King Seven Deadly Sins :Powers and abilities, Personality, Relationships.

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November 16, 2020 6:00 PM

King Seven Deadly SinsKing is one eminent member of the Seven Deadly Sins and also the king of fairies. His real name is Harlequin and he is subjugated to act as the guardian and protect the forest as well as his forest. 700 years ago he was ruling the forest, but soon asked his sister Elaine to look after forest till he returns back only to get caught by Liones army for his sin. Later he came to know as the “Grizzly sin of sloth”King Seven Deadly Sins has two forms, when he is in his fairy form he looks young and has a more boyish look than compared to its human form to which he looks exactly just like one of his posters. Fat, ragged and ugly looking chap and he have always been at the receiving end of Ban’s taunts and laughing stock.Owing to his rank position in both fairy kingdom and sins he has earned reputation to wield a great amount of strength. His magic power has also increased during the passage of time. He is quite fast and was able to match the speed of both ban and Meliodas considerably. He was easily able to take holy knight like a child play. When the holy war broke out he managed to defeat Helbram, his longtime friend despite being injured and having to protect even weekend Diane between the fights.

King Seven Deadly Sins, also further protected his fairy kingdom after having been returned back so long. Even though he was chided and disrespected by his pupils he still saved them from the demon by unleashing his sacred treasure, Chatiefol attacks. Being the fairy king allows him to control many forms of powers such as- Disaster, Levitation, Transformation, Heart Reading and Dancing Fairy. He can also exercise several perks of being a fairy-like changing clothes twill, levitating flying an incredible amount of speed, strength, and endurance.He has deep affection toward Diane and also expressed his love for her. With the other members including Ban (To whom he once held responsible for his sister’s death) also had a great understanding.

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