My Hero academia Chapter 323 raw scans, spoilers are out: One step

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August 18, 2021 7:00 PM

My Hero academia Chapter 323 spoilers and raw scans arev out Source: Google Translate)The My Hero academia Chapter 323 raw starts with, before going to find Deku, the Class A students talked to Nezu about the barrier in the academy, as it is important to show everyone that it s very effective. However, Iida mentions that if they manage to bring Deku back peacefully then it will be more than enough to calm the civilians.Hearing that, Nezu tells him that he disagrees, as it won't be enough. She also mentions that Deku is the trump card of heroes, so it is important to protect him in a good barrier.This entire protection system increased after the incident that occurred in the Tartarus prison, as Nezu took it upon himself to improve the security systems, causing the academy to move now.

My Hero academia Chapter 323 raw scans, spoilers are out: One step

And not only that, now the academy is divided into smaller zones, where each of them are connected to various motorized transport devices. All this is protected by a sensor that detects the slightest movement, since if an invasion were detected, all the zones would be transported to an underground area, which is connected to several routes in the country.

The chapter begins with a flashback of the students at the principal's office, just before they went after Deku. Iida remembers the principal's words about showing everyone how effective the U.A. Barrier is, but he thinks that if they can bring Midoriya back peacefully that will be enough to calm the civilians.Nezu disagrees, saying that it's not enough. Deku is currently the heroes' trump card, so protecting him without proper security measures would be risky. After Tartarus was invaded, Nezu made some improvements to the school's security system. Now the U.A. Barrier is not only a barrier, it makes U.A. moveThe campus has been divided into several smaller areas and all of them are connected to engined transportation devices. As soon as any sign of invasion is detected, all these areas will be transported to an underground shelter, and from there they can take various routes all across Japan.

Kaminari says that this sounds like something straight out of a robot anime, and Nezu goes on to explain it furthermore. The underground of the whole area surrounding U.A. has been covered with three thousand layers of fortified metal plates. Any abnormality detected in at least one of them will activate the security system and the transportation devices.-In addition, the plates also serve to delay any villains trying to attack, giving students and civilians time to get to the underground shelter. Other hero schools have also reinforced their security systems and are connected by these underground routes, like Shiketsu-Tokoyami comments that this whole deal with the metal plates seems too specifically made to deal with Shigaraki's decay, and asks why the principal had already started to plan this plan back at the culture festival. He jokes that he likes to spend money, but then explains that he is very cautious. Even these small steps that may seem illogical at first can be essential for walking down difficult paths. back to the present, with the civilians refusing to let Deku in. Deku's mother, Bakugou's mother, Jirou's parents, Eri in the dorms with Class B, and Kouta with Mandalay are shown, all of them very concerned. No. 13 comments that some people were convinced by Nezu's speech, but most of them weren’t-Jeanist interrupts Mic's shouting and starts talking to the civilians, explaining that they tried to use Deku to attract the villains and it didn't work. He says that even though Deku is Shigaraki's target, he is also the heroes' greatest weapon. He understands that this is not the ideal situation, but says it's the best they can do and asks them to let Midoriya come in.-The civilians seem to get even angrier, saying that the country is only in such chaos because the heroes have failed and now, because they failed again, they want to force the civilians to take this risk. But while they're yelling, Uraraka takes Mic's megaphone, uses her quirk on herself and float over the protesters, going straight to the U.A.’s rooftops.

My Hero academia Chapter 323 raw ends

My Hero Academia Chapter 323 Release date

My Hero Academia Chapter 323 is releasing on Sunday, August 22, 2021, following seven days' break. The print variant will be accessible online on August 23.The Japanese manga My Hero Academia Chapter 323 will be accessible live to the readers around early afternoon EST on August 22.Assuming anybody needs to peruse My Hero Academia's past parts, they can get it for nothing on VIZ media, Shonen Jump, and MangaPlus' true site and stages.

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