My Hero Academia Goes on a Hiatus As the Creator Suffers a Health Scare

My Hero Academia is a series about a world where 80% of the population is born with different types of quirks (superpowers). It tells the story of Izuku Midoriya who wants to be a hero more than anything, but he hasn't got an ounce of power in him.

Manta Ray
January 31, 2023 6:00 PM

The creator of My Hero Academia has taken a health-related hiatus in the middle of the series' latest story arc. While the manga is still coming out weekly, Horikoshi will be taking a two-week break from releasing new chapters.

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The My Hero Academia manga is on a hiatus as the creator suffers a health scare. The manga will not release its third 2023 chapter in Weekly Shonen Jump this week and it will return in the fourth/fifth 2023 issue on December 26.

Kohei Horikoshi launched the series in 2014 with Weekly Shonen Jump and it has been ongoing ever since, both in Japan and in North America via Viz Media. The manga is currently in its War Arc, a story arc that sees the Heroes of U.A. College trying to stop the nefarious machinations of the Paranormal Liberation Front.

The manga's previous chapter threw a lot of focus on Toga, who wreaked havoc by using her Quirk to create infinite clones of herself. This means that it's likely that everyone on the villain side will be able to assemble at one point, which would allow them to launch an all-out offensive against the Heroes. This is sure to be a huge climax and fans can't wait for My Hero Academia 376!

While it’s not surprising that an author would want to take some time away from his work, it’s still a major concern. When manga creators are in charge of the merchandising and anime rights for their series, it can be easy for them to get so wrapped up in the creative process that they neglect their own well-being.

This is especially true for the manga’s latest arc, which has been taking a significant toll on all the heroes. This arc has taken on a more intense tone than the previous ones, and it’s not clear when Horikoshi will be ready to wrap up his story.


The manga series My Hero Academia has gone on a hiatus as the creator suffers a health scare. The manga has gone on a few breaks over the past few years, but now it seems as though the story is going to be halted entirely until Horikoshi’s health improves.

In a recent video on Twitter, Kohei Horikoshi announced that he is taking a break from the manga to focus on other projects. This move comes as a shock to fans and readers of the series, who are hoping that the creator will be able to complete his work before it reaches its end.

The work of a manga artist can be very stressful and physically taxing, especially if they have to draw for long periods of time. This can lead to problems like cramps, repetitive strain injury (RSI), and other physical ailments.

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The creator of the popular manga series My Hero Academia is reportedly going on a hiatus as he suffers a health scare. While this is not an entirely unexpected development for an artist working on one of the most popular Shonen series in recent history, fans are hoping that Horikoshi will be able to come back to work with no additional delays.

My Hero Academia follows the story of aspiring heroes living in a world where superpowers are very common. While this is a great way to promote diversity in our society, it also means that people are constantly fighting for their rights against villains who are looking to tear down this multiracial world.

The series features a number of different characters, some of whom are very familiar to anime and manga readers. It also has a strong storyline, which has been well-developed throughout the series’ six seasons. Hopefully, this will continue to be the case in Season 6!

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