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January 22, 2021 6:00 PM

One Piece Anime Episode 959

The day of the game changing fight is here, today is the Fire celebration on Onigashima and this is where everybody heads out. The One Piece Episode 959 release date has at long last been declared and the English sub see is likewise out.

After the One Piece Reverie bend and the Rocks D Xebec backstory, the Wano circular segment at last continues and the forthcoming One Piece Anime Episode 959 will show Kinemon and the partners making the sail towards Onigashima, however will everything go as arranged?

There is a trickster among the Akazaya samurai who has released all the designs to Orochi, yet who is this swindler and why has he double-crossed Oden? Just the forthcoming scene will tell.

The impending One Piece Anime Episode 959 English subbed see gave us a clue on what we can expect in the forthcoming scenes and the fans are as of now going insane over it on Reddit and Twitter.

One Piece Anime Episode 959

Today we examine the authority delivery date of the impending One Piece anime scene and furthermore share spoilers with you folks so you don't get exhausted hanging tight for seven days.

Presently speaking somewhat about manga, One Piece 1002 is on break by and by, which implies that there will be no section this week.

One Piece Episode 959 English Sub Preview And Spoilers

Toei Animation has been working really hard energizing the new scenes. The activity for Episode 957 and 958 was extraordinary to the point that fans began contrasting it and high spending TV shows and Hollywood motion pictures.

We expect a similar sort of activity quality in the impending One Piece Anime Episode 959 .

As per official sources, One Piece Anime Episode 959 is named ""The Promised Port! Wano Country Arc Act 3 Opening"" and will be circulated on 24th January 2021 on the Crunchyroll official site.

Story Plot

One Piece Anime Epsiode 959 begins with Oden and Roger on their boat approaching the Wano port where they will drop Oden off. Everybody is extremely miserable to see Oden go yet it is inescapable, as he should proceed to expect his obligations in Wano.

Before long the scene cuts 25 years and now we are in current One Piece time. Kinemon and the other Akazaya eleven are at the guaranteed port where they all vowed to meet the evening of the fire celebration.

However, there's an immense tempest in the ocean and not a single boats are in sight. What has occurred? Where is Luffy and Law? Has something happened to them? Just the forthcoming scene will tell.

You can watch the One Piece Anime Episode on Funimation, Hulu, DirecTV, Crunchyroll etc.

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