My Hero Academia Chapter 344 Spoilers Reddit, Leaks, and Release Date

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February 16, 2022 6:00 PM

The Final Act appears to have arrived at its climactic arc, and fans can hardly wait for the fight to start. The chapter focus and covered on all the aspects of the tactical battle and the next My Hero Academia Chapter 344 Spoilers might further focus on certain aspects.Horikoshi had recently implied that Deku would need to dominate OFA if he somehow overcame AFO. However, no chapter has been committed to showing the preparation time frame yet. So now, it seems like the mangaka is hurrying through this arc.

My Hero Academia Chapter 344 Spoilers

My Hero Academia Chapter 344 spoilers-

Chapter 344: Main characterSource: google translate:Continuing the events of the last chapter, All Might remembers when he said that capturing All For One was difficult, since, in order to do so, you had to attract him. And, in this way, his plan connected with Aizawa's.Tsukauchi then said that assuming the villains can still use Search, All For One would be able to find Deku easily. And it's because of that that Aizawa suggested using Aoyama to take him to a far away place.And knowing that Aoyama would participate in the plan, all his classmates were happy. But then Momo remembers that Aoyama's parents said that All For One knows when someone is lying.At that point, Tsukauchi chimed in and said that they found an answer for that, further saying that the conversations with All For One were never face-to-face, concluding that he was probably using some kind of voice recognition device.In this way, Aizawa suggested to give All For One a voice that did not have any falsehood.Suddenly, Shinso appeared. And seeing him, the students got excited, telling him that his uniform looks great. He then told them that he has upgraded his quirk and that he will be in charge of controlling Aoyama's parents.Despite Shinso not having a hero's license, Nezu commented that Mera had given him permission so that he could use his quirk in this situation.Moments later, Tokoyami wondered how the heroes were going to mobilize without All For One discovering the trap, since he was supposed to still have Search. Then, All Might replied that it was not necessary for everyone to be in the same place.After that, Aizawa met up with Monoma, Vlad, and Kurogiri at the central hospital. He told them that it was All Might's request, to which Vlad asked if Monoma would be prepared for such an important activity.Monoma then commented that he was used to hearing that he could never become a true hero due to the quirk he has, as it is the power of a supporting character. However, Vlad told him that there are no secondary characters in this fight and that he too will shine like everyone else.Returning to the present, all the heroes appear, while Monoma smiles and brags about his achievement.Seconds later, All Might appears saying that he already expected All For One to bring his entire army and that now he will go with everything he has.Suddenly, Dabi walks towards where Endeavor is as she asks him if he wants to see his teammates die first. He then attacks his father with a large amount of fire, when suddenly a huge ice wall appears.Todoroki appears from the portal saying that he will not allow his brother to act as he pleases.Meanwhile, All Might puts his plan into motion, as enormous metal constructions begin to emerge from the ground, trapping all the villains.Seeing that, All For One wonders why the heroes did that, since it would be very easy to destroy all that metal, when he suddenly realizes what the true intention of that act is.It is at that moment that Monoma opens the portal again as the metal constructions move towards it. And seeing that, All For One confirms that the true intention was to separate him from his army.

My Hero Academia Chapter 344 Raw Scans

The My Hero Academia Chapter 344 Raw Scans are out-

My Hero Academia Chapter 344 Release Date

As indicated by the reports, the release date for My Hero Academia Chapter 344 will be the following Sunday, 18 February 2022.

Where to read My Hero Academia Chapter 344 on the web?

For nothing, fans who need to read My Hero Academia episode 344 can visit Viz media's My Hero Academia site, Manga-Up with Shonen Jump, and Mangaplus.

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