Jump Festa Black Clover: Discloses New Art Visual, Gets New Mobile Game in 2022

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December 18, 2021 6:00 PM

Jump Studio Red at was at Jump Festa Black Clover 2022 today, and it uncovered a considerable amount of new data, including the trailer for a fresh out of the box new versatile game.Sadly, fans didn't get any trailer or delivery subtleties for the film, yet a critical visual banner was revealed, just as the front of volume 31 of the manga. There is additionally a marked drawing of Asta done by mangaka Tabata Yuki.Key visuals, volume covers and new portable game reported at Black Clover Jump Studio RedThe Black Clover board triumphed ultimately the last turn at Jump Studio Red. It comprised Gakuto Kajiwara (the voice of Asta), and Nobunaga Shimazaki (the voice of Yuno) was facilitated by Chiaki Matsuzawa.

Cover of volume 31

https://twitter.com/Clover_Kingdom_/status/1472455814321512449?s=20At Jump Festa Black Clover, Jump Studio Red uncovered the Cover of Volume 31 of Black Clover manga. The cover highlights Langris Vaude remaining behind Yuno in his Saint Stage, pointing his bolt straight ahead.Manga readers promptly comprehended that this refers to Yuno's battle against Zenon, with Yuno utilizing Spirit of Euros in the latest section. Volume 31 will begin from Chapter 304 and go the whole way to Chapter 314 or 316.Additionally, there was a marked drawing of Asta from Tabata Yuki, talented to Gakuto Kajiwara.

The new portable game for Black Clover

https://twitter.com/BCspoiler/status/1472463785592082436?s=20In a stunning turn, Black Clover reported that another portable game is set to be delivered in 2022. The game will be created by Vic Game Studios, established by Jae-Young Choi, the lead designer for The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross.The game trailer showed a 3D variant of most of the famous scenes from the Black Clover anime, demonstrating that a few locations will be highlighted. The forthcoming game will be delivered essentially for cell phones, but more subtleties are yet to be paid.


The new key Art Visual for the film

Meanwhile, we should be patient and allow the liveliness of staff, and so on the go about their responsibilities to give us a tremendous film.https://twitter.com/BCspoiler/status/1472459322181529601?s=20Since the declaration for the Black Clover film on Twitter a day before the last episode of season 4 was broadcasted, fans have been enthusiastically sitting tight for any data on it. While there is the appeal for season 5, Black Clover manga needs more material to justify another season.Later, Black Clover delivered a key visual for the film before Jump Festa 2022, highlighting Asta; the expectation was at a record high. Notwithstanding, the board affirmed that the Black Clover film is underway, yet no trailer or delivery date has been uncovered. In any case, another key visual has been delivered, and it highlights Yuno in the same style as the past visual that included Asta.Last musings in regards to every one of the released subtletiesBlack Clover didn't baffle while the fans' assumptions were not met as far as data released at Jump Festa 2022. However, the trailer for the game has got fans excited for its release. The key visual, including Yuno, has made assumptions for a third banner highlighting Noelle.Black clover manga is in one of its most intriguing curves at this moment, and the volume cover adds to that. Like Tabata said in his letter, "Black Clover will warm up."

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