Kengan Ashura: Who is stronger: Baki or Tokita (Kengan Ashura)?

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December 8, 2020 6:00 PM

"Who is stronger: Baki or Tokita (Kengan Ashura)?Ah yes, my two favorite characters. I actually like this question because it’s related to my two favorite martial arts anime so here we go. Also I’m not going to put any spoilers because I’m too lazy write it all and there’s not going to be that much evidence to explain it all so if I feel like it then I’ll try to add as much evidence as possible.

Baki has been shown to be durable enough to break someones fingers by hitting them with his eyeballs. He’s strong enough to out muscle someone who pulls down helicopters for training, and he has his demon back, endorphins, and “perfect natural power†(basically he clenches his perfectly aligned teeth and gets a 30% power boost) to boost his physical abilities even further.

Baki is able to perfectly analyze and mimic/devise counters for any technique after seeing it once, this is one of the abilities that helped him win the Maximum Tournament one year before the events of the current storyline, which is pretty comparable to the Annihilation tournament.

And on top of that, only a year after that tournament, he had become strong enough to put up a good fight against someone who the United States signed a peace treaty with because he was so strong, even after being severely injured, he is even able to form constructs from his mind that are able to physically affect the real world. So guessing whether Baki or Tokita, I guess Baki is little ahead with him.

This is how he simulates his fights, similarly to Ohma, Baki makes copies of his opponents, only Baki’s copies can actually hurt him, which can be seen as a benefit or a hindrance, depending on how you look at it. In addition, these constructs can hurt others as well, as Baki has used them to attack one of his opponents even after his physical body had been utterly decimated.

While their experience is pretty similar, with both having fought thousands of simulated matches, the difference in physical abilities, as well Baki having access to an arsenal of techniques that rivals, if not exceeds that of even Kanoh Agito, plus the fact that Baki has faced, and conquered many techniques similar to those of the Niko style, which would allow him to be able to counter it more effectively, puts the odds overwhelmingly in Baki’s favor.

At his best, (technique wise) the most Ohma was able to do was beat Wakatsuki/break Kuroki's arm by using Demonsbane. And The guy Baki was able to push farther than anyone else in the series, was stronger than Wakatsuki and Julius (in terms of striking power, lifting power is unknown iirc), could move faster than Rei, was tougher than Saw Paing and Sekibayashi combined and had better Technique than Kuroki, as well as an arsenal of techniques even more vast than Baki’s and by extension, Kanoh’s. Don't get me wrong, Ohma's not weak by any means, but he is nowhere near the top tiers of Bakiverse, I’d say Omega Ohma might even be able to beat current Doppo, if he plays his cards right.

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To answer your question, I have to say that between Baki or Tokita, Baki is stronger than Tokita Ohma.

Even though both of their power levels are great, including strength and speed, their levels are different. Baki is literally the son of Yujiro Hanma (or the son of Ogre) and his father is the most strongest character in the Baki series which is this guy right here

Baki’s fighting style is mixed martial arts including Judo, Karate, Jujutsu, Kempo, as well as Pro Wrestling. He also uses shadow boxing which is used in training for combat sports. If you don’t know what shadow boxing is, it’s just fighting an invisible opponent and that’s just a simple definition of it. I did a little bit of research about shadow boxing and sounds interesting. He trains throughout the series and never stops getting stronger

In Baki or Tokita, Tokita on the other hand, he’s also pretty strong and he was trained and adopted by Niko. He also knows the Niko style and mastering it, making him have a really cool special technique called the Advance. What that technique does is it increases his acceleration in speed but because of how it works, it prevents him from doing other techniques and moves of the Niko style.

That is all I could add right now and I might add more information but that will be it for now. Hope you like this answer of mine because it took me a while to finish it, see ya. 🖤

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