One Piece 1044 Spoilers Reddit: Gomu-Gomu is not what you think, real Devil Fruit revealed!

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March 21, 2022 7:00 PM

There are no doubt left that One Piece is the greatest Shonen Manga to ever exist, and it’s recent One Piece 1044 Spoilers Reddit has just proved that.Chapter 1043 ended with Kaido declaring Luffy’s death, while the body of Luffy started to melt. “Nika” was the only word that Luffy’s smiling body could muster, opening serious debates for reincarnation allegations.As a matter if fact, the One Piece 1043 Spoilers, leaks have arrived high and handsome. You can follow the thread to get the latest updates on the chapter.

One Piece 1044 Spoilers Reddit

One Piece 1044 Spoilers Reddit

The title of the chapter is-“Liberation Warrior”According to One Piece 1044 Spoilers Reddit, the chapter opens with a considerable amount if characters( Sanji, Zoro, Kid, Law and Marco) sensed that Luffy ain’t dead yet.The scene cuts to Mary Geoise, here they are talking about Gomu-Gomu no Devil Fruit. As the WG have tried for 800 years to get their hand on the devil fruit, but have failed to do so.And also Akuna no Mi have further ran away from them.It is also revealed that the Zoan Mythical devil fruit have their own mind to think. It was stated by one if the Elders.A big revelation has also been revealed that Gomu-Gomu no Mi is actually Hito-Hito no Mi fruit(Human-Human) fruit. It is a Mythical devil fruit called “Nika”.In the next panel Hiyori is revealed. She has removed her mask in front of Orochi.Finally, Luffy has awakened his devil fruit and has gone berserk. His new form has reminded his form from thriller bark.Luffy vs Kaido is On. Luffy grabs Kaido, and drags him to the upstairs and attacks him in savage way.Luffy grabs the ground and turns into a rubber to return the Bolo Breath back at Kaido.

One Piece Chapter 1044 Raw Scans

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One Piece Chapter 1044 Release Date

The chapter 1044 of One Piece is scheduled to release on 28th March.

Where To Read One Piece Chapter 1044 Online

One Piece Chapter 1044 can be perused online for nothing and lawfully from sources, for example, Shonen Jump, Viz Media and MangaPlus Platforms.

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