My Hero Academia Chapter 358 Spoilers Reddit: Bakugo Breaks Through!

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June 29, 2022 7:00 PM

My Hero Academia Chapter 358 Spoilers are here-

Well this chapter 357 is one of the best till date. Fans already like AFO as a villain, but this chapter really cemented him as one of the best villains in shonen mangas imo.

But my only concern is that if he is fully back to his previous state before AM wrecked him, then who will stop him ? I can’t help but think that Shigaraki and Deku will team up against him somehow.

My Hero Academia Chapter 358 Spoilers

The My hero academia chapter 358 spoilers are here-

Chapter 358: The Man Who Improved Just a Little

The chapter begins with Shigaraki surfing on the millions of fingers and hands that are coming out of him. He asks if the heroes will just keep running away and we see Suneater getting hit hard by one of the hands. Nejire shouts his name, but then immediately releases a wave to block the attack coming her way. Best Jeanist is also surfing on one of his wires and says that everyone needs to keep moving because if they stop for even 1 second they will be swallowed. They need to find Shigaraki’s body as fast as possible.

My Hero Academia Chapter 358 Spoilers


Edgeshot uses one of his ninpous to bypass a huge mass of fingers and destroy it. He says he still doesn’t believe that this is all just a function of Shigaraki’s body, without the influence of any quirk. This is when Tomura/AFO begins a monologue (the pronoun used is “boku”, which implies that AFO is in control). He says that as the All for One quirk stabilizes in Tomura’s body, the other multiple quirk contained within it also begin to adapt to this new environment, causing the body to take on a more suitable form. This body and this power then become things over which All for One has complete control. He then says that having control over something is ideal, that the rest of the world is falling apart because the elements that make it up are losing its established shape and becoming more confusing as time goes on. Differences that are too big lead to a lack of understanding, and this lack of understanding results in fear and rejection. As he says this, it zooms in Bakugou’s face.


Therefore, the solution is to let All for One dominate everything. In the world he will create, all people will be equally exploited, so in a way it’s the closest thing to the peaceful world the heroes want. Bakugou is furious that he doesn’t know if it’s All for One or Shigaraki speaking, but that regardless of who it is, he can’t stand to hear those two talk since Kamino. All this time running was enough to prepare the equipment that the support course made for him: Heavy-Mobile-Compact Artillery: Strafing Panzer. As the name suggests, several guns come out of Bakugou’s back and he starts shooting wildly, saying that he and the other heroes will obliterate his body.


Bakugou starts thinking about everyone who is giving it their all at this point. Monoma and Aizawa are using Erasure to seal out Shigaraki’s quirks, Kaminari and the others are keeping the arena running, and Yaoyorozu and co. are making sure the arena floor is always there. He then remembers the words of All for One, “lack of understanding result in fear and rejection,” as he thinks back to the time Midoriya saved him from the sludge villain. He says that he accepted the differences, his own ignorance, and his fear long ago. All of this was necessary for him to take the next step, which was only possible because he knows a bunch of guys that are always moving forward, no matter how difficult or how long it takes. He calls Tomura/AFO a nutsack of fingers and says that all this talk is unnecessary. Best Jeanist is very impressed and calls him by his hero name. The chapter closes with Bakugou getting close to Shigaraki and starting to use his newest move: Howitzer Impact Cluster!!!

My Hero Academia Chapter 358 Spoilers

My Hero Academia Chapter 357 Recap

The chapter begins with All for One protecting himself from Endeavor’s attack with a force field quirk. He says that was a close one, and even though he had already seen it coming, he can’t help but remember his first fight against All Might. He says that a wounded hero is the scariest thing there is, and we see a full page showing an enraged Endeavor, concentrating fire where his right arm should be.


Further he then moves forward and appears right in front of All for One. Then he is confused by this sudden speed, which was courtesy of Hawks. He sent in some feathers to propel Endeavor, as they did in their fight against High End. Endeavor then forms a huge fist and hits All for One with Vanishing Jet Burn.

All for One is thrown to the ground and the heroes below are confused by the impact of the fire, because the plan said that Endeavor would deal with him in the air. Hawks asks why he didn’t use Prominence Burn and Endeavor says that All for One had focused on defense by activating the force field, and Prominence Burn is too valuable a resource to be used in such a risky way. Hawks is surprised by Endeavor’s reasoning and says he’s cooled off, but Enji says he’s mad as ever.

My Hero Academia Chapter 358 Spoilers


Kamui sees that it is AFO that is down there and immediately grabs the other heroes so that they can escape. They are outraged because they thought it was their chance to team up to finish him off, but it’s at this point that Endeavor comes down with another attack.

Kamui says that they need to make room for him and Endeavor manages to break the force field.

Endeavor begins dragging All for One along the ground for a long distance. All for One says he can’t move properly without the mask and tries to touch Endeavor to steal his quirk, but he shoots fire out of his eyes before AFO can make contact.

He says that these hands only exist to destroy the future of others, All for One tries to retort saying that Endeavor’s hands do the exact same thing and he agrees. Endeavor’s narration then begins, with him saying that the past cannot be erased.

My Hero Academia Chapter 358 Spoilers


All the anger, resentment, and punishment will accompany him into his future, a future that must be crossed by the next generation. He must win this battle to ensure that the young ones will be able to choose the path they want and not repeat the mistakes of the adults.

This is when we see a panel showing some of the grown-up students, and then Endeavor says that he accepts to continue being punished, as long as he gets out alive. Because after winning this fight, he still needs to take care of Touya.

The narration closes with Endeavor saying that he will continue to hate himself, while using Prominence Burn at full power.

After the attack, All for One seems to have been reduced to ashes. Endeavor confirms that he had no regeneration whatsoever, and even if he is hiding one, his body is not as resistant as Shigaraki’s was in the previous war. One attack like that was more than enough, he’s dead— that’s what Endeavor thinks, but Hawks yells at him to get away from the body.

All for One starts talking again, asking if the heroes really thought that he had gone into this battle without setting up any schemes. This body is already disposable, so he wanted to use it to test something would work.

My Hero Academia Chapter 358 Spoilers


At this moment we see Eri, in a panel full of capsules that resemble the anti-quirk bullets (it’s just symbolism, she’s fine, still at U.A). “Putting your own body at risk is what you guys do, isn’t it?” As he asks this, an eye and an ear begin to grow from the charred body of All for One. The narration from the beginning of the chapter continues: “but villains are also even scarier when they are injured.”

The focus shifts to the ocean. Yoichi, the first OFA user, senses something strange and alerts Deku. However, at that same moment, he realizes that multiple somethings (or someones) are coming towards him. End of chapter.

My Hero Academia Chapter 358 Release Date

As indicated by the reports, the My Hero Academia Chapter 358 Release Date is set to release on 1st July, 2022.

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