My Hero Academia Chapter 354 Spoilers Reddit: Hawks and Endeavour Takes on AFO

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May 25, 2022 7:00 PM

My Hero Academia Chapter 354 Spoilers are not here, but they would be updated here as soon as possible.

It seems like Shoto and Dabi have spent everything they had in the battle. Shoto’s New moves caused havoc and managed to overpower his older brother Touya which surprised enemies and allies to the same.

As for now the battle between Shoto and Dabi is over, with Dabi surviving the colossal battle.

But there are still many speculations stating, Dabi is not done for now. My hero Academia Chapter 354 Spoilers, leaks would throw light onto this.

My Hero Academia Chapter 354 Spoilers

My Hero Academia Chapter 354 Spoilers

Next in line My Hero Academia Chapter 354 spoilers are here-


Using Google Translate:

Okay, first we start with Hawks and Best Jeanist talking about All For One’s weakness, which is his mask.

They were able to get that information thanks to the records that Stain stole from the Tartarus prison, so they know that All For One needs a breathing mask in order to stay alive.

So, based on that information, Hawks and Best Jeanist decided to gather a small group of heroes with great offensive power in order to consecutively attack All For One’s mask.


Further in My Hero Academia Chapter 354 spoilers, back in the present, Endeavor and Hawks charge forward, while All For One attacks them with air slashes.

HoweverEndeavor blocks the attacks with an Infernal Curtain, giving Hawks a chance to fire feathers at All For One.

Faced with such an attack, All For One realizes Hawks’ intentions, so he quickly blocks the feathers.

Just then, Hawks tries to attack All For One again, but he uses a goo that comes out of his finger to stop him.

Endeavor joins the attack, and when All For One sees him, he realizes that his attacks are not in sync with Hawks’s, so he says it out loud so they can hear him.

It is a clear way that All For One is making fun of their attacks and that, in addition, he already knows what they have planned.


Faced with such a situation, Endeavor gets even angrier, but Hawks exclaims to him not to listen to him and asks him to remember what happened to All Might when he fell for those provocations.

At that moment, All For One says that he has been keeping an eye on the outcome of Endeavor’s quest for power for a long time, since he knew that he is the type of person who does not miss the opportunity to plant a seed when he finds a good one. ground.

And the moment he finishes saying that, he asks Endeavor, “You didn’t find Toya’s body that day, did you?”

Hearing that, Endeavor doesn’t know how to react, and seeing him, Hawks asks him to keep a cool head so he can destroy All For One’s mask; however, it is already too late.


Just before Endeavor reacts, All For One impales his torso with his right arm, which has taken on a monstrous form (it has a mouth and spikes on its sides).

Right here. You’ve let your guard down,” says All For One.

Quickly, Hawks tries to help Endeavor, but All For One prepares to attack him.

Jiro rides Tokoyami in Battle


Suddenly, Jiro arrives riding Tokoyami and attacks All For One. And seeing them, Hawks asks them to run away, because if they don’t, they will die.

However, Tokoyami ignores Hawks’ warning and tells him that he will stay to synchronize his attacks with his.


At that moment, All For One tells Jiro and Tokoyami that they are insects and that, according to the comic that he read with his brother in the past, the secondary characters are always killed by the Demon King.

However, Jiro tells her to save her comments for when he is defeated.

My Hero Academia Chapter 353 Recap

In the last part, Shoto reviewed how Class A has consistently given him consolation and a feeling of safety.

Willing to assist his brother with accomplishing a similar feeling of having a place. Shoto released his definitive move, “Great Glacial Aegir,” and froze the whole scene, including the two of them.


My Hero Academia Chapter 353 starts with Dabi and Shoto inclining toward one another, both still cognizant. Burnin’ reports to everybody in Kamino that Dabi has been confined.

The heroes get ready to battle the Nomu that is as yet remaining while at the same time being appreciative that they didn’t need to manage Kuneida or Gashly, two hazardous escapees from Tartarus.


All Might reports Shoto’s triumph to all war zones while believing that they are at last on target notwithstanding a premature move.

My Hero Academia Chapter 353 proceeds to show the response of Shoto’s partners to this information, with Bakugo remarking that this was expected.

At another area, Takoba National Stadium, Sero, Satou, Tsuburuba, and Ojiro are seen battling somebody obscure as they hear the news.


At the vestiges of Jaku Hospital, Ashido, Mineta, Kodai, Yanagi, and Honenuki are helping Mount Lady in battling the miscreants.

Gigantomachia is likewise detained there, and the miscreant who killed Midnight is additionally present. Kirishima shows up close to Mina and reports that the departure has been effectively completed.

Back in the parking area, Aoyama and Fat Gum are encircled by blossoms as they face Kuneida.

Kuneida finds that the antiheroes were isolated in view of their similarity with their particular hero and that the individuals who fit no place were left in the stopping lot.

He is uncovered to be the most current employed firearm after Dictator and cautions Aoyama that each antagonist out there will probably attempt to kill him for his disloyalty.

My Hero Academia Chapter 354 Spoilers


My Hero Academia Chapter 353 movements to Central Hospital, where Present Mic and Shoji are attempting to battle a monster Spinner.

Shoji is delighted to realize that Shoto has succeeded, while Spinner won’t really accept that that not entirely settled as Dabi can lose.

He recollects that Dabi rejected AFO’s proposal of another Quirk while Spinner himself capitulated to allurement. Spinner is seen telling every one of the freak troopers from the PLF.

Back in Kamino, Shoto apologizes to Iida for going overboard however is consoled that he got along admirably.

While Dabi considers how he is as yet alive, the panel show that pieces of his body are probably beginning to recuperate, with a silver light before his chest.


My Hero Academia Chapter 353 cuts to the Gunga Mountains, where Endeavor responds regretfully in the wake of finding out about his children.

AFO insults the fire legend by saying that he is attempting to persuade himself that passing on the battle to his children was the correct thing to do.

AFO accepts that the Hero will lose in light of the fact that they have such a great amount to secure. As he broadens his hand, a few things rise out of his fingers, including dark smoke, fire, and thistles.

My Hero Academia Chapter 354 Release Date

As indicated by the reports, the My Hero Academia Chapter 354 Release Date is set to release on May 27th.

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