My Hero Academia Season 7 Anime Series Is Officially Confirmed: Final Arc

The series follows Izuku Midoriya, a young boy who is born without Quirks and aspires to become a hero. One day, he meets All Might, Japan's greatest hero.

Manta Ray
March 22, 2023 3:05 PM

The seventh season of the popular My Hero Academia anime is officially confirmed. The series will return to the airwaves on March 25, 2023.

Paranormal Liberation War Arc

My Hero Academia is a highly popular manga series that has spawned a wide variety of adaptations. It's currently airing Season 6 and officially confirmed season 7 will be coming to a screen near you.

The Paranormal Liberation War Arc is a very important arc for the My Hero Academia story. It brings to light a lot of secrets and skeletons that the heroes have kept from the public for quite some time.

It also opens up a lot of new doors for Kohei Horikoshi to explore. One of the main points that he wants to explore is the way people see heroes.

Even the best heroes will have problems at some point in their lives. They'll break down, injuries pile up, and they'll eventually lose that untouchable status that the Heroes have always held over them.

Joint Training Arc

With season 6 officially confirmed, fans can now begin to anticipate the upcoming release of season 7. It will likely include the Star And Stripe Arc, U.A. Traitor Arc, and possibly the Final War Arc as well.

With the Joint Training Arc, it appears that the students are trying to focus more on learning how to be heroes, rather than just being superheroes themselves. This is especially evident in the fight between Fumikage and Shihai.

During the battle, Shihai notices that Fumikage is fond of black and darkness. He tries to confront him with this, but is quickly knocked away by his Capturing Weapon.

Meta Liberation Army Arc

The Meta Liberation Army Arc is another fan-favorite arc of My Hero Academia that will be adapted into Season 7. This manga arc features the League of Villains and the Meta Liberation Army, which was previously dormant against the regularization of Quirks.

This arc is very dark and edgy, with some of the most brutal villain attacks yet in My Hero Academia. It reveals a lot about the Dark and Troubled Pasts of the League members, showing how they reached a point where joining a group of anarchist villains seemed like the best option.

Tomura Shigaraki flashes back to his childhood, where his father's "no hero talk" policy brought about mental and physical abuse, resulting in resentment against him. Eventually, his resentment and pain led him to the battlefield as the Meta Liberation Army's Grand Commander.

Endeavor Agency Arc

My Hero Academia is an anime series about teenagers training to become pro-heroes at a super-powered school. It boasts a huge cast of students and their Quirks, plus a variety of different villain groups the heroes must fight against.

But it's not just the characters that make My Hero Academia so captivating, it's also the way the series is told. The show splits its story into two distinctive arcs, with the first focusing on Deku, Bakugo and Todoroki as they take a work study placement at Endeavor's hero agency.

The second arc focuses on Tomura Shigaraki, a major villain in the series who is now the head of the League of Villains. This arc is the darkest and most morally complex in My Hero Academia history, and it introduces some very interesting elements into the narrative.

Final War Arc

The Final War Arc is an important arc that will likely feature a significant number of episodes, with the manga’s climax set to occur around 2024. As a rule, My Hero Academia has always animated up through Chapter 258 of the manga before beginning to adapt any other storylines, so fans have been expecting this arc for some time now.

While the upcoming arc won’t be directly tied to any of the other major battles, it will feature some important twists that could have an effect on the overall fight. For example, the Class 1-A students have a personal stake in this fight since Midnight is still being fended off by Heroes like Mudman, Emily, Rule, Grape Juice, Red Riot, Pinky, and others.

Another key front in this arc is Kurogiri’s prison at Central Hospital, where Spinner and Present Mic are leading Paranormal Liberation Front soldiers and Mutant Quirk Civilians in a raid to free him. Meanwhile, Himiko Toga is fighting Uravity and Froppy on Okuto Island with some High-End Nomus.

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