One Piece: 10 Things Ace Would Be Doing If He Were Still Alive

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Luffy’s brother Portgas D. Ace was a beloved pirate in One Piece who died young, but if he’d survived the Paramount War, he’d be keeping himself busy. Portgas D. Ace was one of the only essential characters in Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece and was vital in making the climax of the primary half of the story as significant because it was. Ace was Luffy and Sabo’s brother, and a bit like them had his dreams that he followed to the top.

He began to sea at the age of 17 and quickly made a reputation for himself. Eventually, Ace joined the Whitebeard Pirates and rose to become the Second Division Commander of the crew. Unfortunately, he ended up dying within the Paramount War, but if he were still alive, there is a lot that he’d be up to.

10 Ace Would Be Spearheading The New Age Of Pirates

One Piece: 10 Things Ace Would Be Doing If He Were Still Alive

Portgas D. Ace was one of the foremost vital figures among a subsequent generation of pirates within the world of 1 Piece. As explained by Sengoku, Ace would’ve become strong enough to steer a whole age of pirates if given enough time.

What’s more, within the Wano Country arc, Yamato explained how Ace was the primary of the new generation to form his mark, and therefore the others followed his lead. Knowing that Ace definitely would are at the highest of the pack by now if he’d lived.

9 Ace Would Be Training To Surpass The Pirate King Gol D. Roger

One of Ace’s biggest motivations in life was to surpass his father and achieve the fame that might overshadow even the Pirate King. Ace was undoubtedly on the proper track, but he died before managing to accomplish this task. If Ace were still alive, he’d be training relentlessly to urge stronger and eventually surpass Roger by achieving great things in his life as a pirate.

8 Ace Would Eventually Captain The Whitebeard Pirates


Ace joined the Whitebeard Pirates after losing to their captain, and although he was hesitant to blend in initially, he soon donned the proud skull and crossbones of the legendary Whitebeard on his back.

He rose through the ranks quickly and have become the crew’s Second Division Commander. Eventually, he would’ve been increased to the position of captain as Whitebeard was sick and would’ve died at some point. However, consistent with Sengoku, Whitebeard wanted Ace to become the subsequent Pirate King, confirming that he was preparing Ace for command.

7 Ace Would Be Practicing The Ways Of Haki to urge Stronger

One Piece: 10 Things Ace Would Be Doing If He Were Still Alive

Portgas D. Ace was one among the few people within the One Piece world with the power to use all the Haki types and control them all right.

His fight against Vice-Admiral Draw saw him awaken Armament Haki, and he displayed great control over Conqueror’s Haki when he knocked out Hammond on Fish-Man Island. With longer, Ace’s skills with these Haki types would only have improved and made him a good, more menacing pirate.

6 Ace Would Be Watching Luffy’s Back Very Closely

Very few things in life were more critical to Ace than his goals, and protecting Luffy was one. Ace grew up with him and watched Luffy become more vital right before his eyes. Even when he left on his journey, Ace kept an eye fixed on Luffy’s progress and, given the prospect, jumped to rescue him out of any situation. If he were still alive, Ace would be watching Luffy’s back very closely, defending him from any threat that might do him harm.

5 Ace Would Want to meet Sabo After Learning About His Fate


Ace and Luffy’s brother Sabo was presumed to possess died way back within the story. However, he was rescued by none aside from Monkey D. Dragon. Unfortunately, Sabo suffered from amnesia and thus couldn’t remember anything about his brothers.

Under Dragon’s guidance, he quickly became more robust and was eventually noticed by Ace, as he currently features a 602 million Berry bounty. Ace would begin to sea to satisfy Sabo immediately after discovering the reality of his fate.

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4 Ace Would Eventually Come To Wano For Kaido’s Head


Ace visited Wano Country for years before the present storyline, where he met Otama. Shortly after, he also sailed to Onigashima to free many captives who were kidnapped and saw Yamato, and therefore the two became great friends.

Ace promised to return to Wano Country and free it by defeating Yonko Kaido, but unfortunately, he died before accomplishing this goal. If he were alive, he indeed would have sailed for Wano after becoming more muscular.

3 Ace Would’ve Taken Yamato And Otama to Sea

Portgas D. Ace formed an excellent relationship with both Otama and Yamato. While he deemed the previous to be too young to be taken bent sea at the time, he couldn’t take the latter with him due to the handcuffs that bound him. However, after two years, Ace could have freed Yamato, brought him bent sea, and allowed Otama to hitch his ship as an apprentice of the crew.

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2 Ace Would’ve Aimed For The Position Among The Yonko


Ace chased infamy, and with this goal in mind, he challenged the strongest pirate alive at the time, Edward Newgate, also referred to as Whitebeard. Although Ace joined his crew, he still aimed to realize the greatness within the future and convince the planet that he was more significant than Roger.

Knowing him, he certainly would’ve pushed for an edge among the Yonko if he was alive. Ace would have pulled it off if only he got enough to make himself stronger over the years.

1 Ace Would team together with his Brothers once more


Portgas D. Ace held the bond of his brotherhood with Luffy and Sabo very on the brink of his heart. The three spent their childhood together and exchanged sake cups, fostering brotherhood between them.

If Ace were alive, he would want to ascertain them again and share all the stories of his adventures with them. Luffy and Sabo would’ve been even as curious about telling theirs. Their brotherhood remains a special bond, and fans would have loved to ascertain the three reunite.

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