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Kite Hunter X Hunter “If you lose even a little of this resolve and start backsliding. I’ll kill you. You can live in peace knowing that.” To koala.Kite Hunter X Hunter is a pro-hunter, former mentor of Gon and Killua and once was the disciple of Ging. Kite in the series was killed by Pitou and somehow has been reincarnated as a Chimera Ant. He now belongs to the Royal family and is in the girl form, the sister of Mereum.There is not much known about his this life and there is very less screen time of her. So I’ll focus on his previous self. Kite was first introduced in the series in the NGL arc and he met Gon and Killua beside the river, fishing. Gon has a memory of him in his childhood when he was saved by him from a bear and he later on also got slapped. Kite again saved their life from chimera ants.


Kite Hunter X Hunter, was described as the man who controls a large amount of aura and power. As per Killua’s notion his Nen abilities might be strongerthan those pretentious ones who boast themselves as the masters of Nen. His Ren abilities cover a large amount of distance and anything that enters this field he instantly gets to know.Kite Hunter X Hunter is a Conjurer that gives him the ability to conjure his aura into a powerful weapon and use it to his will. Since he was trained by Ging then it could be assumed that he is among the best in the business. He poses a crazy “Slotmachine” that produces weapon according to the situation and it won’t go back until it’s used. There is one crazy trick involved here, that the crazy slot won’t appear till kite is adamant not to die. Scythe, carbine, and mace are few of his known slot weapons.Apart from this, kite is tactically proficient and physically one tough opponent. He is a master of weapon specialist and also carries Tachi, a long sword.

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