Luffy Gear 5: The inspiration behind Luffy's awakening is Lord Hanuman!

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March 23, 2022 7:00 PM

Woah, Woah, Woah! One Piece chapter 1044 was delivered this week after its prolonged and much-awaited hiatus the previous week. This chapter certainly did wonders and gave happiness to the One Piece fandom. Luffy Gear 5 is ON!.The much-awaited revelation about Luffy Gear 5 has been revealed, and it took the fans by storm. First, it was revealed that Gomu-Gomu no Mi is not that Devil fruit we thought about, but it’s more than that.Gomu-Gomu no Mi is not a paramecia type devil fruit,. But it’s a Mythical Zoan type Devil fruit Hit-Hito(Human-Human) no Mi: Model Hanuman. The moment this news came on the internet, an old Reddit theory circulating on the internet for a while now had been proved right.The theory of Luffy drives his traits similar to that of Hindu God, Lord Hanuman. The approach starts by noticing specific parts of Luffy's strength and powers that are somewhat special. Initially, Luffy's abilities are generally dynamic, rather than many, while possibly not all, paramecia style Devil fruits. By the way, it's transformed his whole body into rubber. This is like how a logia devil fruit can transform its eaters into standard components. His powers also permit him to change into various structures that support his actual capacities, such as Gears Third and Fourth, which is significantly more typical with Zoan devil fruit. It actually might be contended that Luffy's body is made of rubber is itself a change, only one that isn't reversible.

Luffy Gear 5

Narrative of Lord Hanuman

Like all legendary Zoans, the narrative of Hanuman the Monkey God comes from certifiable legends and folklores, for this situation from Hinduism. As a child, Hanuman confused the rising sun for fruit and jumped to eat it. In one variant of the story, notwithstanding, Indra, the ruler of the Kings, intercedes and hits Hanuman with a lightning bolt that kills and sends him back down to the earth. Lord Shiva sees what's occurred and chooses to revive Hanuman. A short time later, Indra even awards him abilities and powers to compensate for his error, as do different divine beings.The powers that Hanuman gets are the same as Luffy's own. The body Indra awards him is essentially as strong as his thunderclap weapon, Vajra, and is currently invulnerable to that weapon too. Hanuman likewise acquired the ability to change his mass and size voluntarily and an insusceptibility to fire.

Luffy Gear 5 holds traits from Hanuman

Luffy's abilities impersonate these parts of Hanuman's powers, which is weird considering Luffy's just real power is being made of rubber. Similarly, Third and Fourth Gear influence his size, shape, and perhaps weight. Luffy likewise has a specific level of resistance to fire as he can light his arm on fire with his Red Hawk and Red Roc assaults and endure Kaido's Boro Breath. Luffy's body is additionally unquestionably robust typically, and he can make it much more potent with Haki and its resistance to power. While nothing in the Hanuman legend expresses that his body was gone to rubber, Luffy's body could have turned into that as a method of both conceding him insusceptibility to lightning as well as to work with the size/mass changing powers or even be an enhancement because of the Devil Fruit's legendary nature.A portion of the abilities given to Hanuman by different divine beings is highly suggestive of Luffy's Haki powers or inclination. Hanuman's capacity to realize anybody's cravings appears to be like Observation Haki. Conqueror Haki is also similar to Hanuman's powers of having lordship over all creation and having the option to win and enslave anybody. Then there is Hanuman's capacity to go anyplace he wants, which sounds like Luffy's general fantasy about being accessible to the point that he could do anything he desires.While the powers all coordinate pretty pleasantly with Luffy's, Hanuman's inclination and reason truly support this theory. Hanuman is expressed as the God of Wisdom, Strength, Courage, Devotion, and Self-Discipline. He is the monkey kid child of the Wind God and a being that addressed protection from oppression. Besides the fact that his name Monkey is D. Luffy, his dad Dragon is vigorously proposed to have wind-related abilities and a propensity for would-be tyrants. Hanuman and Luffy additionally both have a talent for thinking of inventive strategies for turning the chances in support of themselves, and every one of Hanuman's many titles fit Luffy's personality impeccably.[caption id="attachment_11726" align="aligncenter" width="2048"]

Luffy Gear 5

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What's Next for Luffy Gear 5?

This theory has come all true with the recent advent of chapter 1044. It would be interesting to watch how things unfold and how Luffy does justice to his Gear 5, which has the blessing of Lord Hanuman himself.Considering the amount of a need the World Government put on achieving the Gomu no Mi. In any case too, it most certainly appears as though there is something else to the devil fruit. As for now it has been revealed that Hito-Hito no Mi has a legendary status, denoting it being of "Nika" the JoyBoy's fruit.The World Government also mentioned that in ancient time JoyBoy wherever went he was always left smiling, and now Luffy after awakening is seen smiling, rendering him an ominous look.Luffy has dragged Kaido on the top of the roof and has launched savage attacks on him. It's about time for the FINAL SHOWDOWN!!

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