Lunarian Race: All about the history of Lunarian race and it's connection with King and Sanji.

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August 30, 2021 7:00 PM

The Last Chapter was one hell of a chapter that actually went on to reveal lit of things. The much awaited Zorro's connection with wan0 is now on the verge of a revelation, while the wings of pirate king's one of the old mystery has finally on the edge of being solved, with him having a strong connection with Lunarian Race One Piece.

In One Piece chapter 1023 spoilers, we finally learned the name of King’s race. it's revealed that King belongs to the Lunarian race. We’ve been pondering about his origins ever since Big Mom presented a wish for having someone like King in her crew. Now that we all know where he comes from, she would want him.

So King is one among the Lunarian race one piece, which suggests he’s from the moon. We also discovered a stimulating incontrovertible fact that their people wont to survive the highest of the line , way before Celestial Dragons. Furthermore, they were mentioned as God consistent with Whitebeard. So what's the importance of this race and the way relevant it's to the story? allow us to discuss.

Lunarian Race: All about the history of Lunarian race and it's connection with King and Sanji.

Lunarian Race – What we all know thus far

Oda has been pretty explicit with the symbolism of the moon throughout the story. Just within the last chapter, we saw Inuarashi and Nekomamushi transform into their Sulong form within the full-of-the-moon , so there’s that. We always knew this was coming, however, what makes it even interesting is how these people are known to be God

This raises tons of questions. Firstly, if they were on the line , why did they are going extinct. In one among our blogs, we explained one among the chances . And with this information, it's like that would be the case. What if they allied with the traditional kingdom for the fight against 20 nations and since they lost they were extinguished?

Mention of Moon People

So we’ve seen the mention of individuals from the moon throughout the manga. First, it had been Enel who visited the moon and therefore the drawings indicated people having wings, a bit like King. then , Clover from Ohara mentioned an equivalent possibility that they are in some or other way connected with Lunarian race one piece.

Oda has been dropping hints throughout the story for this and Skypie probably has the most important ties to the present connection. They also possess wings but we haven’t seen mention of them being from the moon? Maybe they’re hybrids and don’t realize it.

In any case, one thing that we all know is that they’re ready to conjure fire, which we haven’t seen any Skypien’s do. There are only two characters who are ready to do so and they’re devil fruit users. Oh, wait there’s another and it’s Sanji.

Marco's Deduction

Well on of the most smartest and intelligent character, former 1st division commander of Whiteboard Pirates, Marco also couldn't hold on to his excitement when he saw King. In one of the manga screen panel, Marco is shown to remember a flashback when his Old Captain told him about a Particular tribe that used to live at the top of the Red Line, unlike the common knowledge that Celestial Dragons are the only inhabitants in there, at Marie Joise.

He laughs at this revelation and actually jokes that how in the hell and for how long did Whitebeard knows about this fact. He chided King that he does belonged to that tribe, coz that's the only tribe which can control the fire.

Does Sanji Possess Lunarian Race Genes?

Lunarian Race: All about the history of Lunarian race and it's connection with King and Sanji.

This one drop probably blew away half the fandom. We all thought Sanji creating the heat was thanks to his burning passion. But wait, it’s not normal for an individual to make fire unless they’re Lunarian? We do know that Judge experimented on Sanji. What if he tried to inject the genes of Lunarian into Sanji?

Sanji also mentioned that he was feeling a touch odd after using the raid suit for the second time. It looks like his genes are beginning to awaken after using the suit that was designed for him. Everything is now falling into place. Sanji can use fire, mention of Lunarian race, and odd feelings in his body. this is often all culminating into something big.

Is King God?

If we pass Whitebeard’s words, King are often a God. But the term God in One Piece doesn’t carry just reputation. as an example , Celestial Dragons are termed as Gods but they’re vile and arrogant people. an equivalent are often said for King from what we all know thus far .

In any case, King has remained quiet among the three all-stars and there are often a reason for it. together of the last Lunarians, he may have some hidden purpose or agenda that we'd find afterward .

What are your thoughts about Lunarians? allow us to know down below. For more One Piece content, don’t forget to follow us on social media. One Piece is out there to read on Viz Media.

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