Kengan Omega Chapter 124 Release Date, Spoilers & Recap

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August 30, 2021 7:00 PM

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Kengan vs. Purgatory begins with Kengan Omega Chapter 124, with Fei brawling with Takeshi. This chapter is going to be released this coming week. Kengan Omega reveals the battle between two associations showing their MMA skills.

From the newest chapter of Kengan Omega, the opposite Niko arrives and killed everyone inside the monitor room. Agito and Ohma decided to face him. Niko told them that that battle is way from over since there are other students of his. During the fight, Fei unleashes Nikko Style and dominates Takeshi. The chapter title is ”Tiger’s Vessel.” The chapter continues with Fei torturing Takeshi.

Fei reminds Takeshi to not think anything he knows about the Nikko Style since it's real. within the passage, Edward is with Xia Ji, who is surprised why Niko is here since an outcast like Niko shouldn’t get over excited . Edward realizes that they need moved to subsequent phase. He wonders why the member of Worms who infiltrated Purgatory exposed themselves publicly . Edward realizes that the top of Worm Yan isn't an idiot and wonders what Yan’s goal is. Edward concludes that the Worm has given abreast of Xia Ji since they can’t protect idiots.

Kure Raian appears behind Edward and said he had found him and he thinks he will kill him first since he has forgotten about him. Back to the ring, Takeshi is affected by the finger hold technique. Fei told Takeshi that humans like him would never break away from this system . Takeshi tries to toss Fei away. But Fei uses Niko Styl Redirection + Water Kata. Fei traps Takeshi with a Binding Demon, and Ohma comments that he's unacquainted the technique. Agito notices that Fei has improved the Niko Style beyond his imagination.

Kengan Omega Chapter 124 Release Date, Spoilers & Recap

Previously on Kengan Omega Chapter 123

Agito adds that it's different from the Niko Style that they know. Takeshi managed to interrupt free from Binding Demon. But Fei made Takeshi kiss the bottom . Fei uses Adamantine Kata: Iron Breaker Barrage and smashes Takeshi. Takeshi’s face seems like he got hit by a train. Ohma comments that it's another unfamiliar technique and shouts at Takeshi to relax and face Fei. the opposite Tokito Niko is walking faraway from the CCTV room. Niko comments that it's over for those guys who are dead. But he survived till today to coach .

Niko realizes that he has lost to Ohma’s master, the important Tokita Niko. But he's a now changed man, and he has become undefeated. a man who is shipped to assassinate him tries to stab him employing a dagger. But Niko uses the body of the guards to dam that blade. The blade pierces thereon guard’s head. The guy told him that he's messing up with the richest man during this world. he's the Guard Dog: The Genocider, aka Muteba Gizenga. Ginzenga wields his mini blade and shows the stance of a commando warrior. Niko comments that he's curious about having fun with Gizenga.

Back to the ring, the fight has become intense. Takeshi begins to charge without backing off. Kazuo is surprised to ascertain Takeshi speed, who blasts Fei with an important punch. Takeshi uses a straight punch and sends Fei to the bottom . Ref Shin Alisa shouts that Fei is down. the gang is impressed by Takeshi’s strength; the commentator wonders if it's over for Fei. Ref Shin Alisa begins with a count . At a count of three, Fei wonders if it's true that he's defeat, but he's close to get up .

Kengan Omega Chapter 124 Release Date

Kengan Omega Chapter 124 Release Date Friday, 3 September 2021. Note that Kengan Omega manga release every Friday, but the newest chapters sometimes arrive late. The manga will sometimes take a weekly break, but we'll update new details of Kengan Omega every seven days. If the new chapter arrives late, it'll be updated subsequent day; Kengan Omega manga official websites aren't accessible. we'll meet when the manga releases. Read Manga at MangaFreak and Mangajar.

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