blackbeard

Blackbeard Pirates is one of the most powerful pirate crews in One Piece. They have been hunting for Devil Fruit powers all over the Grand Line. These characters are the original roster of Blackbeard's crew.

Blackbeard is the main villain of the series. He has been searching for Devil Fruits and has been stealing their powers. The World Government recognizes his threat.

Blackbeard was once a member of Whitebeard's crew. He died in a sword fight on the shipboard. As a result, he was deemed a Four Emperor.

In addition to Blackbeard, the Blackbeard Pirates is also led by Marshall D. Teach. This character is very evil. Before joining the Blackbeard crew, he was working as a police officer in West Blue. However, after a disagreement with his employer, he left. His plan was to recruit inmates from Impel Down.

Blackbeard also recruited Shiryu. Shiryu was the head jailer of Impel Down. When he was imprisoned, he was temporarily released. During the time in Impel Down, he enjoyed killing and he is very ruthless.

2. Shiryu

Blackbeard Pirates crew-members are well known for their ability user hunters. They are also known for stealing Devil Fruit powers from other pirates. One of their most notable right-hand men is Shiryu. This infamous swordsman is known for his lethal swordsmanship and is also one of the most ruthless pirates in the whole world.

Before joining the crew, Shiryu was a Level Six prisoner, which means he was deemed dangerous. He was released when he met Blackbeard.

After Blackbeard's arrival at Impel Down, Shiryu decided to join the Blackbeard Pirates. His status was cleared by Magellan. Although he is not as strong as Magellan, he was more than capable of dealing with the BB Pirates.

Before being a member of the crew, Shiryu was a head jailer for Impel Down. When he was released from prison, he went out to hunt for Blackbeard. Upon returning to Impel Down, Shiryu helped to recruit new crew-members. These crew-members included San Juan Wolf, Vasco Shot, Catarina Devon, and Avalo Pizarro.

Shiryu's swordsmanship was impressive and the Blackbeard Pirates thought he was a threat. However, Shiryu was a sadistic jailer. The BB Pirates knew he was capable of killing prisoners for fun.

3. Aokiji

The former Marine Admiral Aokiji has been thought to be an ally of Blackbeard. Many One Piece fans wonder if this is true.

In the original series, he was a part of the Whitebeard Pirates. He is a coward and an ambitious individual. However, he is capable of showing off his strength.

After Blackbeard killed his friend Thatch, he stole Dark-Dark Fruit, a power that allows him to control black holes. Later, the crew expands their organization, obtaining prisoners from Impel Down.

The crew's initial members include Jesus Burgess, Lafitte, and Van Augur. They also have a sniper and marksman named Vasco Shot.

The Blackbeard Pirates has a reputation of being ability users hunters. As such, they have a strong and powerful crew that is capable of destroying entire kingdoms.

There are many pirates and criminals who are affiliated with the Blackbeard crew. Some are legendary criminals, including Ikaros Munch, Hordy Jones, Dosun, and Zeo. Others are fishmen, such as Hyouzou, a poisonous blue-ringed octopus-type merman.

Another member of the Blackbeard Pirates is Doc Q. He is a doctor for the crew. His most notable attack is a double-bladed scythe.

4. Lafitte

Laffitte is one of the crew members of Blackbeard. He is the navigator of the gang and has a ruthless personality. In fact, he is one of the most infamous pirates in the series.

Laffitte is a tall, thin man with pale skin and red lips. He is a member of Blackbeard's Pirates and is considered the original Captain of the gang. When he first appears in the series, he is as tall as the rest of the crew.

Laffitte possesses the Devil Fruit. It enables him to transform his arms into wings. He also possesses the ability to hypnotize other people. Although he is usually polite and tries to be nice when warning others, he has a dark side.

He also possesses the power of flight and hypnosis. His favorite candy is Lollypop Candy.

Laffitte has been with Marshall D. Teach since the beginning. Before his stint as captain, he was a sheriff in the West Blue. However, he was banished from his post due to his vile crimes. Nonetheless, he is one of Teach's personal guards.

5. Catarina Devon

Catarina Devon, Blackbeard Pirates' crew-member, is the most vicious female criminal in history. Her ruthlessness and murderous activities made her the best-known female pirate of the Golden Age of Piracy.

In her early years, she was already a notorious pirate before she was recruited by Blackbeard. Her devil fruit called Inu-Inu no Mi allows her to transform into a nine-tailed fox. She is also able to impersonate other people.

