Is Lucius Zogratis Black Clover Father of Asta and Liebe? Theory Analysis.

Manta Ray
April 13, 2022 7:00 PM

A long time ago, I made a theory about Julius being the 4th Zogratis and the time devil, Astaroth. I’m just waiting for this theory to be confirmed, and I didn’t share it with you because I’ll be bashed.

So now that it’s already been established, I made another theory in continuation with it, and now I’m sharing it with you and hoping you’ll respect it.

Lucius Zogratis Black Clover

What if Lucius Zogratis Black Clover is the father of Asta and Liebe?

Are Asta and Liebe are related by blood? What if Lucius Zogratis despises his siblings for having devils who oppose his desires? So now I’m answering this with my speculations. Lucius Zogratis is in love with Licita.

But because it was forbidden to have a romantic relationship with humans, Lucifero appointed Megicula to curse Licita for taking her life beside her. In that way, she is not able to be with Lucius anymore. What if they already had babies before the curse, and that was Liebe and Asta?

But because of Licita’s curse, she leaves Asta at the church. In contrast, Liebe was born and left in the underworld as a counterpart to Asta. That is to say, Liebe and Asta are brothers of half-humans and half devils. Asta has the human appearance while Liebe has the devil one.

They look alike. [Lucius POV] Knowing the problem with Lucifero, Lucius Zogratis left and joined the Clover Kingdom as Julius Novachrono. He didn’t hide his identity as Astaroth since he uses Time Magic. When he met Asta, you can already say that there was already a father-son bond between them.

Julius’s interest in Asta

Julius, aka- Lucius Zogratis Black Clover was very interested in Asta’s growth. He also inspired him to be the next Wizard King because he wanted Asta to be on the right path. Julius/Lucius is not a lousy devil; he just wanted to experience life, which Lucifero opposes. Do you remember the moment he held Asta’s sword?

Wizard King smiled as if he knew something about it, but in reality, he realized that his two sons had already met each other as one by just holding the anti-magic sword. Further, he also knew that Asta was magicless because it resulted from the hybridisation between a devil and a human.

Also, he stated that Asta would die, but it never happened because he kept altering the time for him to save his sons. He doesn’t want to lose someone he treasures again. That’s why he uses Adramalech. Adramalech was the servant of Astaroth/Lucius, so he never helped Lucifero because he knew that his master Astaroth had grudged him.

Was it for Revenge?

Lucius Zogratis Black Clover wants Lucifero to be defeated by the sons of Lucius as revenge for Lichita’s death. He is not a traitor to the Clover Kingdom. He wanted the Clover Kingdom to defeat the Spade Kingdom, led by his siblings. What if he just wanted Yami and William to open the gate of Qlipoth to open a world where humans and devils live together?

You can say that it was also the desire of Licita because of the separation between her and Lucius. That’s why she takes good care of Liebe.

Additional: You can say that Asta is a half-devil since, in the current devil union, they have 5 horns which are unusual in devil unions. So at the end of this theory, I can say that Asta and Liebe are brothers and the sons of Julius/Lucius/Astaroth.

-Theory by Takeda Shimamoto

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