Hunter-X-Hunter: How Powerful is Chrollo Lucifer, Leader Of Phantom Troupe?

Chrollo Lucifer is the leader of the infamous gang known as Phantom Troupe. He wears a dark purple trench coat with orb-shaped earrings. The coat reveals a muscular physique.

In this article I will discuss some of the more powerful characteristics of Chrollo Lucifer. He is a member of the Phantom Troupe. The Troupe is a mafia-like group of people who are able to steal and kill in order to resell the goods they stole. Their most heinous crime was destroying the Kurta clan.

Before Chrollo's introduction, the Troupe consisted of thirteen members. However, the Troupe has lost several members in the course of the series. Eventually, Chrollo decided that he was going to live as a villain for the rest of his life. During this time, he decided to learn new abilities in order to prepare for his battle with Hisoka.

Character traits

Although he is a leader, he has a soft spot for his fellow troupe members. This is not the same thing as romantic love, and is more of a familial bond.

It seems as though Chrollo's main love is the Phantom Troupe, but this doesn't mean he wouldn't do whatever it takes to get what he wants. Unlike the usual group of friends, he has a specific strategy for his team.

The Phantom Troupe is a gang of thieves with high class bounties. Most of the members have Spider numbers tattooed on their bodies. They perform all kinds of heists and murders.

Nen abilities

Chrollo Lucifer, the main villain in the Hunter x Hunter manga series, has several Nen abilities. These include the ability to duplicate items, to make objects explode, and to take other Nen abilities from others. However, these are all only a few of his Nen skills.

Chrollo is also a skilled fighter. His body composition is perfect for the Specialist type of Nen. He also has the ability to possess people.

Chrollo's ideal appearance would be long hair and bright eyes. He usually wears a fur-collared trench coat. He has orb-shaped earrings and a cross-shaped tattoo on his forehead.

Chrollo is a Specialist. His Nen type is a combination of five types. In addition, he has a black voice. This allows him to control his victims with an antenna.

Ability to control puppets

Chrollo is a very powerful character, able to create puppets from his imagination. His main goal is to become stronger. As he gains strength, he focuses on his Nen abilities. However, his Nen affinities are his worst.

Aside from his Nen, Chrollo can also control his clones. These can be used for other skills as well. In addition, the clones can be kept alive even if there is no page for them.

In the Heavens Arena, Chrollo uses his puppets to help him fight against Hisoka. This strategy works best in an open space where there are several opponents. It's especially useful in combating an opponent like Muzan, who has strong stealth and natural weapons.

Skill Hunter

For instance, Chrollo learned to make a duplicate of any object that had been touched by his right hand. He also learned how to teleport. Not to mention the fact that he has perfect control of his movements. In addition, he is able to pierce through skulls with an ordinary pen.

One of his most interesting capabilities is his ability to steal the abilities of other Nen users. This is a function of his Skill Hunter. If the owner of a stolen ability dies, the ability is destroyed. But Chrollo's ability to replicate other's abilities is impressive.

In order to use his abilities, he needs to conjure up the ability known as Bandit's Secret. But the ability must be opened in his right hand and must stay open. It must be said that the creators of this ability to have their own set of limitations. Despite this, Chrollo has been able to steal abilities from other Nen users, including those whose abilities are too powerful for him.

Using his abilities, Chrollo is able to teleport, lift adult males, and throw objects that have grown to several meters. But there's more to it than meets the eye. After all, it's not uncommon for an ability to be useless when the original user dies.

Unlike most Nen users, however, Chrollo is unable to duplicate living organisms. He has also been shown to possess copious aura reserve.

Ability To Teleport

Another ability that Chrollo is able to use is the ability to teleport without visualizing it. However, this ability is not used often. Instead, it is more often used in conjunction with his bookmark theme ability.

Despite being an outcast, Chrollo is actually pretty cool. He wears a purple coat with white fur. He has a cross on his forehead and an inverted cross on his back. His coat is inscribed with a St. Peter's Cross. Also, he has a pair of blue orb earrings. Although Chrollo has only appeared in two of the series, he has demonstrated that he is a charismatic and intelligent character.

While Chrollo has not been able to show off his real powers in the series, it's clear that he is capable of running a very dangerous organization.


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