One Piece: 10 Shonen Anime the Straw Hats Should Crossover With

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January 30, 2021 6:00 PM

One Piece: 10 Shonen Anime the Straw Hats Should Crossover With One Piece is one of the greatest Japanese establishments ever. It's seen achievement in deals, life span, and basic gathering, and its proceeded with run just methods more accomplishment ahead. Being as large all things considered, it just bodes well that it would likewise fall prey to the cherished TV saying/bold advertising plan that is the hybrid scene.   One Piece previously took individuals' breath away with its hybrids with both Toriko and Dragon Ball. Nonetheless, rather than satisfying individuals' preferences, this solitary opened the conduits, as these hybrids would just rouse new and more luxurious thoughts for various anime that One Piece could hybrid with. We should run down the absolute best and most energizing possibilities for the following One Piece hybrid. It's one of those Shonen Anime the Straw Hats Should Crossover With.  TOP 10 POKÉMON ASH USED TOO MUCH NOT TO EVOLVE10 Naruto

To move the undeniable first, fans have been hanging tight for a legitimate hybrid between these two humble adversaries for quite a long time. Eiichiro Oda and Masashi Kishimoto have recognized each other as Shonen equals and even gave each other a fair holler to either's manga when Naruto arrived at its end.   Fans were even vexed when they discovered that Naruto was excluded from the huge hybrid exceptional with Dragon Ball, particularly considering Toriko's restricted accomplishment in its future. As two of the greatest manga of their age and the following, the gathering between these two would be unbelievable.   9 Demon Slayer

While fans have hotly anticipated the pivotal gathering among ninjas and privateers, the iron is in reality lovely hot right now for the Straw Hats to meet a couple of samurai all things being equal. In some other year, it wouldn't be not difficult to consider One Piece and Demon Slayer inside a similar space. Notwithstanding, given Demon Slayer's soaring achievement and One Piece's new jump into old style Japan, there is no better an ideal opportunity for one or the other arrangement to give the other a significant lift. Leave Luffy alone amazed by exemplary Japanese culture. Allow Zoro to conflict with Tanjiro and a couple of evil spirits. Allow Sanji to cook Nezuko some bamboo that she can truly dive into. Right now is an ideal opportunity! It's one of those Shonen Anime the Straw Hats Should Crossover With.   8 Black Clover

While Demon Slayer might be ideal for working with One Piece's present tasteful, that topical evenness can just keep going so long. In the event that One Piece were to hybrid with another Shonen anime, it would be better if the other arrangement fit its fantastical style. What's more, at this moment, there's no better alternative inside Shonen Jump's setup than Black Clover. Black Clover's enormous fantastical world, wizardry powers, and different knights could mix in quite well with One Piece's work of art, privateer experience, and it's really simple to envision Asta and his Black Bulls celebrating really hard with the Straw Hat group.


7 Dr. Stone

To neutralize the grain a piece, there are different alternatives for a hybrid past fitting stylish and topical requirements. While One Piece could work well with a lot of fight anime, there truly aren't a ton of intriguing stories to go from that point. That is the place where Dr. Stone could fill in as a fascinating other option. It happens inside the far off and forlorn fate of this present reality. On the off chance that Senku were to hybrid with the Straw Hats, he could easily reference them as a well known manga from his time and truly let things get intriguing. Senku could investigate the Straw Hats' bizarre innovation and enchantment, while the Straw Hats could be hypnotized by his different science exercises. It's a powerful that can take care of into various character circumstances and would be more noteworthy than Luffy simply battling another Shonen hero—however there's nothing preventing him from punching Senku.   6 Bakuman

While Dr. Stone could make some intriguing memories referring to One Piece as a critical piece of media, such a trick might be all the more pertinent for the mangaka meta-analysis that is Bakuman. In this arrangement, a youthful, yearning couple set out to turn into an acclaimed mangaka that could one day have an arrangement transformed into an anime. While they battled to locate the ideal story to tell, they wound up at chances with a person that could seemingly be called Oda-esque in the manner his untold energy and fervor for the business made him a manga drawing machine. The Bakuman team could stare at the Straw Hat privateers for their monstrous achievement and even investigate their characters and craftsmanship styles for their own utilization. The Straw Hats, then again, could investigate an intriguing present day world that they, at the end of the day, are popular in and utilize that notoriety for their potential benefit. It's one of those Shonen Anime the Straw Hats Should Crossover With.


5 Gintama

Gintama is Shonen Jump's enormous parody arrangement, and it continually references One Piece all through its arrangement. Regardless of whether the characters are kidding about turning into the King of the Pirates or wearing particular One Piece gear, the Odd Jobs pack is a long way from being a One Piece hater. All things considered, One Piece can truly go full power with its senseless and extravagant characters in the event that they were to simply have a decent, droll time with the Gintama team. Here, the Straw Hats could help Odd Jobs search for a feline and simply unleash devastation on Edo, or the Odd Jobs group can join the Straw Hats and the team more lost than Zoro actually could.   4 Rurouni Kenshin

For the individuals who don't have the foggiest idea, Eiichiro Oda had once apprenticed under Rurouni Kenshin and would even utilize his experience with the arrangement to motivate one of his initial one-shots, Monsters. Fans may most straightforwardly perceive the relationship inside Roronoa Zoro and from Monsters' fundamental character, Ryuma, showing up in One Piece's Thriller Bark Arc. To pay tribute to that time and as an incredible method to gain by its present Wano Arc, One Piece could get the renowned Battousai the Slasher for one more samurai experience. It's one of those Shonen Anime the Straw Hats Should Crossover With.


3 Fairy Tail

While Oda may have worked under Rurouni Kenshin, he also has had something reasonable of craftsmen working under him. Perhaps the most popular would need to be Hiro Mashima, the maker of the Shonen, wizarding experience Fairy Tail. Fairy Tail's reality as of now fits the solid, fantastical bill that One Piece can normally find a place with, and Natsu and his enthusiastic disposition, extraordinary appetite, and fire-breathing capacities could have a great deal to discuss with Monkey D. Luffy. In addition, Mashima has scandalously taken a couple of perceptible motivations from Oda that could return cleverly during a hybrid occasion.   2 Boku no Hero Academia   There are a lot of new Shonen arrangement out there that One Piece could either help with its notoriety or give a good yell out similar way that its hybrids with Dragon Ball have. Today, there is no other arrangement in Shonen Jump's setup as large and vivid enough to associate well with One Piece than My Hero Academia. In spite of the fact that MHA takes all the more hefty motivation from Naruto, it could make incredible use with having its Quirk filled characters meet with the Straw Hats' varied cast. Izuku could stare at the Straw Hats' amazing forces, Bakugou could battle with Zoro or Sanji, and Luffy could continually consider Izuku a crybaby. Generally, it would simply be a great gathering of two unique, Shonen ages. It's one of those Shonen Anime the Straw Hats Should Crossover With.


1 Hunter X Hunter

Hunter x Hunter is one of if not the most comparable arrangement to One Piece regarding characters, reason, and extension. Similar as One Piece, its reality is staggeringly enormous and inconceivably characterized at each level, regardless of whether that is in the material science of its sorcery framework, the elements of various associations, or the novel societies of various regions. It's primary characters leave on a gigantic experience to locate an incredible MacGuffin, and its fundamental character is a brilliant looked at blockhead who helps manage different characters en route. It would be fascinating enough to see the various environments between these universes connect with each other. It would simply be absolute fan administration to will see its characters meet, have some good times, and particularly battle with their changing forces. In the event that they were to likewise go on an amazing experience, things would truly take off.


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