Hunter-X-Hunter: A List of Current Phantom Troupe Members

The Phantom Troupe is a group of criminals. They are one of the most notorious groups in Hunter x Hunter. These criminals are known to have exceptional Nen abilities.

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Phantom Troupe is a gang of evil gangsters. Their activities are infamous across the world. The group started in Meteor City. They were initially made up of twelve members. Each of them has a spider-shaped tattoo on their body.

During the arc, the members of the Troupe are constantly fighting for the leadership of the group. A few of them even decide to take their revenge on Uvogin. This is because Uvogin was the first member to join the Troupe. However, he was later killed by Kurapika.

This article includes all the characters who are part of Phatom Troupe, the original members, excluding the Zoldyck Members of Illumi and Kalluto Zoldyck.

Hisoka was another member of the Troupe. His powers are Nen-based. It is unknown if he is a true member or just a clone.

Chrollo Lucifer

Chrollo Lucifer is a founding member of the Phantom Troupe. He is one of the strongest members. This group is known for its corrupt nature, and the infamous Kurta Clan massacre.

Originally, there were only thirteen Phantom Troupe members. The new recruits must be nominated by other Troupe members. They will also have to kill current Troupe members.

Before Chrollo was recruited, he was a normal, ordinary human with no powers. After being recruited, Chrollo became Floor Master. During this time, he learnt to use Nen, as well as other abilities.

Chrollo is not above inhuman mass murder. Having the power to make people explode or decapitate normal humans with his hand chop is an example of his sadistic nature.

When he was able to defeat Hisoka, Chrollo revealed several new Nen abilities. These include the Bookmark Theme, which allows him to steal abilities from other Nen.

He also has the ability to pierce through skulls with an ordinary pen. However, he is not able to use this skill because of the Judgment Chain.

Phinks Magcub

Phinks Magcub is the second-strongest member of the Phantom Troupe. He has excellent strength and hand-to-hand combat skills. He is also known for his skill in assassinating Mafia guards without revealing their location.

The Phantom Troupe is a gang of thieves who are known for their outstanding Nen abilities. They are also very ruthless.

There are thirteen members in the Troupe. Each of them has a twelve-legged spider tattoo. All have exceptional Nen abilities.

Feitan Portor is the first member of the Troupe. He is a Meteor City native, and is a licensed Hunter. His speaking is in Chinese characters.

Feitan and Phinks Magcub often team up to fight. They are both incredibly fast. This makes them extremely difficult to take down in a single blow.

Phinks is also a great unarmed fighter. His Nen ability is called Ripper Cyclotron. It is a rotation of his arm that causes an increased amount of damage.

Phinks is very loyal to Chrollo. As such, he is not likely to help Feitan in the fight. However, he is willing to help Shizuku.

Nobunaga Hazama

Nobunaga Hazama is a member of the Phantom Troupe. He is a swordsman. His sword skills and edge weapon abilities are very impressive. Aside from this, Nobunaga also specializes in the use of Nen.

During the series, Nobunaga has been recruited by Chrollo Lucilfer in Meteor City. He is a grumpy character, but he is loyal to Chrollo. In fact, he was one of the original members of the Troupe.

In the Hunter x Hunter series, Nobunaga Hazama is a major antagonist. When he first joins the Troupe, he was working with Uvogin. Apparently, Nobunaga has superhuman strength.

As the story progressed, Nobunaga began to get into conflict with other Troupe members. Initially, he wanted to recruit Gon and Killua. However, he did not expect to be rejected by Chrollo.

Nobunaga eventually decides to work with the mafia. However, he does not hesitate to kill if he feels that his job requires it.

Nobunaga contacted Shalnark on his cellphone. He is intelligent and a licensed Hunter. This may explain his strong fighting skill.

Feitan Porter

Feitan Portor is one of the most powerful characters in the Hunter x Hunter franchise. He's a part of the infamous Phantom Troupe, a group of crooks, criminals, and thieves.

Feitan is a ruthless member of the Troupe. He's also a great fighter and Nen user.

One of his abilities is the Pain Packer. This is a multi-level attack that conjures up an armored suit of clothing, an umbrella, and a weapon. The armor is a protective layer that boosts the aura output of the ensuing technique.

Another of Feitan's abilities is the Emission. This is a trick that he uses to get into an enemy's blind spot. It's not a speed increase, but it does catch the opponent off guard.

In fact, he's not even the first member of the Troupe to use it. That honor belongs to Phinks Magcub, a member of the original Phantom Troupe from Meteor City.

Feitan also has some other cool skills. His umbrella conceals a nail gun and a concealed sword. During a fight with Zazan, he creates multiple afterimages of himself.

Franklin Bordeau

Originally, the Phantom Troupe had only thirteen members. They were led by Chrollo Lucilfer, who was a genius with remarkable combat skills. However, some of the members suspected that there was a traitor among the ranks.

Some of the other members of the Troupe are Machi, Pakunoda, and Uvogin. Uvogin is the strongest and most physically durable member of the Troupe. His strength is paired with his speed, making him a formidable opponent.

He is also the most powerful Nen user in the group. His abilities include Nen-emitter and a Double Machine Gun that can fire Nen bullets from his fingers. Franklin also has a large build and possesses amazing stamina.

He can also infuse Nen into needles, which can be used for various tasks. Aside from being a very strong and powerful Nen user, Franklin has reflexes and is adept at long-range combat.

Shizuku Murasaki

Shizuku Murasaki is a member of the Phantom Troupe. She is a woman who has a slim waist and short black hair. Her eyes are brown. Usually, she wears a turtleneck and jeans. She also wears a black-framed pair of glasses and earrings. She has a large bust.

Shizuku is considered to be a natural airhead. As a result, she can fight with methodical, systematic tactics. She is an important member of the group.

The Phantom Troupe consists of thirteen members. Each member has a unique Nen ability. There is no clear order for which members should be in the team.

Shizuku is number 8 on the roster. She is not the original member of the Troupe. However, she is one of the few characters who remained after the death of the eight previous members.

Aside from her, Shizuku, the Troupe has a few other members. One of them is Franklin. Another is Phinks Magcub. Other members include Kalluto Zoldyck and Shalnark.

All of the members of the Troupe have unique Nen abilities. Some of the most prominent include Kortopi. He has the ability to copy and duplicate objects.

Machi Komacine

One of the founding members of the Troupe is Machi Komacine. She's a fierce female character with a pink wig and traditional clothing. Her ability to read people's minds is impressive.

Another member of the Troupe is Kortopi. He's a mysterious character that carries a lot of mystery. He's also one of the smallest members of the group.

Unlike other members of the Troupe, Kortopi isn't shown in combat. His main abilities are information gathering and copying items.

However, he does have a very impressive speed. Good battle sense is another attribute that makes him one of the better Spiders. This also means that he can use various tactics to beat his foes.

Despite his appearance, Pakunoda isn't a bad member of the Troupe. Although he's not the strongest in the team, his ability to collect data and process it is a great benefit to the group.

Bonolenov Ndongo

Bonolenov Ndongo is the eighth member of the Troupe. Although he has appeared in several arcs, he is mostly unknown.

Another member of the group is Kortopi. He is a conjurer who could use his hands to create replicas of people and buildings. Although he never appears in combat, he was a huge support to the team.

Feitan Portor was the first member of the Phantom Troupe. As an interim leader, he often tortured and eliminated enemies. A native of Meteor City, he is a dark-clothed man with a skull head scarf. When he speaks, he tends to speak in Chinese characters.

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