Devon is a very powerful pirate and can be considered as one of the Ten Titanic Captains. During her time in Impel Down, she was the strongest female prisoner. But she was also caught by the World Government.

Devon was initially locked up in Level 6 of Impel Down. However, she was rescued by Marshall D. Teach. Later, she was given the name "Crescent Moon Hunter" and promoted to the Captain of the Sixth Ship. This promotion gives her power over the lower-ranking members of her crew.

She was convicted of several heinous crimes. After being imprisoned, she was eventually released and reassigned to Blackbeard's crew.

6. Jesus Burgess

Jesus Burgess is a Blackbeard Pirates crew-member. He's also known as the Champion. The captain of the first ship, Burgess has been incredibly strong.

Jesus Burgess is a powerful fighter. He can use Armament Haki, and Observation Haki. During the tournament, he easily defeated most of his opponents, but he struggled against Sabo. Despite this, he is considered a top contender for Blackbeard's right hand man.

Burgess also has the ability to lift mountains. He can do this with the Paramecia-type Riki Riki no Mi, which significantly increases his strength.

Burgess has also launched houses at his foes. His natural abilities are also enhanced by Armament Haki.

The Blackbeard Pirates has been on the hunt for Devil Fruit powers. They have seized the strongest Logia and Paramecia types. Some of their members have even stolen other types.

Law is another crew-member who has Devil Fruit powers. His Haki is very strong, but he also suffers from diseases. In future arcs, his strength will be changed.

Van Augur is the best marksman among the Blackbeard Pirates. His Wapu Wapu no Mi devil fruit allows him to warp to any location. As a result, he's able to do feats of deadly accuracy.

7. Avalo Pizarro

Blackbeard pirate's crew-members are a group of pirates who have joined forces to hunt powerful Devil Fruit users. They have also been known as Ability User Hunters. Their biggest strength is the ability to steal and use powerful Devil Fruits to enhance their fighting abilities.

Avalo Pizarro is one of the crew-members of the Blackbeard Pirates. He was once the tyrannical king of a kingdom in the North Blue. However, he was overthrown for his despicable ways. After his release, he became a member of the crew.

Avalo has a gangly appearance. His unkempt hair, long horns, and cat-like features set him apart from the rest of the crew. While Avalo has not yet shown his fighting skills, he has a tendency to say "meow" when speaking.

Although the exact details of his criminal past have not been revealed, he is one of the strongest Level 6 prisoners. It is unknown if he has been released from Impel Down.

Avalo's build and canine eyes make him stand out among the other crew-members. Also, his canine teeth and row of jagged teeth make him appear different from the rest of the crew.

8. Vasco Shot

Vasco Shot is a criminal, that is a large member of the Blackbeard Pirates. He wears a jester's hat and a uniform with black horizontal stripes. His nickname is the "Mighty Drinker".

He was once a notorious criminal. Before he was imprisoned, he was one of the most dangerous.

The Blackbeard Pirates is a group of pirates that are known for their brutality. They are also renowned for stealing the powers of the Devil Fruit.

They are assisted by Jesus Burgess, a helmsman and a wrestler. He is considered the best marksman among the crew.

Blackbeard and his crew are able to defeat the Bonney Pirates and subsequently destroy Baltigo Burgess' Vivre Card. Later, they go on to kill Whitebeard.

One Piece: Bon Clay briefly mentions Vasco Shot. During his imprisonment, he was sentenced to death. It is unknown how long he was in jail. However, it is likely that he was imprisoned at Level 6 of Impel Down.

After being released, he joined Blackbeard's crew. Along with the other prisoners, he helped them kill Whitebeard.

9. Doc Q

Doc Q is the Blackbeard Pirates' resident doctor. He is also the captain of the ninth Blackbeard Pirates' ship.

Doc Q has been around since the early Drum Kingdom flashbacks. He is a large man with straight tattoos from the hairline to the corner of his eyes. His nose is long and he has a hangman's noose around his neck.

This devil has superhuman strength and possesses a scythe that is able to pierce through steel. Doc Q's horse, Stronger, is used to help carry him around. But despite his incredible strength, he isn't very well-built.

10. Sanjuan Wolf

Sanjuan Wolf is one of the most powerful giants in One Piece. His height is estimated to be 180 meters. He is a member of the Blackbeard Pirates.

He has a light brown hair and a black beard that cover his face. He has round eyes with dark lines around them.

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