Naruto Universe: The cruellest thing a Naruto character has ever done?

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October 21, 2021 7:00 PM

The cruelest thing a Naruto character has ever done in Naruto Universe?

This is genuinely extreme basically because there are so many wrecked things that have happened to characters inside the Naruto universe.

I would regularly say something horrendous that either Danzo or Orochimaru did. However, I feel like that is so cliché in addition to I’ve just composed an answer laying out most of the terrible abominations they’ve submitted.

At that point obviously, there’s how the town treated Naruto.

Furthermore, we additionally have the repulsive torment Itachi exacted on Sasuke. Regardless of the explanation that was not alright. Enough said.

In any case, what I feel like many individuals disregard since he’s not a primary character and because he had quite a faultless 180 change, is the horrible childhood of the unparalleled sitting Kazekage.




This helpless kid.

He attempted to end his life on many occasions as a little fellow, yet the sand wouldn’t permit it.

He’s unquestionably had it similarly as terrible as the two principal characters if not more regrettable.

Envision Every. Single. Day. For quite a long time you need to stroll around with eyes behind your head because your dad has sent innumerable Ninja to come to murder you in your rest, when you’re least anticipating it, repeatedly.

This was Gaaras reality since he was a baby.

His dad, the one who should secure and support him instead caused the restless evenings for Gaara by making him a Jinchuriki in any case voluntarily. His dad abandons him.

And afterwards rebuffs the helpless youngster for something he, when all is said and done, (Kazekage) was answerable for.

The most noticeably awful part is that his dad was Kazekage so how could Gaara look for equity? He proved unable.

He had to encounter this, and there was no chance to get out.

On top of this when Gaara at long last discovers asylum in a man he calls his uncle, and for once appreciates a smidgen of joy and figures out how to confide in somebody, the Kazekage utilizes this for his potential benefit and powers him to attempt to kill Gaara.


Gaara sometime down the road there’s an alternate story from his dad and hears reality that his uncle thought about him however at the time he disclosed to him how he hated him before he took his final gasp. Gaara didn’t know better, and he was just a kid. This was his arrangement. The lone individual he thought about him and the solitary individual he felt about, adored and respected didn’t cherish him at all and loathed him for causing the passing of their sister for essentially being conceived. Gaara thinks this since it’s in a real sense what he lets him know as I recently referenced.

He was killed by a youthful Gaaras hand. Gaara is compelled to present appropriate reparations with the way that he just murdered the solitary individual he thought about.

Now the little fellow has, at last, had enough.

When we meet him at age 11 or so since he was extensively more youthful than the remainder of the Genin he has just slaughtered incalculable individuals and has figured out how to grasp the beast inside.

Gaara had to live a hopeless, evil spirit-like presence.

What’s more, later on, was utilized as a terrible instrument by his town.

No youngster his age ought to have needed to worry about the concerns he did.

Gaara needed to manage this on top of the way that everybody in the town despised and dreaded him.

A similar way Konoha treated Naruto aside from Naruto didn’t have endeavours on his life continually, particularly by his dad.

Naruto didn’t need to stress over unending restless evenings because Kurama would continually keep him conscious of how Shukaku did to Gaara.

Naruto wasn’t given a ravenous hunger for blood and murder how Gaara did from Shukaku.

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What the Kazekage did to Gaara was past barbarous.

Unfortunately in Naruto Universe, Gaara had this childhood and turned his life around to become Kazekage and an extraordinary individual. He merits the same amount of credit as Naruto for turning into the most youthful Kazekage ever and crushing his evil spirits. He wound up, turning out to be regarded and cherished and even ventures to secure similar individuals who dreaded and abhorred him.

Indeed, even as Kazekage and an adult, all he ever needed was decent adolescence. One where he’s cherished by his folks and has companions to play with. This appeared during the Infinite Tsukuyomi. It was so straightforward. This is Gaara’s dream, and it’s all a direct result of the dreadful difficult youth Gaara was exposed to.

Gaara is a genuine Kage. Gaara merits the title more than any other individual. Much the same as Naruto.

There is no reason for the revulsions that kids needed to suffer at an inconceivably young age inside the Naruto universe.


Yet, the sad truth is that this was their existence. They lived in a period of war. This was their life.

Furthermore, a much more troubling truth is that there are kids in our reality who have a surprisingly more dreadful reality. They are living amid war. They live in agony every day.

Sex dealing. Subjection. Vagrants. Precious stone diggers. Youngster warriors. Kid work. In spots like India, Africa, China, North Korea, Russia and even here in the U.S.

Youngsters endure in the large numbers.

This is all genuine. Some youngsters have it more regrettable than Gaara, Naruto, Sasuke or Itachi ever did.

This is the thing that Kishimoto was attempting to show us.

He was giving us a brief look into the torment that kids we would say each day. Furthermore, we felt it. However, can any anyone explain why we can feel for nonexistent characters, yet not genuine individuals? I’ll allow you to respond to that question yourself.

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