One Piece 1057 Spoilers Reddit: Three New Nakaam Joins Strawhats!

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August 12, 2022 7:00 PM

In a unimaginably stunning turn after a few prods that Yamato wouldn’t join the team, there appear to be three new group individuals toward the finish of the impending issue. Assuming this turns out to be the most ideal case for One Piece 1057 Spoilers Reddit, Yamato fans will almost certainly be much more angered that three other group individuals joined, and none were their number one.

One Piece 1057 Spoilers

One Piece 1057 Spoilers

One Piece 1057 spoilers affirm Wano bend’s consummation as issue plays out a recap of circular segment’s critical minutes

As referenced previously, trustworthy sources by the name of Un-amed and Jmena put out the main arrangement of spoiler data for One Piece Chapter 1057 on WorstGen gatherings, which were then gotten by news represents web-based entertainment locales.

The title of the issue is edited in spoilers, however it gives off an impression of being two expressions of four and three letters each. One of the most probable contender for a section title is “Conclusion,” particularly while thinking about the issue’s occasions, yet this is simply hypothesis as of this composition.

The spoilers start by determining that the part is a development to the last four to five pages of the issue. These will see the goodbye of the Straw Hats from Wano, as well as the finish of the Wano bend itself in the wake of four difficult years for fans.



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The Arc purportedly centers around Momonosuke reviewing significant occasions of the curve and giving little talks on the occasions by and large. Fans can expect a few flashbacks of Momo’s underlying gathering with Luffy, his asking the Straw Hats for help beating Kaido in the Mokomo Dukedom, and the Onigashima Raid scene where he gladly expresses his name.

The following piece of the spoilers asserts that the Straw Hats get three more nakama on the Sunny toward the issue’s end. This is an intriguing case, as many breaks all through the week had recommended that Yamato doesn’t wind up joining the group. If so, many fans suspect Jinbe, Wet-Haired Caribou, and either Carrot or Zeus to be viewed as the three new nakama.

The spoilers then leap to the furthest limit of the issue, where Momonosuke is seen talking “with two characters” about a banner as the storyteller says Wano’s fate is presently in their grasp.

Apparently, these “two characters” are obscure in the event that not determined in these spoilers. Be that as it may, this could be a conscious decision by the leakers to stay quiet about certain parts of the issue until further notice.

At last, the One Piece Chapter 1057 spoilers end by saying the drapes close on the circular segment and Wano Act 3, with a supervisor’s remark which says “sentiments are acquired everlastingly.” The spoilers end by indicating that, following four difficult years, the Wano bend is at long last finished.

One Piece 1057 Spoilers Reddit

One Piece Chapter 1057 Release Date.

The next in line One Piece Chapter 1057 is all set to release on 19th August 2022. WSJ is on Break Next week. Stay tuned with us.

Where To Read One Piece Chapter 1056?

Manga One Piece can be read online free of charge and legitimately from sources, for example, Shonen Jump, Viz Media and MangaPlus Platforms.

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