My Hero Academia - Why Does All Might Care For Deku?

Typical similarity to All Might is that Deku has a tendency to run into dangerous situations. Like All Might, however, he doesn't understand what the risks are. That's a pity, because he has the potential to be a hero.

Manta Ray
January 6, 2023 6:00 PM

One of the many reasons why I love the anime series Dragon Ball Z is the way that Deku (and Bakugo) are able to overcome their fears. While they aren't always perfect, they are definitely heroes and their courage is what makes them stand out in the midst of a crowd. As a result, I am really looking forward to seeing what happens next!

Deku's tendency to run into danger

In My Hero Academia, Deku has been trained to be a hero. He is a hard-core student, putting his life on the line to save his classmates. Yet, Deku has yet to use his One For All power. While this is the next logical step, it has yet to be executed in practice.

What does this mean for Deku? Does it mean he has an unhealthy notion of what a hero is? Or does it mean he is apathetic to the needs of the villain?

To some extent, it means he has a good analytical mind and knows his heroes well. It also means he can form complicated battle plans in just a few seconds. On top of that, he has a sixth sense.

Deku's obsession with saving the world is obvious, but it doesn't necessarily explain his behavior. He often trains his muscles to extremes without considering how it affects his body and well-being. And he is constantly told he isn't good enough. Despite this, he doesn't question what others do for him. Rather than stepping back and thinking about his actions, he thinks it's their fault he's not a hero.

However, the best superpowers are the ones that match the character's backstory. Izuku Midoriya is no exception. His biggest character trait is empathy. But despite his empathy, he still fights against the big guys.

However, Izuku's enthusiasm about heroes also has a downside. While he does have a strong interest in heroes, he doesn't seem to have a true understanding of the need for heroism. This could result in a hero society that's largely ineffective.

Perhaps it's time for Deku to step back from his self-imposed herodom and try to pass on what he's learned to someone else. Maybe he can help make up for the mistakes of his predecessors.

Bakugo's aims to eclipse All Might

Katsuki Bakugo, one of the protagonist of My Hero Academia, is the student who has a strong desire to become a great hero. However, he has several shortcomings, too. For one, he isn't always humble. He often criticizes himself.

During the first season, Katsuki and Izuku Midoriya are able to work together as allies. They are dedicated to protecting each other. As the series progresses, they are pushed to their limits. This helps the two heroes develop their skills and learn more about each other.

Bakugo possesses an Explosion Quirk that enables him to create explosions using his hands. His Quirk is not natural, however. Therefore, he must constantly train to keep his skills up to date.

When he was a child, Bakugo longed to be a hero like All Might. It was only when he got a chance to watch him in action that he realized he could be a hero himself. Sadly, he was unable to achieve this goal. But he is still determined to be a great hero, so he works endlessly to improve his techniques.

Despite his faults, Bakugo has become a good friend to Izuku Midoriya. Together, they have formed an eternal bond. And they are willing to sacrifice for each other.

In fact, Bakugo is ready to protect Midoriya until the very end. Even though he's not as strong as his friend, he's confident that he can defend him. During their fight, Shigaraki strikes him with a deadly blow. Not only is he injured, but he's also bloodied. Afterwards, Bakugo enters a dreamlike state, thinking about the importance of All Might.

Despite his weaknesses, however, Bakugo is determined to become a hero like All Might. He aims to be the top pro hero in the world. If he succeeds, he may become equal to Endevour or All-Might.

In order to become a hero, Bakugo must also be humble. In fact, he's prone to cockyness when he talks about his abilities. Fortunately, he's getting better.

Bakugo's aspirations of becoming a hero like All Might are admirable. He strives to become the best in the world, but he has to accept that there will be times when he can't. Ultimately, he wants to protect the people of the world.

Endeavor's story arc

When you think of My Hero Academia, there's no doubt that one of the most interesting parts of the series has been the story arc involving flame hero Endeavor. The story arc is complex and interesting. And it ties into one of the most important aspects of a hero's life: his family.

As you might imagine, there are several things that can go wrong in the story arc involving Endeavor. There are threats to his family, his professional career, and his personal life. In addition, he has a son who is also a super dangerous villain. He's also trying to make amends for his past actions and re-build a better future for his family. It's also a chance for him to make a sacrifice for his son.

It's also possible that he'll give up his chance at a cool fight scene and sacrifice his career to save his son. If he does that, however, it's a good bet that he'll be out of the game for a while.

The way that Endeavor deals with his family is intriguing. He's not the most outgoing or warm character, but he's a father who tries to do what's best for his kids. This might be one of the reasons that he doesn't use words when he's around others. His lack of communication might be a sign that he doesn't know how to connect with people. However, his actions indicate that he believes his son isn't strong enough to handle the "out there."

While this is a complicated story arc, it's also one of the most intriguing parts of the series. Hopefully, you'll be able to see it for yourself when the new episode airs in October! I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do! And don't forget to share it with your friends!

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