My Hero Academia Chapter 364 Raw Scans: Edgeshot Tries To Revive Bakugo!

My Hero Academia Chapter 364 Raw Scans would be out this week. The storyline would most probably shift to what’s happening in Kamino, as the storyline around Bakugou is little messed up. And we also need some breather to set things right for Hori.

It’s still time for Deku to reach the mainland and unleash his Fury on TomuraAFO upon finding what happened to his dearest friend-cum-rival. Let’s hope for the best.

My Hero Academia Chapter 364 Raw

My Hero Academia Chapter 364 Raw Scanss

The My Hero Academia Chapter 364 Raw Scans are here-

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#MHASpoilers #MHA364 #bnha364

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My Hero Academia Chapter 364 Spoilers

Few of the spoilers are here, as per the scans that have arrived-

  • The title of the Chapter 364: What Makes you Use Your Power #MHA364
  • The chapter begins with a flashback of the doctor explaining that the bullets Shigaraki stole from the Hassaikai were made based on a person’s quirk and that it kind of confirms the Quirks Doomsday theory. He would then proceed with his researches to extract it.
  • All of this was contained in a recording left along with his new mark, which All for One collected as soon as he left Tartarus. The next page shows him full restored, say.
  • Tokoyami Shows Up, and he instatnly knows it relates Eri,
  • American President shows up, America is in danger as well.

My Hero Academia Chapter 363 Recap

This week in My Hero Academia, the heroes are faced with a new adversary, Sceptic. His recent hacking spree has severely disrupted the heroes’ communication network. The villain of the episode will be the focus of the next several paragraphs. Meanwhile, Dabi is still in top fighting condition and AFO’s face has begun to heal. This week’s chapter will also tackle the villain’s newest weapon, the Axel.

My Hero Academia Chapter 364 Raw

The title of this week’s chapter is “The ones who defend and attack.” This episode starts off with a cut to Monoma and her friend Bakugo, who are fighting in a joint training session. Monoma will not believe Bakugo’s condition, but Jeanist will confirm that the thief is indeed dead. Mirio, who has been cursed by Shigaraki for his inaction, arrives on the scene and confirms that Bakugo’s pulse is not beating.

My Hero Academia Chapter 363 summary reveals that Skeptic has been hacking into All Might’s control center and is coordinating their attacks through the satellite. He also appears to be experimenting with a civilian escape route under U.A. as a means to regain control over the U.A. As the series reaches its end, the story moves on to Kamino. During the final battle, Dabi successfully copies Shoto’s internalizing fire technique, and Kamino will defeat Shigaraki.

My Hero Academia Chapter 364 Release Date

As indicated by the reports the My Hero Academia Chapter 364 Release Date is scheduled to be released on 24th August, 2022.

Read My Hero Academia Chapter 364 Online

You can visit Viz media’s My Hero Academia site, Manga-Up with Shonen Jump, and Mangaplus.

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