Is Luffy Joyboy? What's the Real Devil Fruit of Luffy?

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March 8, 2022 6:00 PM

After an A-Rated, Avon, Stupendous One Piece Chapter 1043 things are finally settling down regarding the legend that Doflamingo spilled the beans, and if a question still arise in your mind that "Is Luffy Joyboy?" Then this Chapter 1043 most probably has answered that question.

Is Luffy Joyboy? What's the Real Devil Fruit of Luffy?

What is Joyboy 's Story?

While not much about Joy Boy's story has been straightforwardly uncovered to the fans, by coming to an obvious conclusion, it is very simple to sort out more data about him.

As indicated by Whitebeard, there will one day come a man who bears the heaviness of history on his shoulders and acquire the desire of any semblance of Roger and Ace to flip around the world by testing the World Government itself.

Simultaneously, when Kozuki Oden arrived at Laugh Tale, he quickly understood that Joy Boy would one day return.

Truth be told, his objective in the wake of figuring out the genuine history became to open the lines of Wano Country and set up the spot for the appearance of JoyBoy in 20 years.

It is very certain that the JoyBoy being alluded to by Whitebeard and referenced by Oden is, as a matter of fact, Luffy. So, Is Luffy Joyboy? Then, YES!

Whitebeard's case about Joy Boy battling the World Government is a seriously obvious sign that he battled quite a while in the past in the significant conflict that occurred during the Void Century.

From his objective of taking the Fishmen to the surface and being a piece of a huge realm, it very well may be derived that Joy Boy needed to join every one of the races.

Nonetheless, Joy Boy obviously fizzled at doing as such, which is the reason he was sorry to individuals of Fishman Island.

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Joy Boy's will was acquired by Luffy, and on schedule, Luffy will likewise acquire the title of "JoyBoy" when he frees the world from the grasp of the World Government.

One Piece 1043: Is Luffy Joyboy?

What concluded in the Chapter 1043 was phenomenal, Oda really had us at our edge of the seat, when he drew the panel for the winner of between the Fight of Kaido vs Luffy.

Luffy got needed for the 4th time straight in the arc, while the Strawhat alliance was already at its last leg, with it's potential characters already exhausted, or lost in the mansion.

Zoro has already seen the reaper in his dream, while Sanji is dead beat from his battle. In this between Kaido was declared "Winner" by the Narrator, while the CP0 Guy was Trampled.

I really liked the way Oda didn't even bothered to name the guy, as he was expected to be slayed.

Kaido's Declaration

Kaido enters the castle and announced that he has walked over the corpse of Luffy, and Momonosuke should stop fighting, or he'll won't stop beating, until he die.

Kawamatsu urged samurai's not to throw their lives, while Yamato suggest Momo not to loose heart. Marco defends Nami from Kaido's assault, as the latter chided Kaido. Kid and Law sensed that Luffy has lost and they attacked Kaido.

Now comes the most fun and interesting part.

Zunesha: I heard it, I heard that sound that I didn’t hear in 800 years

-Momo: What did you hear?

-Zunesha: The Drums of Liberation, there is no doubt, He is here!

-Momo: Who??

-Zunesha: Joyboy……..has come back

In a crazy panel, Luffy’s body melts and his strawhats does as well, something happens to him.

The SFX bubble next to Luffy says "Nika!" にか!Nika means "grin" but the use of にか to replace the usual SFX for Luffy is really Oda hammering us in the face with the Luffy/Nika/sun/dawn parallel.

Just this bit about Nika might not be 100% true so wait for scans and official. The name of the fruit isn’t mentioned in the chapter.

The comment of the editor is “The man Laughs in silent.

All these things and happenings just indicate towards only one thing, and that answers your query of "Is Luffy Joyboy".

What's the Devil Fruit Mentioned here?

Well, the devil fruit of Luffy as mentioned by the author in the very first chapter of the series is Gomu-Gomu no Mi, a paramecia type. But things got interesting when some sources revealed that this devil fruit was availed by the Joyboy himself.

But this recent development has really intrigued the aficionados a lot. They have developed a notion that Devil Fruit has their own thinking and can act accordingly.

Some also says that time has come for Luffy's devil fruit awakening. Things are still pretty raw to say further, so I'll conclude.

One Piece Chapter 1043 Raw Scans: Big Revealation, JOYBOY Is Here!


What Joy Boy's Treasure Was

Joy Boy was the primary individual to arrive at the Final Island, or Laugh Tale, and the fortune that he left behind was basically the One Piece.

Anticipating what precisely this excellent fortune is, is very troublesome and is effectively the most posed inquiry among the fans.

Before, Oda referenced that the One Piece is something unmistakable, meaning that it is the "recollections we made en route" or something similar to that is not feasible. Definitely, Laugh Tale has two of the main things - the One Piece and the Rio Poneglyph.

The last option is an assortment of nine explicit Poneglyphs that tell the genuine history of the whole world. They additionally uncover everything about the Ancient Weapon and the name "D." which is one more big secret.

Maybe, the Rio Poneglyph itself could be viewed as a piece of the One Piece. However, Roger likewise referenced that there was a tremendous fortune that Joy Boy left behind.

This fortune could well be something that helps the replacement of Joy Boy, for this situation, Luffy, understand his fantasy about joining every one individuals of the world.

Joy Boy plainly needed to frame a solid association with the different individuals of the world and something that interfaces individuals could well be the best fortune that he left behind.

Without a doubt, there are many things that fit the depiction, and keeping in mind that it is difficult to foresee what precisely the fortune is, saying that the One Piece is something that helps individuals from everywhere the world interface and structure a bond is positively not a stretch.

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