My Hero Academia Chapter 353 Spoilers Reddit: Dabi vs Shoto- Dabi Defeated and Detained.

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May 19, 2022 7:00 PM

The battle between Shoto and Dabi is nearing to its culmination. But, there are a few inquiries concerning what Shoto’s two new actions involve, which have not been explained in the chapter. The discourse among Shoto and Dabi is powerful too, and My Hero Academia Chapter 353 Spoilers Reddit to totally grasp their dynamic and answer the query of readers.

My Hero Academia Chapter 353 Spoilers

My Hero Academia Chapter 353 Spoilers

The my hero academia chapter 353 spoilers are here-

And it happened! Dabi is defeated and detained by the heroes. Everyone on the kamino island are thrilled to hear the news that Shoto had finally defeated his brother Dabi.

All might is in tears as he witnessed this mayhem unfold in TV. He is glad that despite Midoriya wrongly sent to island, the tides are in their favour.


The chapter begins with Burnin’ reporting on her communicator that Dabi has been detained. Upon receiving this news, all the heroes on Kamino celebrate and praise Shouto for being able to defeat the blue flames.

They understand that they need to be up to the task and defeat the Noumu that’s still standing, so they all continue attacking.

These heroes comment that they are currently into one of the luckiest blocks, because they were not sent to the same place as Kunieda, Gashly or other dangerous escapees from Tartarus.

All Might is watching the battle in the broadcasting room, almost in tears. He says that even with Deku being sent to the wrong place, the tide is in their favor and announces to all the battlefields that Shouto Todoroki has defeated Dabi.


We then see a new location: the ruins of the Jaku hospital, where Gigantomachia is imprisoned. It is there where Ashido, Mineta, Kodai, Yanagi and Honenuki are, and they are happy with the news.

Mt. Lady is also there and stomps on some villains while saying that she was worried about Shouto, but that in the end he showed what he is capable of.

The villains didn’t expect the heroes to intercept their strategy and suddenly appear there, and it’s at this moment that we see the Liberation Front member who killed Midnight.

He says that although the plan has been foiled, the heroes are just wasting human resources for nothing. This is the time for liberation and those who try to interfere will be trampled on, like that U.A. teacher.

Right after he says this, Ashido turns her gaze and Kirishima appears at her side. He apologizes for the delay and says that the evacuation has been successfully completed and now it’s time for them to protect this spot with everything they got, just like Todoroki did.


Another new battleground is Takoba National Stadium, where the students took their provisional license exam. In it are Ojiro, Satou, Tsuburaba and Sero, who appears to be worried about something. We see a few panels showing the flying U.A. as well, with Bakugou smiling and saying that it was obvious that Shouto would win.

The focus shifts to the parking lot where it all started, with Fat Gum and Aoyama surrounded by flowers. They are facing Kunieda, the fugitive from Tartarus mentioned at the beginning of the chapter, who analyzes their strategy. He says that they separated the villains based on compatibility with each hero’s quirks, and the ones that don’t fit into any blocks were left at the parking lot. He doesn’t know if this is trust, optimism, or naiveté.

Now that Dictator has failed, he is the newest hired gun sent by All for One. He calls Aoyama “Aesop’s Bat” and says that all the villains left there will try to kill him. Aoyama responds with a simple “Merci.”


The location changes again, this time to the front of the Central Hospital. Mic shouts that Shouto has defeated Dabi while Shouji is trying to dodge a giant Spinner’s attacks. He doesn’t believe in Dabi’s defeat and thinks it’s just a strategy of the heroes to boost the morale of their troops.

A flashback is shown in which Dabi turns his back on All for One and says that he doesn’t need new quirks, while Spinner is slowly touched by the hand of the demon lord. He says that Dabi is strong and has a purpose in life, very different from himself.

Spinner is commanding all the mutant soldiers from the liberation front and says that for their and Shigaraki’s sake, they will destroy the status quo completely. Meanwhile, Shouji thinks to himself that he is proud to be of the same class as Todoroki.

Cut back to Kamino, where Shouto tells Iida that he overdid it and apologizes, but Iida says that he has nothing to apologize for. Dabi wonders why he is still alive after all this, and then a luminous sphere appears on his chest.


The last place we see in the chapter is Gunga, where Endeavor reacts to the news with an indecipherable expression. All for One wonders if it is relief or sadness, and Hawks warns Endeavor not to listen to him.
All for One continues, saying that ignoring Touya and pushing the responsibility to Shouto was his choice and that at the moment he is trying to convince himself that it was the right thing to do, that heroes have many things to protect. He concludes by saying “That’s why you’re going to lose, No. 1” while his fingers turn into different things. One releases a black goo, another begins to grow a face, another expels moon-shaped rings, another releases fire, and the last one becomes covered with thorns. End of chapter.

My Hero Academia Chapter 352 Recap

My Hero Academia 352 beginnings with a flashback to the night prior to the conflict. Shoto rehearsed his exceptional move, which made his chest light up in a cross. Kaminari remarks that it resembles a virus discharge, and Shoto answers that this procedure centers around his heart and circles the blood equally.

My Hero Academia Chapter 353 Spoilers


By applying the properties of Flashfire on the two sides of his body, Shoto makes a shoot that doesn’t consume everything. Midoriya finds out if he makes certain about needing to battle his sibling, however Shoto answers that Dabi is the impression of the wrongdoings of the Todoroki family. Shoto should be the one to stop him.

Shoto recalls that his dad needed an ideal child who could utilize his ice to help his shoot, yet Shoto is doing the inverse. He expresses gratitude toward Izuku again, letting him know that he currently figures out that “It’s my power.”


My Hero Academia 352 cuts to the present, where Shoto utilizes “Freezing Blow: White Blade of Frosty Fire” to chill off Dabi. Dabi understands that Shoto can both endure his flares and kill them with his assault. Notwithstanding, he is excessively far gone to stop and points his flares at the ground. Shoto loses center and can’t get Phosphor to work again in time.

Mainstays of blazes rise up out of the ground, and Dabi lets Shoto know that the two Todoroki siblings are the limits of the Superhuman culture, bound to follow a similar way. Try’s companions are immersed on fire, yet Burnin’ reminds Shoto that they have faith in all that he represents. Shoto expresses gratitude toward them plentifully even as they demand that they are simply performing their responsibilities.

My Hero Academia Chapter 353 Spoilers


Shoto monologs that he generally accepted that he had a forlorn reality until he understood that he was encircled by people who contacted him. He remembers all that he and his companions have experienced and moves himself to land nearer to Dabi.

Shoto reminds his sibling that it is feasible to steer one’s life and urges him to stop. He releases his new method, Great Frozen Tidal Bore, which freezes almost the whole scene (like Rukia Kuchiki’s Bankai from Bleach). The last page of My Hero Academia part 352 shows Shoto and Toya as youngsters, crying, while as of now, they stand still in the center of the frozen ground.

My Hero Academia Chapter 353 Spoilers

My Hero Academia Chapter 353 Release Date

As indicated in the last chapter there is no break next week. The chapter is set to come out next week on 22nd May, 2022.

Where to read My Hero Academia Chapter 352 on the web?

For nothing, fans who need to peruse My Hero Academia Chapter 352 can visit Viz media’s My Hero Academia site, Manga-Up with Shonen Jump, and Mangaplus.


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