One Piece 1038 Spoilers Theory: Is Gorosei really talking About Zunesha?

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January 17, 2022 6:00 PM

One Piece 1038 Spoilers will be accessible soon, as the manga has postponed it. Therefore, the following three parts will be delivered in succession. As indicated by the latest spoilers, Kaidou versus Luffy was clarified entirely. The fight resumes after Zoro, the King, and the Queen settle their disparities.The last section, Shuron Hakke, uncovers Kaidou's actual powers in his drunken structure. The part starts in the Capital of Flowers, where residents are yet partaking in the celebration even though it will be finished before long. Youngsters and their families composed their desires on paper lights and conveyed them to their ancestors.

One Piece 1038 Spoilers Theory: Is Gorosei really talking About Zunesha?

One Piece 1038 Spoilers Theory

One Piece Spoilers 1038 are still not out. But we will update the page as soon as new spoilers arrive. make sure to follow the page. of all, to dispel the general notion, this last part of Gorosei's story seems to be primarily confirmed to have nothing to do with Zunesha. You can see that there is no live update of the situation around Wano or from CP0 as they "assume" Robin has already been captured. They do not know that Zunesha has appeared. So you are talking about something else.Zunesha is not a Devil Fruit user who transforms into an elephant. How do you know? Oda had already said that the type of Zunesha was the Naitamienorida elephant. This can be found on his Vivre card and in the SBS section of Vol.1. 83, and vice versa, is a reference to Dali's paintings. The big Chonky Boi is a real elephant.For comparison: Jack's life card explicitly shows a fisherman. Chopper's Vivre card states that he is a reindeer, not a raccoon dog.First, the conversation occurs in real-time, as shown in the manga panel below. They don't know that Zunesha is coming because they haven't received any reports yet. Also, there is no dental beetle in front of you. So they don't know that Zunesha is approaching Wano and the government ship.It is also clearly stated that the name of the Devil Fruit has been changed to hide it from the world. Zunesha is never said to have fruit, not the named devil fruit.Well, Zunesha may not be widely known in the world, but Zunesha is not a secret. Jack reached the elephant, and so did his straw hat. People know that elephants and Zunesha exist because there are already some famous pirates from elephants, and some of their races are part of the Big Moms Nation and Crew. So it doesn't make sense to assume that Gorosei is talking about the just-appearing Zunesha.Zunesha is not the mythical elephant revealed above, and perhaps not even the Devil Fruit user.It is worth noting that Zunesha is approaching from behind on the last panel. The shadows in front of them ... are in front of them. I also know that One Piece fans' favourite hobby is coming up with a theory. Try Occam's razor principle here. The simplest explanation here is that it is Onigashima.Marco has seen the shadow before in the manga in the previous chapter, so it's possible that the shadow isn't Onigashima. However, World Government ships are currently only near the coast. It can be inferred from the hills protruding from the water in front of them. So you are near the coast of Wano while Onigashima has already jumped over the mainland of the country and approached the capital.[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="2048"]


Credits: AMANOMOON[/caption]

One Piece Chapter 1038 Read Online

You can peruse One Piece section 1038 online on viz media and mangaplus.

One Piece Chapter 1038 Release Date and Time

Here is One Piece section 1038 delivery date and time.

  • Japan - 01:00 AM, January 30th
  • India - 9:30 PM, January 30th
  • USA/Canada - 10:00 AM, January 30th
  • UK - 4:00 PM, January 30th
  • CES (Europe) - 5:00 PM, January 30th

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