Julius Wizard King: How Things Change For Yami and William? Will They Accept?

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May 13, 2022 7:00 PM

Black Clover Chapter 331 came out, Julius Wizard King was revealed to be Lucius Zogratis, a furore among fans, and the chapter goes on break.The chapter was nothing sort of exceptional, and had fans gripped all along the chapter. Though Black Clover went on break but without leaving speculations, doubts and curiousity among fans.Especially now how would Yami and William would react to this sudden revelation?

Julius Wizard King

How Julius Wizard King Fares?

Many people enjoy the anime series "Black Clover ," and Julius is no exception. His honesty and frankness make him a favorite character of fans, and his honest responses have helped him earn the respect of his fellow Magic Knights. He also recognizes the importance of success in establishing ties and trust, and he strives to achieve that through his work. That said, his kindness and generosity make him an unbeatable combination.


Though it's unclear how his grimoire works, most fans agree that it's an essential piece of equipment for Julius Wizard King. He seems to be wielding magic without it during his battle with Patolli, for example, and he also holds the grimoire above his head. The grimoire itself is a mysterious object containing thousands of pages, and its existence was a mystery to many fans. In fact, it remains a mystery until this day, but Julius' fascination with magic may explain its lack of a front and a back.https://twitter.com/VIZMedia/status/1449027312100446208?t=wrOkzMWTuSD9wwcspirlqw&s=19


While Julius Wizard King may be childish, his ability to understand magic is vast. He outsmarts the Magic Knight Captains in magical knowledge, and recognizes Yuno's new ability as a wind spirit sylph. He also deciphered an ancient magical object that was created 500 years ago. Despite Julius' aloof personality, many of his fellow Magic Knights respect him and obey his orders.But it's worth noting that Julius wasn't always a Wizard King. He was originally a Royal Knight, and his career as a Royal Knight was satisfying. However, his obsession with magic was fueled by a woman named Zara Ideale. The former peasant who became a Royal Knight and subsequently a Magic Emperor, became Julius' inspiration. After her death, he focused all his energy on becoming the next Magic Emperor. While his ambition was driven by Zara, he died feeling thankful for having seen so many different magics.As a Magic Knight, Julius gained the respect of nobles, royalty, and common people alike. His time magic and unique healing abilities help him achieve this. In addition, his ability to see the future with magic allows him to foresee opponents' attacks. He believes his coverless grimoire is a testament to his uniqueness, and he dedicated himself to breaking the royal dominance. You might even say he was destined for greatness in the Wizard world!

Julius Wizard King

Devil Power

Despite his unique motivation, Julius Wizard King' appearance is still a symbol of devil power and inspiration. His dark past has molded him into a powerful Wizard King, and his most recent battle with Licht was his most difficult yet most satisfying. In the end, the Wizard King was able to win the war, but his greatest motivation still remained intact. He is determined to defeat the devil, but he is not alone.In addition to being a powerful Wizard King, Julius is a noble who was born in the Clover Kingdom. He joined the Magic Knights at a young age and quickly became a captain of his own squad. He later met Yami Sukehiro, a young Magic Knight disguised as a human. Julius invited Yami to be a Magic Knight in his squad, where he taught her the language of the Clover Kingdom.

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