Nozel Silva Black Clover: Silver Eagle Squad Captain

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December 28, 2020 6:00 PM

You look just like our mother... I was afraid of losing her again!!- Nozel Silva Black Clover

Nozel Silva Black Clover is an royal and the Clover Kingdom's House Silva's older child, one of its imperial families. He is also the skipper of the Silver Eagle Squad of the Magic Knights and an individual from the Royal Knights.

Nozel Silva Black Clover, is a slim male with a light complexion, slender purple eyes, and little eyebrows. He has pale, silver-white hair worn in an unmistakable style that is incidentally commented upon by different characters. He keeps his hair long and directly at the lower back, the top and upper side bits of his hair are intensely styled and cleared once more into an extended spiky periphery. His long hits are styled into interlace that hangs between his eyes and down to the tip of the nose, where a little House Silva pendant is appended.

Like the remainder of House Silva, Nozel is an egotistical man who trusts himself better than others. Even though he peers down on average citizens and labourers, he accepts his situation as a Magic Knight truly and holds himself and his kin to an exclusive requirement.

At the point when Solid belittles House Vermillion after Fuegoleon is seriously harmed, Nozel calls attention to that they, House Silva, are more awful because they were absent for the fight by any means.

Regardless of his generally haughty conduct, Nozel shows indications of thinking about and regarding individuals near him. He expresses that he will vindicate Fuegoleon after he is harmed, and later laughs at Fana's magic, suggesting that Fuegoleon's flares were far better than hers.

Mercury Magic: Nozel utilizes this enchantment trait to create and control mercury. Nozel can join both offence and protection by openly changing its shape through brisk and exact control of his mana.

Support Magic: Nozel Silva Black Clover utilizes this type of sorcery to expand his actual capacities

Creation Magic: Nozel utilizes this type of sorcery to shape articles and substances from mercury

Improved Endurance: Nozel has enormous degrees of perseverance, as indicated when he stays cognizant and can project spells after being penetrated through the middle by various giant compass needles

Gigantic Magic Power: As an imperial and commander of a Magic Knights Squad, Nozel has a considerable measure of wizardry power, which Asta states to be on a similar level to that of Yami Sukehiro

Grimoire: Nozel has a three-leaf grimoire that contains different mercury-based enchantment spells

Eilia's Booth: Nozel possesses a magic tool that creates a field of Healing Magic

Nozel Silva Black Clover and Fuegoleon Vermillion have been rivals since youth. After the Eye of the Midnight Sun leaves Fuegoleon in an idle state, Nozel pledges to vindicate him.

Nozel shows specific contempt for Noelle Silva and rebukes her for the demise of their mother. His is, notwithstanding, to cover his dread of losing her, who looks so much like their mom, and after seeing Noelle's solidarity and advancement, he is sorry to her for his behavior.

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