How strong is shanks?: The most enchanting character in One Piece Universe

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December 22, 2020 6:00 PM

"How strong is shanks in One Piece? Hey Mina-san, I hope you are doing great and enjoying the moment of your life in the full spirit. ""I've completed One piece chapter 1000, and I wish you all happy new year. Shanks will make his move in 2021"" These are the words of Oda-san on his address to his fans. And owing to that we can expect Shanks having more screentime and appearance in the series. So without foiling your mood, I would like to talk on one important topic that is related to the most badass character of the anime world, Shanks and about the most debatable topic among fans as How strong shanks is?, Since he's set to take the centre of the stage after nearly years, last time he had gained limelight when he ended the war. Lately, I’m coming across a lot of people who are having a second thought and doubt about Shanks character, and they have query regarding How strong shanks is?. They are coming at a certain conclusion that shanks are a villainous character or he has a fake personality with no any enhanced powers.

Well Jeez! I’m really amazed at how they could come at such conclusion. This is utmost blasphemy to think about. I don’t know from where this kind of mentality is coming. Since the series was first started long ago, shanks have always been depicted as the main character of the series and it was he who set Luffy on the path of becoming the pirate king. This is was a major incident and this incident was the one that shaped up the entire plot of One Piece. Those of you, who think that Shanks has reached the ultimate pinnacle by manipulation and luck, then let me address you there are almost many moments in the series that showcased shanks as the dominant and powerful personality who once was a crew member of Roger and even Whitebeard and Rayleigh praised his tenacity which he showed during wartime. His duels with Mihawk had always been legendary.

Shanks must be ground-breaking to be a sovereign. Notwithstanding, his accomplishments are restricted and generally not appeared. He fought with the best swordsman, on the planet on various events just as conflicted with the most humble man in One Piece universe. He figured out how to prevent Kaido from going to Marineford (even though Kaido didn't get harmed and we don't have a clue how this occurred). His crew is expressed to have the most amazing bounties of the multitude of sovereigns' teams notwithstanding their little numbers. He could hurdle over to Marineford and obstruct Akainu's punch without anybody seeing him show up and without the Red Force, in any event, being noticeable on the ocean yet. Also Read: Top 10 strongest one Piece character In any case, I am reluctant to name Shanks as the most grounded. No titles recommend who he is. Kaido is the most powerful beast while Whitebeard was the most powerful man, so they are more grounded than Shanks except if in any case appeared. Shanks is a moderately new Yonkou contrasted with Big Mom and Kaido. I would state he is just third most powerful (even ROGER HIMSELF ran from Big Mom and Kaido is considerably more grounded than her, if merely by a piece). Furthermore, even though Shanks' deficiency of what is indicated to be his prevailing arm didn't debilitate him, it unquestionably denied him of the assortment he would have had with his edge if he had the two components, so he isn't the world's best fighter.  

This is an unadulterated ""strength"" conversation, however. There's something else entirely to battle than strength and the capacity to utilize a weapon. Haki dominance, endurance, speed, and different components will become an integral factor. I don't doubt Shanks could surpass most other top One Piece warriors in those extra classes. At the point when his qualities are taken in general, he probably matches the best of them. Yet, could you not push it past that with no proof? During his visit to Whitebeard, he knocked their crewmates just by his mere Haki and even clashed with the then strongest man of the world, splitting the heavens into two. Yeah, we still don’t have any insight about his true power, whether he is a Devil fruit wielder or a Haki user but apart from them, he is an excellent swordsman, having battled with Mihawk at equal footing. In the future, we might get to see more of his exploits and there is possibility that he will be making his presence known in Wano Kingdom. [/read_more] Also Read: One Piece chapter: Enel to return."

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