My Hero Academia Chapter 364 Spoilers: Revival Of Bakugo Begans By Edgeshot!

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August 24, 2022 7:00 PM

Chapter 363 more like confirmed the worst fears of Bakugo fans, as Best Jeanist Feeled the pulse of His side-kick but found nil. Dabi is back from the dead and Shoto can’t believe that his brother is still fighting. Hori certainly giving Dabi all his prefremce. The next in line My Hero Academia Chapter 364 Spoilers would give more insight omnm Bakugo, Dabi and most probably Midoriya is fast on his way.

The panels and fight would also shift to other characters. Let’s quickly analyze how things stand at the moment.

My Hero Academia Chapter 364 Spoilers Reddit

The My Hero Academia Chapter 364 Spoilers Reddit are here-

  • The title of the Chapter 364: What Makes you Use Your Power #MHA364
  • The chapter begins with a flashback of the doctor explaining that the bullets Shigaraki stole from the Hassaikai were made based on a person’s quirk and that it kind of confirms the Quirks Doomsday theory. He would then proceed with his researches to extract it.
My Hero Academia Chapter 364 Spoilers
  • All of this was contained in a recording left along with his new mark, which All for One collected as soon as he left Tartarus. The next page shows him full restored, say.
  • Tokoyami realizes right away that it has something to do with Eri and Hawks notices that he is going down to where the other heroes are, so he follows him. But he’s not fast enough: All for One has stolen the clothes of one hero and the quirk of another one.
  • All for One says that using Rewind is his final play, because his body will eventually disappear. But he is not bothered by this, because the baton has already been passed to Shigaraki. What he has to do is finish off as many heroes as possible.
  • Cut to Washington D.C. and we see that General Aghpar is talking to the president. He says that they need to take the opportunity to finish off Shigaraki. Outside there are protests and destruction, including a sign that says “We Are All For One”.
  • The president says that America is also in danger and that the Quirk Research Centers said Shigaraki is invincible, so he imagines that a political conflict will now begin in which the leaders of the first-world countries will fight for Tomura’s trust.
  • Aghpar tries to argue, saying that he won’t stop after he starts taking away freedoms. But the president says that they have tried everything they had. When it seems like the discussion is about to end, Aghpar shouts “THAT MONSTER CANNOT EXIST IN OUR FUTURE!!!!”.
  • Aghpar shows the picture of little Star and asks if he understands why she accepted death. It was because she wanted to see today’s youth becoming adults, and because it is the role of the adults to support the new generation +.
  • As he says this, we see All Might reaching out to Star and Stripe, who reaches out towards the future. It’s a very beautiful page.
  • The speech ends by saying that this is why heroes use their powers. The focus shifts to U.A and we see Edgeshot. He says that he already has experience in entering people’s bodies and that it’s too soon to give up. He extends thinned parts of his body onto Bakugou’s chest.
  • He asks Miruko to hold Shigaraki in the meantime, even if she dies in the process, and says that he will not accept this death, that they cannot let this stopped heart lead to the end of a life. He will make up for the parts that were los.
  • Best Jeanist understands what that means and says that he will not be able to come back. Edgeshot responds with, “I know. So I’ll leave the rest to you, Class President Hakamada.” We see a picture showing the two of them as a students.
  • The final double-page spread shows Edgeshot’s full face. He says he will become the heart of Bakugou and prepares to use his supreme ninpou. End of chapter.
  • Horikoshi’s comment in this week’s Jump: “It would be awesome if we got all the nutrients we need just by eating Hakata Torimons”
My Hero Academia Chapter 364 Spoilers

My Hero Academia Chapter 363 Recap

The title of the Chapter 363: The ones who defend and the ones who attack

The chapter begins with Monoma thinking back to Bakugou’s fighting during joint training, when he said he wanted a perfect win. He can’t believe what he’s seeing, he screams that it can’t be true. Jeanist is next do Bakugou and confirms he has no pulse.


My Hero Academia Chapter 364 Spoilers

Mirio remembers when he said they would protect everyone until Deku gets there. He’s extremely frustrated. TomurAFO says that now he’s dead for good. He taunts Eraser saying he gave his student to much credit and stood on the bascksit, that’s why he’s disappointed on him

TomurAFO asks who wants to be Midoriya’s new present and we see he’s grabbed Miruko. She says she should’ve killed him way back at the lab. But she’s not depressed, quite the contrary. She’s angry and biting off Tomura’s fingers.

My Hero Academia Chapter 364 Spoilers


It cuts back to Kamino and we see Dabi’s still alive and kicking. He risked it all at the last second and tried copying Shouto’s new technique. As a result, he has resisted it and is now burning Kidou and Onima, they’re seriously injured. Burnin’ tells Shouto to run. He has that “X” fire effect on his chest too (edited)

Shouto says he underestimated Touya thinking he had only raw strength. He has polished his quirk by himself for all these years, so he has a very polished control over his power Dabi shows “Skeptic!” and a voice starts coming from a device at that giant Noumu’s back

As of now Skeptic calls Touya a daddy’s boy and says he’s too busy to respond, but if he’s asking about Endeavor’s location, he’s fighting AFO on Gunga Mountain We see TomurAFO again and he says they shouldn’t have give the villains time to prepare, they should’ve rushed like Deku wanted.


Meanwhile, Skeptic is controlling a satellite and keeping track of everyone’s location. He’s apparently communicating directly to many of the villains too. While many other companies were leaving Japan, he was dedicating himself to spreading Redestro’s words

The communication in the command room where All Might is at has been hacked by Skeptic, that’s why Mandalay wasn’t able to hear from Deku. The last thing we see from his is that he has an inside map of all the escape routes beneath U.A, and he’s started moving something

We see a glimpse of the shelters where the civilians are. The Todoroki family is watching as the Masegaki teacher tells her students to behave, but they are sure Five Pee Pee Man, Bakugou and the rest will win. But AFO’s spies are there too, holding their phones.

The last spread takes us back to Gunga. AFO says he heard that at the last war the villains were taken by surprise, but not this time. Now they are the one attacking and the heroes have to defend theirselves. They’re one step closer to their dream. We see his face.

My Hero Academia Chapter 364 Release Date

As indicated by the reports the My Hero Academia Chapter 363 Release Date is scheduled to be released on 24th August, 2022.

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