Is Black Clover Manga On Break? Yuki Tabata's Message.

Manta Ray
May 13, 2022 7:00 PM

After a major revelation this week in Black clover chapter 331, the series is all set to go on a long hiatus. The Black Clover manga on break which is for the preparation of something special.If you still haven't read the latest chapter 331, then you can read Black Clover Manga for free at- Viz and Mangaplus.

Is Black Clover Manga on Break?

Ye! the news about Julius Novachrono being Lucius Zogratis and having the devil Astaroth has took the internet and fans by storm. But the most heartbreaking news is the notice below. But we can's argue with that. Tabata-sensei needs to have all the rest he needs for the epic final saga. So as per the notice the Black Clover Manga On Break. According to reports the Black Clover last act/arc/saga announced. Final saga will be a full package like the Elf/Spade sagas. So we have a couple of years left. Just remember this is the 'final act'.They're planning for Black Clover to resume publication in about 3 months but this isn't fixed yet. Tabata is taking this break so he can rest & plan the final saga out.The fact that Julius has the time devil, and is the 4th Zogratis (Lucius Zogratis) has been hinted ever so subtly that many fans doubted it. This plot twist/reveal is perfect. Exactly what the manga needed. Chapter is 10/10. Lets go sensei

Black Clover Manga On Break

Biggest Revelation of Generation

After the big war the plot shifted to the Clover kingdom, where Julius is confronted by Damnatio Kira. Later on he was reveakled to be the 4th sibling of Zogratis family, Lucius Zogratis.Just before the big revelation, Julius's face turned horrified and he choked. he tried to say something and wanted Damnatio to save him but out came Lucius and fazed Kira who layed on the floor.Adrammelech too sat on the windioiw, and Lucius Zogratis said- "I'm filled with Time".

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