One Piece: Admirals, The Might and Power of Marines

The Admirals have been regarded as the top most authority and formidable force of Marines. So be it Akainu or the defiant Aokiji, let's quickly go run down this list and put more emphasis how each of them stands at this high-octane One Piece world.

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January 5, 2023 6:00 PM

One Piece is a highly popular anime which has gained popularity through many fans all over the world. It follows the adventures of several characters including the main protagonists Ryokyugyu and Fujitora. Other characters include Aokiji, Kizaru, and Admiral Akainu. The plot of the anime is very interesting and is based on a story of war.

Sakazuki Akainu

In One Piece, Admiral Akainu is the strongest marine to have ever been introduced after the Marineford Arc. He is the Fleet Admiral of the Marines. However, he isn't the only formidable Marine.

He is a fanatic when it comes to combat. It's no surprise then that he is one of the most skilled fighters in the One Piece world. He possesses one of the most powerful devil fruits in the series: Magu Magu no mi.

This fruit is capable of producing magma and it has a lot of destructive powers. When it is used by Akainu, it can transform him into a magma dragon. The power of his devil fruit makes him one of the strongest characters in the One Piece universe.

Despite his extreme behavior, it isn't uncommon for him to show some compassion for weaker Marines. For example, he has sent a whole squad of them to kill Zephyr.

Kuzan Aokiji

One Piece is a comic book and manga series. It is based on a fictional universe in which many characters are superhuman and a pirate gang called the Straw Hats lead the charge. The series was originally published by Shueisha, and later collected into 100 volumes.

Aokiji is one of the biggest villains in the series. This non-canonical character played a large role in the development of the Straw Hats. He is also the first enemy to be immortalized in the series.

One of the most important aspects of the One Piece universe is the ubiquity of the Enies Lobby. The Lobby is located on Judicial Island, which sits atop a "never night" island. CP9 is a base in the lobby that is the center of the Global Government's three most important bases.

"Borsalino" Kizaru

Admiral Kizaru is a strong character in One Piece. He is a powerful Marine officer. A strong user of Armament Haki, he is also adept at using Observation Haki. As one of the few active Marines, he is very powerful and aggressive.

Kizaru has a laid-back personality, yet he's incredibly strong. He possesses the ability to move at light speed and to convert his body into light. In addition, he is proficient at shooting laser beams and performing kicks at light speed.

Admiral Kizaru is the only remaining member of the original trio. His demeanor is similar to that of Borsalino. Throughout the series, he's shown little mercy to pirates, though he has been merciless against the Whitebeard Pirates and their allies.

Admiral Kizaru is very strong and ruthless. He's one of the strongest Marine officers. During the Summit War of Marineford, he led a large part of the Marines' effort.


Admiral Fujitora (the Purple Tiger) is one of the more prominent One Piece characters, and is also a good candidate for the "coolest" - and most impressive - character in the series. This character combines the color of observation haki with the ability to control gravity. His signature move, the obelustic, is the use of his haki to make the surroundings heavy - albeit in a good way - which helps his mission of ending the seven warlords of the seas.

In the One Piece series, there are a number of other notable characters, including mermen, dragons, and dwarves. Other noteworthy characters include Trafalgar Law, Sanji, and D. Luffy, and the various members of the Straw Hat Pirates. There are also many lesser known characters in the anime, and a few of them are actually pretty cool.


Admiral Green Bull aka Ryokugyu is a new character introduced in One Piece. He is the second Admiral to follow the philosophy of Absolute Justice.

The Admirals of the Marines are part of the military forces, and they bring pirates to justice. They are also the strongest military force in the World Government.

Ryokugyu is one of the newest admirals to join the World Government. His appearance and personality have been a mystery. This article will attempt to explain some of his characteristics.

Ryokugyu is a powerful character. He can command whole fleets, but he is also extremely lazy. It seems he can bypass the powers of the Logia type users. During the Udon Prison arc, he was able to use the power of the Devil Fruit to defeat an infected King and Queen.

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