Jinbe One Piece: Where does Jinbe stands among straw hats?

Manta Ray
November 29, 2020 6:00 PM

"The first Son of the sea- Jinbe One Piece With the end of Whole Cake Island Arc, we finally got a new Strawhat. It has been really wrong since we get to see a new member joining the crew. The last member to join the crew was Brook, and he too joined in Thriller Bark before the time skip. And Later when the straw hast were about to launch an attack on the beast pirates alongside their allies, Jinbe finally made hi much-awaited entrance and added firepower among the ranks of the straw hats.

Jinbe officially joined the crew after the latter quit the crew of Big Mom and returned the son’s cup. The job of Jinbe is also well distinguished on the ship. He is a Helmsman and most probably will take the wheel of Sunny. With the addition of a Fishman among the ranks of Strawhats, this will certainly boost up the power level of the whole crew. Fishmen are always regarded as superior in raw strength than human beings, and on top of that, he is a former Shichibukai and captain of the Sun Pirates.

Jinbe One Piece has immense strength and great endurance. He fought Ace for 5 days and that too on the ground. In the water, he can attack more efficiently. He could destroy a battleship single-handedly. He is a master of Gyojin Karate and is quite agile on both land and water. He has a bounty of 400,000,000 belies and was when he was a poisoned in Impel down he was level 6, where the most wanted criminals are kept. Jinbe One Piece can’t surpass the monster trio because of his age and he has no room for some future power-ups. So most probably he could end up at no 4 spots just slightly above CyborgFranky. I know Franky has a great future and he probably would become stronger. But for now, I’ll keep Jinbe above him. In future in the final war, Jinbe is the man who will lead the Fishmen against the World government."

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