My Hero Academia Chapter 352 Spoilers: Dabi vs Shoto, The Fight Ends!

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May 11, 2022 7:00 PM

The My Hero Academia Chapter 352 Spoilers are out.Shoto held his nerves when Dabi continued offending him while whipping him into a mash. He reminded Shoto how extraordinary he was, but he was a failure.Not at all like Shoto, Dabi didn't need to depend upon his companions to develop further. So, Dabi had a go at polishing Shoto off with the last assault.Unfortunately, Shoto impeded it with his exposed hands and, surprisingly, invalidated all the hotness Dabi created. Might Shoto, at any point, reverse the situation around from here?

My Hero Academia Chapter 352 Spoilers

My Hero Academia Chapter 352 Spoilers

My Hero Academia Chapter 353 Spoilers are here-The chapter begins with a flashback of the students in the school dorms the night before the war started. Deku is questioning whether Shouto will actually fight his brother, and he says it is his duty because he's not so sure whether Endeavor will keep his word and Dabi is a reflection of the Todoroki family's sins.

Shoto's New Attack

He then shows the special technique he developed and makes his chest light up. Deku remembers the training he was doing and Kaminari starts poking it, saying that it doesn't burn even if he touches it, but it's hard for Shouto to keep focusing.Shouto then explains that it consists of applying the properties of Flashfire Fist to both sides of his body simultaneously using the heart as the center, making the hot and cold blood circulate throughout his body and come into balance.Midoriya says it's like a cold fire, and Shouto begins to get lost in thoughts, saying that his father wanted a perfect son who could use ice to reduce the heat in his body. But in fact he is walking a path in the opposite direction. He himself has found a meaning to his existence, and because of this he smiles at Deku."That's my power. Thank you." We cut back to the present, with Shouto using another attack: "Freezing Blow - White Blade of Frosty Fire." He says that this way maybe Dabi can cool his head a little.

Dabi Takes the Advantage

Dabi is thrown backwards by the impact, but shoots pillars of flame from his hands to balance himself up. He analyzes the situation, seeing that Shouto has a body strong enough to withstand the heat of his Flashfire and produce ice cold enough to overpower his flames.But he doesn't stop for a second and already starts directing all this heat towards the ground. Shouto realizes that he has lost focus and will need to prepare his attack again, but huge pillars of flame emerge from the ground. Dabi shouts that it is not possible to change the tracks of your life and that they represent the limit of superhuman society, the two are destined to follow similar paths.The fight ends in chapter 352 btw.

My Hero Academia Chapter 352 Release Date

As indicated by the reports, the My Hero Academia Chapter 352 Release Date is set to release on May 15th.

My Hero Academia Chapter 351 Recap

The Chapter begins with how the method Flash Fire Fist functions. Endeavour conceived it in his initial days and is viewed as the embodiment of all fire moves. It is performed by raising one's inward internal heat level, accordingly thinking as much hotness as expected, and afterwards delivering everything simultaneously as an unbelievably solid burst. While fostering the move, Endeavor understood that he had arrived at the constraint of his actual capacity, so he believed his kid should continue this heritage.

Shoto's New Move

In the meantime, in the continuous battle, Dabi raises the temperature at an alarmingly high rate. He guarantees that he has been getting ready during the current day for quite a long time, and since he has come this far, nothing can stop him. He recalls his young life days when he began preparing by duplicating his dad. "You have more ability than me," those words from Endeavor made little Touya imagine that he could do anything. However, things didn't go how he wished, and he faults Shoto.

Dabi Taunts Shoto

Dabi continues to affront his sibling and even calls him an improper disappointment. Then, adding salt to Shoto's physical issue, he reminds him how unique he should be. "You can never be a hero," these are Dabi's final words before shooting Shoto with Flashfire Fist from a point-clear reach. And, we start thinking everything is finished; Shoto blocks the assault with his bare hands and invalidates all the hotness that Dabi created. He further counters his sibling with a particular form of Flashfire Fist and disallows him from undermining blameless lives at any point in the future.

Where to read My Hero Academia Chapter 352 on the web?

For nothing, fans who need to peruse My Hero Academia Chapter 352 can visit Viz media’s My Hero Academia site, Manga-Up with Shonen Jump, and Mangaplus.

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